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Love Factually

It is a known fact among all of my friends that my favorite movie in the entire world is Love Actually. Yes, this 2003 romantic British comedy is my favorite movie of all time. I do suppose if I was ever in a relationship I'd be the romantic type, and I do really love London, but I'm not a staunch anglophile. Somehow this star-studded cast and the vast storylines are the perfect parts to fill my favorites quota.

This past Monday, my former place of employment, a rather popular movie theatre in Hollywood, was showing Love Actually for one night only. I jumped at the chance! I hadn't ever seen it in a theatre before (I was highly depressed, extremely friendless 15 year old at the time - no surprise I hadn't). I bought tickets weeks in advance. I took one of my good friends, the same friend I grabbed with me to see the Feist documentary that later inspired her (this suddenly reminds me of the Peaches Christ Superstar show I went to recently - more on that another time, perhaps). I hadn't watched Love Actually in months, girl - MONTHS. I purposefully didn't watch it when I found out it was playing at my old job until I actually saw it again so it could feel fresh and semi-new in my eyes. And it was!

Don't you love watching your favorite movies over and over again and realizing and noticing things you've never noticed about it before? (Spoilers) Like how Sam calls Liam Neeson "dad" by the end of the movie? Or you realize how heartbreaking it is for Laura Linney and the extremely, unbelievably, beautiful Brazilian guy to NOT get together, especially when they last say goodbye and there's tears welling up in his eyes? AND TEARS ALMOST WELL UP IN YOU EYES ALSO? Yeah. When my old job was playing Titanic back in March, I hadn't watched that movie in years, girl - YEARS, and I fucking cried at the end. Fucking cried. I remember seeing that movie in theatres when I was probably 8. I didn't cry. At 21 I did. I'd come full circle.

Anyway, the point of this is that a) Love Actually rules and b) Favorite movies rule, especially when you see it in a theatre with other people who love the movie as much as you do.

PS - I know a Fiona Christmas song that I forgot existed (!!) was posted recently, so here's another amazing Fiona song

Oh, while we're on Christmas songs, here's a beautiful rendition of "White Christmas" by the amazing ex-girlfriend of Conor Oberst (most of my Tumblr friends are CO fangirls for some reason - couldn't help but mention that), Maria Taylor:

Well look at that! It says Bright Eyes - White Christmas. I guess they'll do anything to make you to listen to Maria Taylor.

What am I doing?! How can I leave this Love Actually-filled post without at least one song from the movie? Here' of my favorites. "Christmas Is All Around" by Billy Mack (aka BILL NIGHY).

Annddddd the best version of "All I Want For Christmas Is You" ever

Can you believe the little girl who sang that song looks like this now?



  1. dude. DUDE. this movie! I've always kind of associated you with it. I can't wait to watch it again, really. there's so much going on you always notice something new. the Laura Linney/hot guy subplot, by far the most heartbreaking!

    Olivia Olsen? WOULD HIT.

  2. holy crap she looks filipino

    also you should add some Joni Mitchell to your list

  3. i think olivia olson is part indian, swedish, and black...somewhere in there she somehow looks filipino.

  4. um also PEACHES!!!!!!1

  5. MAYBEZ. we left in the middle of the concert. i've never done that before.

    har har har bitches.


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