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Feeling Good! With Brittany Kemp and Beck Hansen.

So I've been in a bit of a funk lately if you have two ears and two eyes and possibly a heart but not really. Yes, I'm talking to, Alec Baldwin!

Now I know you think:  Brittany, you left your shitty life in Erie to start again in New York. well it's been really hard, although I love the city and am glad I made the change, you know, because I was just kind of rotting there. but here every day is a whirlwind and I'm honestly surprised it hasn't been five years since I was sitting over my grandma's deathbed telling her I had to leave. :/ here is okay, except for some stuff in my professional life I am trying to smooth over. the UC is very good though- and because this is the child I will never have (despite the fact that my stress has once again MIA my menstrual cycle, TOO MUCH INFORMATION? nahhhh)- I like to pour my time/effort/stamina into it.

Anyway, in honor of BECK week, I thought I'd throw a bone to my favorite Beck album, Sea Change, which is getting a lot of plays for me lately, as it's sad acoustic singer-songwriter music, which is my go-to when I feel like killing myself. I mean, let's see who I listened to throughout the majority of my very depressed days:

here's a fact! Elliott and Beck were friends. or at least Beck was a fan of Elliott's, performing at a tribute show to him. 

Beck's 2001 masterpiece, Sea Change, definitely has echoes of Elliott in it. It was written after his break-up with his long time girlfriend in a notably short period of time.

Song titles include:
"Already Dead"


Anyway, it's a great album to listen to when you just want to sulk or cry because it just makes you feel a.) lost and b.) miserable and c.) broken. Which is how Beck probably felt when she left. aw! 

Also, common knowledge on the alt circuit SAYS she left him because of Scientology. It's actually kind of weird to read up on. And I guess the album artist of this album (the dude that designed the cover) died in a weird potentially-Scientologist related way? O_o 

I know Scientologists are nuts but I didn't think they targeted people for death a la Illuminati. oh well. I guess Kirstie Alley needs to do something when she's not on Dancing With the Stars.

So if you are looking for a pick-me-up- and my boyfriend tells me, Joy Division Brittany, but I am too much of a pussy for such things- Sea Change will make you want to buy some rope and hang from a rafter. I'm being serious here! 

as Beck says, "I'm tired of fighting for a lost cause."

question:  what do you listen to when you mope? don't say Cat Stevens!

p.s. I'm going to post about the Oh Land show sort of tomorrow, but she's far more in the Bjork camp. unless she has him produce her new album IDK CHARLOTTE GAINSBOURG


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