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"Sweeter" - Cannons

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"OMG" - Suki Waterhouse

Suki Waterhouse might be in the news for award season buzz and having a baby with long-time boyfriend Robert Pattinson, but she's got some new music to share with the world, too! After lots of coy social media teasing, we have "OMG" which lives up to its title.  "To Love" from last year was an instant classic IMHO, and this song takes things in an exciting new direction. I think her second EP is slated for a release later this year, and what a release that will be! Suki seems set up to have an amazing 2024, and I'm here for it. 

"Blame Brett" - The Beaches (2023 Recap)

Another song I enjoyed from 2023 was the throwback banger "Blame Brett" by the Canadian band The Beaches. How this song didn't get ANY bigger, I don't know. (Apparently, it was quite big on TikTok but for me I didn't get that full effect.) The garage rock and even faint "Riot GRRL" vibes are strong in this one.  This song is so much blissful fun and a considerable hit from The Beaches, who followed up with a great album: "Blame My Ex." There are some other standout tracks on their second album, like "Edge of the Earth." But also isn't it great that Brett is a REAL guy who dated the lead singer and is in the band The Glorious Sons? (Actually, it's really not that bad. One time I texted a girl I liked who I got into it with - and she was very environmentally conscious - that I really loved straws, so. Um. We all have our moments.) Happy listening! I hope to share a few more songs before 2024 arrives.

"I'm Just Ken" - Ryan Gosling (Merry Krismas Barbie)

So if you know me at all even an iota you'll know how much I enjoyed "Barbie" this year. I knew I would because I love Greta Gerwig stuff, but I didn't expect to love it as much as I did. And become totally enamored with Margot Robbie. Feels weird to be in my mid-30s and crushing on a celeb so hard but here we are.  ANYWAY, there's nothing I can say about this film that hasn't already been said. I loved every aspect of it and will likely watch it during my holiday downtime. But I wanted to share the "Ken" EP news from this past week and my personal favorite cut from that "I'm Just Ken"-centric collection. In it Ryan Gosling really gets to shine once again with the help of Mark Ronson and Andrew Wyatt. I'm sure you can write off this whole effort as a cash grab but IDC. It's a very bleak end of year so a little frivolous joy and Ryan Gosling being as unserious as ever - but also somehow very serious and leaning into his power bal

"Laura" - M83 (looking back at 2023)

Hi! So to write more and share music that I've kept to myself all year, I'm going to sort through some of my favorite songs from the haze that was 2023. I have a few other things I need to write about... but I will sprinkle that in with everything else.  I'm starting with M83, who is not a huge favorite of mine, but I've been a fan of their music for years (peaking in the early 2010s, with what I guess is the rest of the world.)  M83 released "Fantasy" earlier this year and went on tour to support their ninth album, which was relatively well-received. I finally got to see M83 this year and it was well worth the wait at the Van Buren in Phoenix this April. To be transparent, I haven't listened to this album in-depth, but there are some tracks I've really enjoyed. And one being the dreamy, lovesick "Laura." If this hasn't been used on a soundtrack YET it absolutely NEEDS TO BE.  Although it sounds like a love song, based off the internet

Quick New Music Round-up

Kind of forcing myself to post a little more due to a long absence! Life and work were/are busy, but not writing for long periods of time makes me feel incredibly unwell, so here I am. Do you remember when I did this a lot in like 2009? To be young again lol. First up, The Beatles have a new-ish song out, "Now and Then," which is apparently The Beatles' final song. I did not know The Beatles were releasing new music, but AI is a very interesting (if not quite scary) thing. If you haven't listened to it yet, I recommend checking it out. It does not sound out of place in 2023 while managing to sound straight out of a time capsule.  Other music tidbits to share: I saw the "Eras" movie over this last weekend. Pretty good, considering I did not want to dish out an arm and a leg for the concert itself. Taylor Swift has gone very impressively far since I interviewed her in 2011 . "1989" Taylor's version is continuing to shatter records, arguably as it

"Loving You" - Cannons (you need to hear this)

My favorite band I've really gotten into this past year is the LA-based synthpop act Cannons. Fronted by lead singer Michelle Joy and rounded out with the likes of drummer Paul Davis and guitarist Ryan Clapham, I've been pretty obsessed since I heard "Fire for You" this past spring. I believe that song gained some virality on social media due to its pretty irresistible and kind of seductive vibe - like a Lana Del Rey on acid. The band has been around for more than a decade, but it seems like they've been picking up interest in the past few years (and especially this one). I seriously hope this band sells out stadiums someday; they are arguably one of my favorite acts I've heard in ages. (In Arizona? You can catch Cannons in Mesa alongside Lovejoy and Little Image on December 13th.) A few years ago, they even covered Harry Styles' hit "Golden," and did a wistful stripped-down version of it (listen below). Their new album "Heartbeat Highway&qu