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Last Day of Poetry Month :/

Be careful of words, even the miraculous ones. For the miraculous ones we do our best, sometimes they swarm like insects and leave not a sting but a kiss. They can be good as fingers. They can be trusty as the rock you stick your bottom on. But they can be both daisies and bruises. Yet I am in love with words. They are doves falling out of the ceiling. They are six holy oranges sitting in my lap. They are the trees, the legs of summer, and the sun, its passionate face. Yet often they fail me. I have so much I want to say, so many stories, images, proverbs, etc. But the words aren’t good enough, the wrong ones kiss me. Sometimes I fly like an eagle but with the wings of a wren. But I try to take care and be gentle to them. Words and eggs must be handled with care. Once broken they are impossible things to repair. - Anne Sexton I would be sadder to see this month end, but May is my favorite month and I'm making a kickass playlist to celebrate the approachin

Top 10 Hottest Celeb Tattoos: #9 Demi Lovato “Stay/Strong.”

 Top 10 Hottest Celeb Tattoos: #9 Demi Lovato “Stay/Strong.” After a year of distress and destruction, Demi Lovato encountered the darkness. Most famously, the singing pop star was noted for the controversial move of hiding marks from cutting herself with a razor, as the public relations department covered it up and called it “imprints from bracelets.”  In fact, they were not so. She went on to one of the more publicized trips to emotional rehab. Afterward, she covered the markings with the tattooed word, “Strong” on her right arm. She later on added “Stay” on her left arm, making “Stay Strong” together. This one has a lot of personal meaning, and it comes with an emotional story. Out of the darkness, Demi was able to share a message with her fans of all ages and inform the world about the dangers of cutting. The second meaning was a message to the media to shut up her about her problems. One tattoo said both "stand up" and "fuck off" at the same time.

"Sunday Drive"- Ladyhawke

This song really clicks with me. Sort of an 1980s-influenced kind of soft rock track? With an electronic twitch to it? It's different than her other stuff but I like it better than "Black and Blue." It just connects to me. So! Does she have some kind of fetish with Sundays? B

Interview with a Deadhorse

I saw this band live two years ago, back in Erie, PA when they were a relatively fresh invention. Was it a good experience? It was an AMAZING experience. Until that point in time, I had just unmemorable encounters with the local music scene.  Deadhorse formed in 2009. For the record, post-rock or instrumental music isn't typically my bag. But! Deadhorse are different. The music they put together is so beautiful. And they seem like, ever since I saw them in 2010, they are doing ridiculously well for themselves. I am both impressed and happy for them; this bad deserves to get huge someday. Like Explosions In the Sky huge! I sent them a few questions as they toured Europe. They got back to me when they found internet. Life on the road is hard. Rachel Shesman:  thank you!  UC: How did you form? Deadhorse: Deadhorse was originally a side project that Brian and I started when we decided to turn his acoustic music we had been touring on into a full band sound. Originally,

Top 10 Hottest Celeb Tattoos: #10 Penelope Cruz "883"

Top 10 Hottest Celeb Tattoos: #10 Penelope Cruz Penelope Cruz kicks off the countdown in the most mysterious kind of way. She earns her spot here for her small miniature “883” tattoo located on her right leg. It might come across as simple and miniscule, but this tiny tattoo generated an obsession over the internet as the world tried to unravel the meaning of the three numbers, “883.” Penelope was sent thousands of theories to try and define her tattoo, such as someone’s birthday, a lucky number, or even the number of a Harley Davidson, yet she dismissed all of them, and for a brief moment left the world in a state of mystery. Tattoo Meaning:  There is nothing hotter than the mysterious and getting close to the unknown; however, of course Penelope Cruz only scores the 10th spot because she went ahead and revealed the meaning. 8 and 3 are her lucky numbers from Numerology. She then wanted to keep extra luck always right beside her. 8 8 3. Mystery = Killed. Questions for

Top 10 Hottest Celeb Tattoos: It Begins

Hello Good Saturday: Starting tomorrow, The UC will feature the latest and newest countdown. Top 10 Hottest Celebrity Tattoos. It will try to be artistic. It will also try to be somewhere between PG 13 and those movies that are so graphic they have no ratings.It will also certainly not contain anything from Brock Lesnar. Back in the WWE or not, sorry Brock. I mean, no offense…but I just don’t know what that is. Questions for You: (Open Sarcasm) How will anyone be able to top this?(Close Sarcasm)

Two defining reasons to watch The Avengers

My reaction? Now, a few quick notes: • This is the third time the two have worked together, following The Perfect Score (2004) and The Nanny Diaries (2007), a film I really, really, really love! • Scarlett's character is Russian, 'nuff said. • There was this insanely hot dude from college a few years ago who was, like, a cross between Chris Evans and Mike Vogel . I mean, I know , right? Except that I made a complete ass of myself when I came up to talk to him. It's okay, I'll live. • There would be a third reason if Edward Norton were to reprise his role as Hulk, but instead, he was replaced by Mark Ruffalo. FO' REAL??! THIS IS ASS!! • Chris Hemsworth is in it too, although I much prefer his brother Liam (yes, the one from, ugh, The Hunger Games , but that wouldn't stop me from doing him anyway). • Scarlett does not approve of the "ScarJo" nickname that has been commonly used to refer to her. S

Have You Ever Tried? Silk Light

Ever have a glass of milk and think "What the stuff is this shit?"  Like, some guy fondled a cow and now my lips are white.  This is like the cold opening for an episode of SVU.  Well, have no fear, there are alternatives. I bought this because I heard about almond milk and wanted to try it, but saw that soy milk had far fewer negative stats (-30 hit points for fat, -20 mana points for calcium).  Real rap, I am just guessing.  But look, this Silk Light actually tastes very sweet and I am enjoying it better than all variants of milk.  The next step is to try a white Russian made out of Silk.  Details forthcoming. Some of the health stats: - It tastes good. - It costs about $3.00. - I have some in the fridge. As a caveat, I am not a vegetarian or some such with a head for saving an animal, I have just always found dairy products to be kind of heavy and gross and mucus producing. Hail Satan, AWM

Kingdom Hospital: Africa

Hello world within The UCverse. Finally, after days upon days, illness and epidemic have left my village in Africa, and as the African proverb reads. “I’m thankful that I am not those other starving bastards.” After encountering the truest of jungle fevers, I had the fortune to visit my first third world hospital since my birth. It wasn’t the amount of dirt on the floors that put me off, and it wasn’t the obvious stains and remnants of blood, urine, and someone elses hair in the hospital bed that made me dislike my experience. It was the nurse. So attractive. Such a Bitch. However, one can learn that there is always opportunity coming from misfortune. It makes me remember the line from The Devil Wears Prada, “I am one stomach flu away from my ideal weight.” Those are sad but fabulous facts of life . Right now my body has withered away to something like Christian Bale in the “The Machinist,” but in all seriousness when I look in the mirror I see something that

Beyonce: Voted Most Beautiful by People

Beyonce is not one to go long without another enormous award or accomplishment lined up in her case. Perhaps, she could earn another grammy, or perhaps she could get another endorsement from Kanye West, claiming that she did something else at the best-of-all-time-something-something. Well, that is close to her recent catch as People's Most Beautiful Person. When it comes to Beyonce, I have a total 50/50 feeling. Some days, I am in complete awe, and I get just a little touch of that jaw drop feeling. Other days, it's more like "why are you wearing those tacky heels you dumb bitch, you can afford better shoes?" However, garnering the title of most beautiful person (in existence) is awesome. So Congrats Beyonce, even though I probably would have given the award to someone like that woman, Melissa Lee who gives the Financial News. Squawk! Questions for You: Are you surprised Beyonce was named People's Most Beautiful? Who is the most beautiful person in your

Follow-up to that Rufus review....

Al is sick at the moment, so I'm trying to update enough to make up for this. Feel better Al! Anyway, proof to my Rashida Jones theory: Accordingly, he offers a coy shrug when asked if the gloriously bitchy rock track  Rashida  is about Ronson’s former fiancée,  Parks and Recreation  actress Rashida Jones.   HA!  But Rashida Jones is like the most perfect woman, ever. Why: 1.) She went to Harvard. 2.) She wrote a comic book. 3.) She's funny. 4.) She's BEAUTIFUL. 5.) She was friends with Tupac. 6.) She can sing. 7.) She was in a Boy Least Likely To Video. 8.) Her dad is Quincy Jones!!! 9.) She does some rad philanthropic work. 10.)  Rashida, can I take you to Starbucks sometimes? Please? XOXOXOXOX 

Rufus: Not Totally Out of the Game!

he is adorable sometimes First of all, I didn't think I'd be enjoying a Rufus Wainwright record EVER AGAIN. I thought the dude peaked years ago....I heard everything after Want Two  and just lost total interest. Rufus broke my heart, in a way. I mean- "Greek Song, "California," "Vibrate," "In My Arms"- he's so crazy talented! but it seemed, the past several years, he had reached some baroque pop midpoint.  Well:  he hasn't! Enter Out of the Game , which finds Rufus channeling 1970s (almost typed 1870s.....good GOD what would that imply?!? chamber music? HARPS? JOANNA NEWSOM?) pop in a way that surprisingly works. Think David Bowie-esque (Bowie, of course, at his own poppiest) or even his own dad at intervals.  The standouts are the above track, "Montauk," "Rashida" and "Candles." I will break down WHY for you right now: - "Montauk":  Rufus just became a dad with his fiance

2012: The Year of Perverting Books Into Movies?

I noticed a trend while watching trailers this weekend:  there are a lot of classic/popular books being shaped into films this year! Weird and kind of random!  I love when books are made into movies, personally. But we all know this can go one of, uh, two ways. It will either clearly suck or it will somehow manage not to.  So:  2012, the year many books were made into movies. Let's begin on a crash course through what to expect! The Perks of Being a Wallflower I loved this book, set around Pittsburgh, about an awkward misfit and his weird journal that helps him get through some....trying things. It's a beautiful book, a great teenage coming-of-age story. And Big Boy's! They mention Big Boy's! Anyway, it stars the gorgeous Emma Watson and Paul Rudd, who is also gorgeous. No official trailer out yet, so it comes out September 21st 2012 and we just have to be patient and wait til then. will it suck?:   I actually feel that because the author directed this film

Little Boots has a new song!

Diggin' the Debbie Harry-style do Little Boots is back for good! After releasing the club bangers "Shake" and "I Wish" in late 2011, the English electropop goddess has released yet another gem, "Every Night I Say A Prayer", a Moroder-esque synth-disco number showcasing a sleek, more mature production, along with Boots' coyly seductive vocals which easily recall Kylie Minogue (a major influence on Boots' work). With chanting diva hook-lines and pristine synths, the song – a collaboration with Andy Butler of New York underground disco group Hercules and Love Affair – is best suited for late-night lounging at some upscale club in Europe. SO DAMN PRETTY. Notice the Flo and Karen O posters behind her! Best of all, the track is available as a free download on Boots' official SoundCloud page. Yes, you heard me – IT'S FREE!! What you waiting for?? Personally, I prefer the remix by German DJ Tensnake, which ups the tempo to reveal a

A 1001 Films We Will Never See, Britt and LizRo's Journey Through Cinema: Joint "A Dangerous Method" Review

Introduction:   Because LizRo has not seen most movies or most things with any semblance of connection to pop culture, I have taken it upon myself to educate her to the "finer things in life."  The following will be a reoccurring series where we document our "fantastic voyage" through a metric crap-ton of movies which I seriously doubt we'll get all the way through, but it's cool. LET IT BEGIN Britt: What I expected of this film was twisted creepiness a la Cronenberg, director of  A History of Violence  and that sort of ill artform. Mostly I just wanted to see some weird sexual things go down in a love triangle (historically accurate I suppose) between Jung, Freud and the Russian Jewish crazy bitch played by Keira Knightley. Now I have reached the point in my life where I could be totally satisfied with a film if Keira Knightley was in it. I don’t care what the film is. I don’t care if it is the phonebook being acted out set to Counting Crows son

Ann Romney: First Lady Name Calling

Ann Romney, the wife of the GOP presidential frontrunner Mitthew Romney, has already been called many new names on the campaign trail. She has earned the titles of everything from Soccer Mom to person next to her husband to now “Fundraising Power house, reaching the voters in a way that her husband can’t” so says the AP. The latest name-calling on Ann Romney has done more than just shedding light on someone who clearly seeks a new job with more desire than Gene Simmons in an 80’s brothel; it has shown us how possible the chance is she might actually serve as first lady, meaning she would have to fill ALL the duties of Michelle Obama. So Ann Romney: Do you think you are up to the challenge of becoming First Lady? To become First Lady, you have to guest star on iCarly, eat a bunch of junk food on the FoodNetwork, deal with Michelle Malkin (maybe in bed), and don’t forget that you will have to wear tank tops on “The View”, or else Barbara Walters and her gang will run

The Universe: A Useful Addiction

On a lighter note and to hopefully post something less useless than what I normally write, the Huang Twins, Cary and Michael have uploaded a Scale Model of the Universe that covers every dimension down to the Yoctometer.   Click Here for the Universe   Or Visit Now for those of you that are in serious need of nerd-gasm get ready to get off from numbers...everything from 10 to the -35th power to 10 to the 27th power. The quantum foam to the length of the actual universe. It takes about two minutes to load, but it is worth the wait.    Questions: What was that line from Bill Nye again? Science Rules. If you are not turned on by science at all, feel free to click our Writers page, Celeb Stuff, Be Useful, or other dimension on the top bar. PS:  What was that song from Animaniacs again? 

Marion Cotillard watch!

Here is the love of my life holding a Dior bag.  Marion Cotillard currently has a film playing at the Cannes film festival, Rust and Bone , which is being FAVORABLY COMPARED to that modern day classic, Antichrist .  Anyway, I missed writing about Marion for whatever reason, so here I am. Read the previous two posts! They have far more substance. 

No Time to Fuck: The Goldfrapp Essay

Konnichiwa! This is Irina Cummings and I'm here to discuss one of the most brilliant, innovative, and creative artists in the entire history of mankind: Goldfrapp – or as I like to call them , GODfrapp – the fantastique, highly inspirational, and sometimes criminally overlooked electronic music duo from London consisting of Alison Goldfrapp and Will Gregory, whose godly music has certainly influenced the vast majority of today's synthpop ladies, including Lady Gaga, Little Boots, La Roux, Annie and Florence + the Machine (not electro but still worth your while). They're primarily known for their mind-blowing music (which have spanned pretty much every style of electronic music – and some non-electronic as well), their abstract, sexually ambiguous – at times forthright – lyrics which are often not gender- specific , and their elaborate shows, not to mention the amazing visual aesthetics of their work, conjuring images that masterly complement