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this might be an open invitation to all creepers in the tri-state area that read this pitiful thing, but would ANYONE want to see him for 10 DOLLAS in Cleveland in June??? the 26th I believe? a Saturday? I ask because I don't think any of my friends are interested and I really cannot transport myself. so it'd be cool. you know. we can buddy together and I can braid your hair and stuff. here's a link to the first part of his "Space Ghost" interview I was just introduced to: I miss that show! didn't really understand it when it was on but I liked it.

more things to do!

FIRST, in Edinboro , there is a bluegrass band playing called J.D. Crowe and the New South. I'm laying out my section as I type (ha, multitasking, not really, I have other work I should be doing) and I believe tickets are $5 to the public and free to EUP students. Not my cup of tea really but I have to go and I'm not completely sure I'm going to have room for this story. meh . I really should get a pull-out section. NO WAY I AM TRIMMING THAT "REVOLUTIONARY ROAD" REVIEW. IT'S ART. Then, in Cleveland, there is the Cleveland International Film Festival. I cannot go to this. but I'd like to go to this. I have not heard of any of those films, because I'm uncultured like that. but if you're into that pretentious bastard... Moving on, Tuesday- and normally I would not announce things like this, because the music is minimally interesting to me- the Albers Trio is playing at noon at Penn State Behrend . But then I saw

of anthony harris, douglas coupland and miranda july

Here at the Useless Critic , we (i.e.: me) think it's about time we "sat down" and had a real interview with a musician. Mr. Anthony Harris of the United Kingdom was nice enough to volunteer! ----- An up-and-coming "electronic/ambient/progressive" musician, the 20-year-0ld is on the verge of releasing an EP within the coming month (although you can download some of his songs from the below websites), in addition to other things. Citing influences from Explosions In the Sky, Jeff Buckley and Aphex Twin, he also is a huge fan of the literature of Douglas Coupland. And worth a listen. Or several. THOUSAND. "I'll Be Here, Waiting" is my personal favorite. Here is my Q&A session with the man. 1.) you've got an interesting, eclectic set of influences. when and why did you start recording? Yeah, I tend to listen to a lot of stuff and pick bits from it that I'd like to use in my stuff, my playlist goes from metal stuff like Mastodon and Lamb of

Dr. Cameron + Big Screen= High Five Part 2

In an earlier post I made praise for actress Jennifer Morrison, who plays Alison Cameron on the hit show, House (and her up coming film Table for Three). I mentioned that I was thrilled to see Morrison with decent screen time like in the old days of House. And ever since then I’ve seen more and more of her in the House episodes, and I think it’s wonderful. WONDERFUL! So I guess the public and the broadcasting peeps want to see more of her too. Also, Jennifer Morrison is going to be featured in the new movie….what’s it called? Oh yeah, “STAR TREK!” True fact, she is going to be playing Winona Kirk. The mother of Captain James T. So that’s two Jen Morrison movies in 2009. High Five. O n btw, did anyone notice Jesse Spencer isn't seen as much as her. Ha, Jesse Spencer. Boo you. QATFYG: Are you excited for the Star Trek move? Is House getting better as time goes by, or worse? And finally, doesn’t Hugh Laurie have an awesome American accent?


an abbreviated biography of Flannery O'Connor: amazing! .... I was verbally accosted by a crazy lady on the bus today. good times. but some other woman came to my aid, so thanks, other woman! the crazies always seem to come after me. not sure why that is.

a reason to get my license

ZOMG BEEP BEEP BEEP AIRBAGS? ah who needs 'em p.s. I don't know why those links below don't work....record companies, I endorse the buying of your records obvs.....I am a lonely, neurotic, broke college student. do not sue. do not sue.


Bought 5:55 today after a year of longing. Am in love. Serge + Jane YIELDS Charlotte. I love the fact she's a great actress, too. her music puts me in another world, one in which I want to stay. AND I SAVED FOUR DOLLARS. THANKS BORDERS! "Everything I Cannot See"- Charlotte Gainsbourg love love love love love coming soon: an INTERVIEW with a musician.....yes, a real interview. something meaningful. gasp.

plus the one in my brain

so for my nonfiction project I'm doing a story on mallwalkers . which has been unexpectedly difficult. you don't think it would be- but my social anxiety flares up like, I don't know, the sun when it's storming, because they all look so determined and GOD FORBID I approach them when they're in their fitness zone! they're not the most friendly people. in fact, they're kinda intimidating. anyway, I was offered a ray (in keeping with solar metaphors) of relief when I discovered my friends' parents are mallwalkers . so last night they initiated me into their mallwalking world. and you know what? I sincerely enjoyed it. most definitely. the crowds of disgusted teenage mall goths did not bother me for a second. we had a good time together. I secretly enjoy the Millcreek Mall, for the absurd amount of time I've spent there in my life. it almost feels like my second home. which is gross to think about. erg. you think by now I'd be on a first name basis

Did you see that ending to Kyle XY?

Okay, so I was watching the Series Finale of the ABC Family hit show Kyle XY, and there is one thing that I really noticed about it. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the series here is a synopsis….This guy wakes up in the woods outside of Seattle without a memory or a belly button (?). No, but seriously it is a somewhat entertaining teen sci-fi drama. The actors aren’t too bad on some occasions nor is the story, but back to the plot this guy, Kyle, has to learn the secrets that lie in his mysterious origin and protect those around him. As the closing minutes approached, my sister and I were saying…. “Okay, it’s getting really good. How are they going to end it?” But then nothing happened. It was just over. This has to be the driest ending to a series that I’ve seen. I have one word for you Kyle XY. UNSATISFYING!!!! I will say that they made one small revelation and Kyle’s little girl toy, Amanda, wants him back in the sack. (Not really this is a TV 14). Of course, the suspici

and also

I briefly heard the new Neko Case this weekend. can't really write a review of it or say anything that in-depth but can that woman do no wrong??? I saw her name in Newsweek this week and smiled. You need to listen to her if you haven't yet, folks. She's one of the best songwriters out there. (no Neko, at least on this computer :( )

weekly music linkings

Today was the first rather nice day (full-out) I've experienced in a while. that is if you don't count the near-death experiences I had in the bathroom at ungodly hours this morning. don't you love those? like "I'm gonna die! I'm gonna die! I'll do things different this time!" and then you go back to sleep and wake up and are all like YAY SIN YAY DEBAUCHERY. Speaking of, I went to church for the first time last week since Christmas and enjoyed myself. weird. so I sat in bed on what was the first truly gorgeous glorious physically flawless day of the year and listened to twee pop while I attempted to do homework. and it felt WONDERFUL. "Is It Wicked Not to Care?"- Belle and Sebastian Isobel Campbell, you broke my heart when you left B&S. although your stuff since then's been good. but really- if I had known about you when I was 13 I may still be playing the cello now. "Gonna Make You Love Me"- Ryan Adams I can't believe

if you're in edinboro

listen up: if you are around Edinboro this weekend please try to check this out- I feel legitimately bad I was not able to include this in the paper this week. I would LOVE to showcase things like these. And I've had people complain the past I'm not doing my part. I try to keep myself involved with what's going on in the community, but honestly, I get so bogged down in my own life- sometimes if people don't seek me out I will not get around to covering all A&E shit that goes on in Erie - Edinboro. And I strive to include what I can but there's only so much room. Hopefully, once we get a blog up-and-running on the Spectator site, this won't be a problem anymore, so I can add in day by day. problem is I never login to my account :P BECAUSE I FORGOT MY USERINFO. shhh. all in all that sounds like a cool show. you'd be a fool! to miss it. in unrelated news, my w

If you need laughter

So the other day I came across the brilliance of, which I passed on to fellow blogger, Brittany. This is by far the funniest web page I've been to in the year 2009. I don't really remember other years’ videos. So this is all I have to go on. The best they have to offer is their parodies of the Peanuts Gang, which was made famous by Charlie Brown's Kwanzaa. Yes Charlie Brown and his bunch of innocent, clean-cut, cutesy mutha fuckas have been transformed into a bunch of foul-mouthed, obscene, vulgar, mutha fuckas. And did I mention that in the parodies, all the characters’ races have been changed, so the Peanuts Gang is all black. And they drop the N bomb faster than Chris Brown could pulverize Rihanna’s face on a Saturday night. To give an example of this great humor, in the special It’s Mutha Fuckin Ramadan Charlie Brown…where Chuck decides to convert to Islam, he says, : My name is not Charlie Brown anymore. It’s Osama Vendejo. or Sally Brown: I

motherless child

WHY 2012? The economic crisis did not inspire a film about the collapse of civilization, director Brad Grimm said -- mythology did. When actor and writer Sam Lawther began working on the concept three years ago, lore about the date 2012 made it seem like "the perfect time" for the film, Grimm said.The classical Mayan calendar will finish a 5,125-year cycle on Dec. 21, 2012, according to New Age writer Daniel Pinchbeck. On that day, the sun will also line up with the Milky Way galaxy -- a once-in-26,000 years event, according to Cornell University's "Ask an Astronomer" Web site. But there were more surprises ahead. The crew decided to feature a white buffalo in the film. One of the rare animals was born in November 2006 at the Woodland Zoo in Farmington, in southwestern Pennsylvania.Grimm learned some Native American spiritual leaders see the animal -- and a black buffalo born at the zoo a few months later -- as signs. "The white buffalo signified a warning,


Erie, itself: - Motley Crue, Theory of a Deadman, Hinder: March 7, Tullio Arena (don't ask me, I'll be seeing The Graduate) - NKOTB (ha!): March 22, Tullio Arena - All American Rejects, Shiny Toy Guns: April 17, Penn State Behrend - Disturbed, Lacuna Coil: April 20, Tullio Arena - Brian Regan: June 14, Warner Theater Cleveland: - Lenka: March 10, House of Blues - Howie Day: March 16, House of Blues - DeVotchKa: March 22, Agora Theater - Katy Perry, Alphabeat: March 28, House of Blues - Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin: April 8, The Spot - Diplo: April 18, The Grog Shop - Neko Case: April 21, Allen Theatre - No Doubt, Paramore: June 29, Blossom Music Center (sry) Pittsburgh: - BRITNEY SPEARS: March 27, Mellon Arena - Andrew Bird, a Hack and a Hacksaw: April 7, Carnegie Music Hall (I saw Feist there- it's niiiice) - The Walkmen, Kings of Leon: April 22, Palumbo Center - Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin: April 11, Brillobox - No Doubt, Paramore, The Soun

when i lose my sleep it's you i miss

YOU GUYS I am back from S.D- albeit a few pounds heavier (UGH you know what I have to do the rest of this stupid break that's flying by my head right now), tanner (a killer farmer's tan....right?) and with no viable new contacts to speak of (:( sorry). I did go to a few interesting seminars and got some inspiration of things to do in the the music criticism one (which made the whole conference more worthwhile for me than ever) I spoke to the creator of this website and she was all kinds of cool/helpful. there was also a photographer from Pitchfork there but I could not speak to her for the life of me, half of it being that stupid shyness and the other half being the girl that would not step away from her for a second. That being said, I have no inclination to staying in the Erie-Edinboro-Hell region after graduation. For having spent the entirety of my life in this damp corner of the universe, I think it's time I go elsewhere. And l

I Believe in Harvey MILK!!!

So I just got back from watching “Milk” at some tiny theatre out in the middle of nowhere, and there are some things I'd like to say about the result. “Milk” (directed by Gus Van Sant) is a film that had a lot of expectation to live up to as it won Oscars for best screenplay and best male performance in a lead role (Dustin Lance Black and Sean Penn respectively). So what’s the verdict? It was awesome!! I loved it. It was funny, sweet, sad, deep, emotional, and of course it was a powerful story of a legendary man who defied the odds. “Milk” is based on the life and career of Harvey Milk, a openly gay man, who became the first homosexual to be elected to public office. It is a fantastically done film with an all-star cast including, Sean Penn, James Franco, Emile Hirsch, and Josh Brolin, and that one guy from that one movie. Yeah, you know who I'm talking about. I read on another website that “Milk” did not deserve the Oscar for best screenplay. That writer insisted that it shou