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"The Shade"- Metric

Do you know that feeling when a band you completely adore and would marry if you could marry a band puts out a song that feels like a brutal slap to the face? Where you're left wondering "What is this weird CHVRCHES-like thing? Whaaaaaatttttt happened?" It's like if you were driving a car at the time the single came on the radio, YOU'D DRIVE INTO A DITCH SCREAMING? Those are my feelings on this song. I still love you, Metric.  In all seriousness, one feature I have admired about Metric is their ability to shapeshift from album to album. They went from dance pop to more anthemic rock in just a few albums. Compare "Old World Underground, Where Are You Now?" to "Synthetica." There are some common areas, but there's a lot of change and change is good (NOTE: I hate change, haha, well except in music and my restaurant choices). Metric went from a kind-of-okay band to a great band in a very short period of time (even though their first albu

"Bodyache" - Purity Ring

Purity Ring was a band I listened to totally by accident. I heard "Fireshrine" one day, and thought it was a catchy little tune. They reminded me of Phantogram's distant cousin with a vague nod to School of Seven Bells. Their new album, "another eternity" (all lowercase yeah?), came out earlier this year. I haven't listened to the album that in depth yet, but I can tell you that THIS track is "bomb."  I chose that adjective because that is what a man in the grocery store called Reese's Puffs, and it seemed like a good idea at the time. Happy listening! Reese Puffs! Hahahahahaha GET IT?!?!?!