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Another Saturday Morning...The Journey Continues

The next chapter of Saturday morning music... Another classic from back in the day: Vendetta Red’s Shatterday. This song actually has really good lyrics. Hope it helps kick off your Saturday, oh and happy Halloween!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Vendetta Red: Shatterday QATFYG: Are you emo? What are you Halloween plans? And are you emo-mazing?!?!?!

The Next Oscar Host

This is straight from Zap2it, but I was reading this earlier today. I don't know if they've picked an Oscar host yet, but who would you like to see up there? And no, you can't pick Hugh Jackman because he said he aint doing it. meh. Life goes on, but gosh darn that man can sing. QATFYG: (these are the zap2it picks. If you're beau or gal isn't on the list feel free to write him/her in) Who should host the 2010 Academy Awards? Russell Brand Steve Carell George Clooney Steven Colbert Billy Crystal Will Ferrell Tina Fey Jamie Foxx Ricky Gervais Whoopi Goldberg Tom Hanks Steve Martin Amy Poehler ----My Vote Will Smith Oprah Winfrey **I picked Amy Poehler because I think she has the most to gain, and she could do probably the most entertaining host job.

White Collar

White Collar is a new TV show on USA Network that premiered Friday, October 23rd. Neal Caffrey (Matt Bomer) is a con-man who, having broken out of prison, was just caught by FBI agent Peter Burke (Tim DeKay) - the same agent who caught him the first time. They make a deal: Caffrey will help Burke catch other criminals if he is allowed to remain free. Burke agrees, and Caffrey lives up to his word. Or does he? I'm not usually into crime shows (Bones being a major exception). But this didn't look like every CSI/NCIS/law show clone that you see out there. It looked like it had attitude, which is always good. And having watched the first episode... I kind of liked it. There was some humor that made me laugh out loud ("How upset were the Canadians?" "Very. Or, as upset as Canadians get.") and some smart crime-solving. Caffrey is perhaps a little too smart, likeable, and resourceful, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. It works for the show. Burke is al

Lilith Fair 2010

Something I just discovered: LILITH FAIR IS BACK, BITCHES! Yeah, I'm a little late on the uptake, but I'm okay with that. It was a music festival celebrating women in music back in the late '90s. Think, Sarah McLachlan, Lisa Loeb, Fiona Apple, Indigo Girls, Sheryl Crow, and other female musicians and bands who aren't really relevant to music today. As I grew up on Tori Amos and Fiona Apple and other female-led acts, I am ridiculously excited for this event. And they're coming to Chicago! And Philadelphia, for those of you from Pennsylvania. The majority, I'd guess. I'd love it if Jonatha Brooke, Tegan and Sara, and Beth Hart show up. Who do you hope plays at Lilith Fair 2010? Do you think the Spice Girls will reunite (again) to play there?

Spotlight/Shoutout: Orson Bean

-- Hoi Dag peoples!! How is everyone’s Wedensday? Orson Bean’s is going off without a hitch, and he is standing proud with the spotlight/shoutout in his pocket. (Just like that falling star song.) Born in 1928 Orson B is a star and hero in my household. No matter who you are or where you come from you can’t deny that Orson Bean was wonderful on “Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman,” as the town’s beloved shopkeeper Loren Bray. Can you Spot the Orson in the picture? Also, I just recently learned that he played John Goodman’s father on “Normal, Ohio.” I watched that show, but I had no idea. Now Orson is moving on in the world of television playing an antique love interest on “Desperate Housewives.” (In case anyone can’t tell, I’m a fan.) It’s just great to see him still acting after all these years. He’s dazzled the stage, the the silver screen, the small screen, and my computer screen for a while now. Orson Bean you rule!! QATFYG: Were you a Dr. Quinn fan? Did you ever watch Normal, Ohio

poor iceland!

Iceland says GOODBYE to McDonald's! I can only imagine how heartbroken the country is about this tragedy. They probably listen to Celine Dion and mope. also- I've been listening to a lotttt of Britney Spears. I feel like we finally click now. and after years of enduring jokes comparing me to her (SAME NAMES) it feels so right.

what not to do when a demon is following you

Yesterday Jason and I caught Paranormal Activity , which has been getting a lot of word-of-mouth (the way I heard of it was through my own brother actually) buzz these past few weeks. and I'm not much of a horror film person (at ALL) but I was like "oh what the hell! it's Halloween!" it's being billed as the next Blair Witch , which is a double-edged sword (consider a.) how much luck the people that worked on that film had afterwards and b.) that it's such a joke, in retrospect) because of the low budget and camerawork and it's reliance on story rather than names or huge special effects. and it works very well. the first half of the movie kind of drags, is kind of a bore. yawn. like- the protagonists, Micah and Catie (who are real people OMFGZ ) are really not likable at all. especially Micah. oh my god I hated him. he was SUCH a douche. the girl's okay, but like, why stick with him, woman? you have a demon following you around, your boyfriend's

Another Saturday Morning

So here is a song I heard up in Canada, and it’s soooo good. It is from the musical "Ann and Gilbert." I once heard someone say that they liked bands like Flogging Molley, but they didn’t like traditional Irish music. Well, here is something that hopefully won’t send anyone into culture shock. Just imagine a theatrical voice, an Irish style fiddle, and Canadian Spirit!! (Oh yeah and Ann of Green Gables!) Happy Saturday!! Ann and Gilbert: Saturday Morning

elliott smith is still dead

...unfortunately. :( this was a rather nice article on the sixth anniversary on his passing, which was a few days ago. I remember the day Elliott Smith died, oddly enough. it was a very shitty day in general for me. I was pining emptily for somebody I went to school with- kind of weird, not going into details, suffice to say this was during my self-mutilating stage, very bad/embarrassing time in hindsight- and I was at this stupid college fair with my best friend when they were pushing schools like Allegheny and Penn State on me and I was like OH I CAN GET INTO THOSE LOLZ. then I heard about Elliott and I had heard a few songs of him around that time (like, a month or so beforehand) so I was like ! whoa and it put a damper on the rest of an already ugly day. In January of the next year, I heard "Rose Parade" again on the internet and bought Either/Or out of curiousity. 'nuff said. I fell in love, slowly. not sure what my favorite album is though. I think...


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Marina and the Diamonds - Mowgli's Road

Marina and the Diamonds' music video for her new single "Mowgli's Road" was released the other day. Watch it above. I love the song and really don't like the video. I think Marina is ridiculously beautiful, but that video is just repetitive and, well, kinda disturbing. I'd be okay with the stretching thing if it were only part of the video, but it isn't. It's the whole thing. The video really lets the song down. What do you think would be a good video treatment for "Mowgli's Road"? (My opinion: Marina, or a young boy, running through a forest and encountering animals you'd typically see in a zoo - such as a tiger, a lion, or a bear. Maybe the animals would be the ones stretching instead of Marina.)

anne sexton/sylvia plath

Okay, for my weekly poetic effort, I decided to combine two of my favorite female confessional angst-ridden students-of-Robert-Lowell, Anne Sexton (HBIC) and Sylvia Plath (every oven's best friend). There's something about their bodies of work that's been resonating with me a lot lately. prep for modernist poetry? I THINK SO. Anyway, neither of these ladies lived happy lives and I'm not getting into the sordid details. You think they would! But they didn't. Y R RICH PPL SO SAD. I Am Vertical - Sylvia Plath But I would rather be horizontal. I am not a tree with my root in the soil Sucking up minerals and motherly love So that each March I may gleam into leaf, Nor am I the beauty of a garden bed Attracting my share of Ahs and spectacularly painted, Unknowing I must soon unpetal. Compared with me, a tree is immortal And a flower-head not tall, but more startling, And I want the one's longevity and the other's daring. Tonight, in the infinitesimallight of t

Spotlight/ Shoutout: One Word

And the Word is Tyra!!! PS: Vote me for tweet of the year at any of the participating sites, non of which I can recall off the top of my head. Al_Nader_XOXO: #postsecret Here's my secret. It's Monday, and I'm naked. NOT TRUE! (I'm like Tyra. my secrets are all lies) Shameless plug...I know.

laughing with a mouth of blood

See, I trade in my plot of land For a plane to anywhere (Oh, where do you go?) And I can't see the future But I know its got big plans for me (Oh, what does it see?) All of my old friends aren't so friendly, all of my old haunts are now all haunting me "Laughing With a Mouth of Blood" I totally forgot I am seeing this bitch (along with the lovely Mr. Andrew Bird) tonight!

Were The World Mine (2008)

Imagine, if you will, that you have the power to make the person you love fall in love with you. What would you do? Tom Gustafson's 2008 musical film "Were the World Mine" takes this premise and turns it on its head. Timothy (Tanner Cohen) is an openly gay student at a private boy's school, where he is physically and verbally harassed by the rugby team, including his crush, team captain Jonathon (Nathaniel David Becker), and his gym teacher (Christian Stolte). He has no help on the home front either, as his single mother doesn't understand his sexuality and his father is not a part of his life. The only support he receives comes from his best friends, Frankie (Zelda Williams, Robin Williams' daughter) and Max (Ricky Goldman), and his drama teacher, Ms. Tebbit (Twin Peaks' Wendy Robie). Things change when Timothy is cast as Puck in his school's production of Shakespeare's "A Midsummer Night's Dream." While memorizing lines, he discov


OH MY GOD the day is finally upon us, friends. Annie's follow-up to 2004's Anniemal is now out. Don't Stop has officially been released into the world, after painstaking revisions by the likes of the pop genius herself. "I Don't Like Her Band" follows suit of "Chewing Gum" and "I Know Your Girlfriend Hates Me"...a shamelessly infectious earworm . so far all the reviews have been nothing positive. I will be either downloading or buying this album (in the flesh! who does that anymore!) SOONSOONSOON . oh my god. I peed myself. not kidding. there's a trail of urine leading from my bed to the door. haha . just kidding. okay, it comes out in the States on Nov. 17 th . BUT WHO THE FUCK CARES! IT'S OUT IN EUROPE! I will be getting the special edition so I can enjoy the Datarock collaboration. Alex Kapranos still plays guitar on a few tracks and "Hey Annie" is supposed to have a Gwen-like sound. omfgz . "I

The O Board

So after a magical conversation today, I've decided that tomorrow I'm going out to buy a supernatural Ouija Board. The last one I owned was in the 3rd grade, and I loaned it to a guy named Chris, who burned it after he thought the devil was trying to enter his house. so QATFYG: Does anyone have any Ouija Board stories or advice?

strangers on a train

Because I'm as corny as all hell, I decided that from, this point forward, I will be doing a series of posts related to the upcoming HALLOWEEN holiday. !!! I'm so original, right? shut up. Anyway, I'm not a big horror film buff. nope. never. they bother me way too much and I tend to dwell on them an unhealthy amount. I shit my pants rather easily. but there's one person I've been able to appreciate enough and that's Alfred Hitchcock. I know that's a cliche, but I enjoy his work. it's hard to pick a favorite though. "Notorious" (1946) = CARY GRANT AND INGRID BERGMAN. ' nuff said. gorgeous film; classic noir ! "Psycho" (1961)= one of my favorite movies of all time, believe it or not. just the way the story is told and the unsettling creepiness of Anthony Perkins. I think it was very ahead of its time, in a way. love, love, love this. not as terrifying as it was the first time around I saw it, but I still manage to enj


yes this is back! IT'S BEEN FAR TOO LONG. I hope you know who this is. this is the voice of GOD. I went through a lot of conflict for this one. granted, she's a very unusual beauty. but a beauty nonetheless. there's something very alluring about her. Y/N? listen to her for God's sake already. go find yourself "Tonight" on hypemachine or youtube. or "Complaint Department." you know, you KNOW you would, too. by the way, today is the Sweetest Day?.... which exists to give your "sweetie" candy, methinks. but I can no do that. I GIVE MYSELF CANDY. NOM NOM NOM NOM NOM NOM. greeting card companies. GEEZ.

Florence + the Machine - You've Got The Love

As you may or may not know, I am a huge fan of Florence + the Machine. As far as I'm concerned, the woman is a genius, her first album is incredible, and she has one of the best voices out there today. However, I'm a little disappointed by her new single, "You've Got The Love." "You've Got The Love" is a cover version of the song "You Got The Love" by The Source ft. Candi Staton. It's a beautiful song and a worthy cover (I like it better than the original ), but it's not her song. Her album has so many fantastic songs to choose from - ranging from "Howl," which would do well on the New Moon soundtrack, to the amazing "Cosmic Love," which has already had some success on the charts in Ireland - yet she releases a cover. I don't understand this decision whatsoever. On the other hand, her voice sounds great, the harp works wonderfully with the lyrics, and it fits in perfectly with the rest of her songs. I'

what in the world has happened to....

JANE LEEVES? We've watched Kelsey Grammar, Peri Gilpin and David Hyde Pierce (!!!) move onto bigger and better things. I think, I've always thought, this lady has talent. someone help her find a good follow-up to Frasier ! Jane, when I write my big sitcom, I'm giving you a call.

In The Moonlight {With Dylan!!}

During week 2 of Spotlight/Shoutout I posted about Sarah Hyland, an actress on the new ABC sitcom, “Modern Family.” Last week, Sarah H’s tv boyfriend played this song on the show, and every member of the family gets it stuck in their heads. Same with me. Check it out yo! (I love the word yo!) Dylan the Boyfriend: In the Moonlight (Do Me) “In the Moonlight” The stars are falling from the sky And you’re the reason why The moon is shining on your face ‘Cause it finally feels it’s found its place ‘Cause maybe, baby, I just wanna do you, do you Do you want to do me, do me Underneath the moonlight, moonlight Baby, baby, maybe I will steal you, steal you Just so I can feel you, feel you Maybe that would heal you, heal you On the inside QATFYG: Have you seen Modern Family yet? PS: Update on Modern Family::: A few weeks ago on the blog, I posted that Glee was the next BIG thing in the world of television. Well, by now I've given up Glee, and spend the wed. 9 spot watching Moder

if you saw it

I didn't really understand (nor like that much?) the season premiere of "30 Rock," the only current show I give two shits about. you can watch it here . in added news, Tina Fey admitted she was a virgin until the age of 24, to David Letterman of all people (eww). HOPE!

you need to hear this

you need to hear this! Nicole Atkins On the rare occasion when I actually sing along to songs without any shame or chagrin, it seems to be, more often than not, NICOLE ATKINS' fault. who is a tragically, tragically underrated figure in indie pop music. Just listen to her voice once- she could easily be on Broadway with those vocals. watch her sing "Maybe Tonight" here. hot damn, that New Jersey native (who has played with Feist , among countless others) blow the mic away. I mean...I'm pretty critical of new female singer-songwriters. but this girl is packed FULL of talent. SHE PLAYS THE UKULELE HERE She calls her music "pop- noir ;" it's a title it definitely carries without testing. there's something very classic about it, while remaining with an edge that helps her carry her own with the wannabe Jenny Lewisies of this world and yet at the same time helps to differentiate her. Her first album, "Neptune City," is wound up

Beyonce, meh!

Okay, I know I’m digging up old dirt, but for the first time today I watched the video for Beyonce’s single “Single Ladies.” I don't listen to her stuff normally, so I haven't seen the video until today. And honestly, what is the big deal about it? I mean it’s a very mediocre video. There are some cool light and color changes, but all the choreography in it is just not very good. I felt a lot of it didn't fit the song well at all. I love minimalism, but this is a different story. QATFYG: What is the big deal about Beyonce and her video? Beyonce : Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)

Spotlight/ Shoutout: David Boreanaz

Yes, indeed this week’s honor goes the artist formerly known as Angel! So many years…so many years. I was one who liked watching David B. on Buffy way more than on Angel. But many people seem to disagree with me. With Angel after its first season, I really didn’t pay too much attention to it. But moving onward Angel Boreanaz has moved onward to the Fox network, where he famously plays Special Agent Seeley Booth on the show “Bones.” And that is why Angel takes this weeks magic s/s. Because if you haven’t been watching “Bones” you should. It’s one of the best shows on the air, and naturally one of the reasons is because of the chemistry between David B and the fantabulous Emily Deschanel! (Any show with one of the Deschanel sisters is totally on my TV lineup.) And also I need to mention that the show would not be nearly as interesting without the amazing Michaela Conlin. She’s is the main reason the show has so much comic potential, and I love her character. So David, Emily, a

this couple

the anti-TomKat, I think? I'm really growing to appreciate them, find them very endearing. BESIDES, WHO DOESN'T LOVE "CRAZY!"

RIP Stephen Gately

Stephen Gately, the 33 year old former singer of Boyzone, died of natural causes Sunday morning in Spain. you can read more on it here, but I (and I don't know that much about international pop music!) was shocked: really unfortunate. :( RIP Mr. Gately!

kay ryan

I've decided to implement a new poetry-awareness initiative into the Useless Critic . seems like I'm the only contributor that gives a tolerant shit on the subject, so might as well! I start with a poet that all my comrades-in-arms in Poetry Workshop are way too familiar with, and that would be our current Poet Laureate, Kay Ryan. I'm not sure I like her style, nor appreciate it a great deal. It's a lot like Elizabeth Bishop to me and I am no Elizabeth Bishop fan. Too....blah. like, I see the experimentation and I can like, respect that. I see certain things with the flow and the style that are interesting but really. Really? Overall not my bag. Nonetheless, she earned the title of Poet Laureate for a reason. A good way to describe her stuff is "compact," as I read in a biography. I tend to agree. see here: THINGS SHOULDN'T BE SO HARD A life should leave deep tracks: ruts where she went out and back to get the mail or move the hose around the yard;


I am convinced these two have the healthiest relationship EVER.

Chicago Marathon 2009

Kenya's Sammy Wanjiru won the Bank of America Chicago Marathon today in 2:05:41, beating the course record by one second. The women's winner was Liliya Shobukhova of Russia with a time of 2:25:56. The wheelchair marathon race was won by Kurt Fearnley of Australia in 1:29:09, his third Chicago win and missing his own course record by 63 seconds. The women's wheelchair results were won by Tatyana McFadden of the US. (Can't find her time, sorry.) Being a runner and a native Chicagoan, I think these times are absolutely ridiculous and incredibly inspirational - especially Kurt Fearnley's results. I should be able to finish a half marathon in the same time Sammy Wanjiru took to finish this marathon. Maybe. If I'm lucky. Do you think you'd be able to do a 2:05:xx half marathon? (That's a pace of 9 minutes 33 seconds a mile for 13.1 miles.)

do you remember when tori amos wasn't crazy and made of plastic

I've been listening to a lot of Tori Amos lately. Should I be proud of the fact I'm admitting this at 1:27 AM on a Sunday morning when I'm stuck doing homework? No. Tori, my old bitch, was my go-to fix for probably ... 2003 to 2006, I think? those years her music was, God. it was sick how stuck on her I was! like, one of dozens of angst-filled young girls across this planet ("little blue world" o HAY). that was, hmm . I have gone through the following musical phases in my short, unadventurous life: No Doubt (7 th grade to about 9 th ) - Radiohead (9 th grade) - Tori Amos (9 th to 12 th grade) - Fiona Apple (12 th grade to college) - Feist ???? but not really. I don't think that's possible to get THAT into Feist . like, enough to try to find yourself (and potential thesis topics!) in her near-cryptic lyrics involving sacred womanhood, Jesus, cumming not equating Jesus, etc. Anyway, I had a schism from the HOLY CHURCH OF TORI after I just got sick

other nominees for the peace prize

THAT THEY KEPT HIDDEN FROM YOU: - Bugs Bunny - Beyonce - the cast of Joan of Arcade (RIP) - Tony Danza - Jonathan Taylor Thomas - The ghost of the Taco Bell dog - the Leaning Tower of Pisa - HAL from "2001" - Regina Spektor - pasta - Jeremy Brown ... I'm done now.

Saturday Morning

Good golly it's Saturday morning. For awhile I've been meaning to toss around some Saturday morning music ideas. Back in High School, about 3 or 4 years ago I was really into this album from Lennon. And I was surprised because at the time I didn't find this type of music too hot. Way to go Lennon and Travis Meeks. I liked it because it felt very real and passionate vocals. But I haven't listened to this in a while. Here is the title track to the Album 5:30 Saturday Morning. Lennon QATFYG: Are you a Lennon fan?

and for you ...

I know I said I wasn't going to blog for a while, BUT IT'S REALLY HARD. and I'm taking a break from my other work to do something I enjoy and I just heard this song and remembered how much I love it: like, DAMN. the first time I heard that song and the line "for you I keep my legs apart" I felt this erotic charge go through me. OH LYKKE, THE THINGS YOU CAN DO TO A GIRL. back to poetry workshop!

Taylor Lautner + Taylor Swift = <3

If Taylor Lautner has to be straight (and let's face facts, he's straight), I think he should date Taylor Swift. I find them both attractive, well-spoken, and talented - basically the perfect couple. Regardless of Taylor Lautner's sexuality, he should never wear a shirt again. Here's proof: And just for the sake of equality, here's a song by Taylor Swift: You Belong With Me . Questions: who do you think Taylor Lautner should date? Wouldn't the Taylors be cute together? Since the director/producers of the Twilight films are making Taylor L into a sex symbol, is it okay to perv? Team Jacob or Team Edward? (Note: if you don't say "Team Jacob" you are dead to me. DEAD.)

Big Eden (2000)

A Brief Foreword: I've been watching a number of LGBT-themed films and TV shows lately. I've decided to review them. So. Enjoy. The 2000 film "Big Eden," directed by Thomas Bezucha ("The Family Stone"), features Arye Gross as Henry Hart, a successful artist in New York City, who feels compelled to return to his Montana hometown of Big Eden when his grandfather (George Coe) has a stroke. In Big Eden he meets up with old friends and acquaintances, including his childhood best friend Dean (Tim DeKay), on whom Henry had - and still has - a crush. Dean is straight and newly single, with custody of his two children. But is he really all that straight? Another acquaintance is Pike (Eric Schweig), the overwhelmingly shy Native American owner of the town's general store, who just so happens to have a crush on Henry. The town's denizens - including Widow Thayer (Nan Smith) and a group of older men who spend the vast majority of their time at the general sto

Spotlight/ Shoutout: Jason Bourne

Oh yes, for the first time the spotlight/shoutout goes to a person that does not actually exist. …………………..For some people. For others Jason Bourne is everywhere, and yet he is still nowhere. Magnificent is it not? And Jason Bourne earns this week’s s/s of honor because it is official; there will be another Bourne movie, turning the series into a quadrilogy. It is scheduled to come out in 2011, and the Bourne series is some of actor Matt Damon’s best work. I wonder if it’s possible to do a Matt Damon post without mentioning “Good Will Hunting?” TOO LATE. Back to Bourne, Jason Bourne first came onto the scene in the 1980 in the novels by Robert Ludlum. RL wrote the original three novels. (Bourne Identity, Bourne Supremacy, and Bourne Ultimatum) and then the character has been carried on in novels by Eric Van Lustbader!! Now that is a solid name. The Jason Bourne novels are completely different than the movies, and I’m not just talking about a few details. Really, the only major

Dr. Cameron + Big Screen = High Five Part 3

Dr. Cameron + Big Screen = High Five Part 3 Okay, I know it’s a long ways away, but I haven’t talked about Jennifer Morrison (Dr. Cameron on House) whom I adore, in a really really long time. Here is an update. Speaking of House M.D., tonight was a special night for the show, as Jennifer Morrison and Jesse Spencer (Robert Chase) reprised their roles as the diagnostic team. This episode also guest starred James Earl Jones. How righteous can it get? Best Monday in a while. And JM is working on a movie titled “Warrior,” about mixed martial arts. But it gets even better. She will be starring in the movie alongside Nick Nolte!! And also wrestler Kurt Angle will appear in it. Which may or may not be a good thing, we’ll just have to see. Personally, I’m not an Angle Fan. “Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Gold Medal Blah Blah Blah I’ll twist your ankle Flippin BLAH!” (That’s a Team 3-D Reference) For all you Pittsburghers out there, this film is being shot in the Steel City. Hence, the appe

So lately...

So lately as I've stated on my Facebook page, I've become rather obsessed with Mila Kunis. MILA RULES!! QATFYG: Do you blame me? PS: Be on the lookout for these upcoming 2010 Mila Kunis Films. The Black Swan--------------------"Daron Aronofsky" Date Night And The Book of Eli What are they about? Who cares? They're Mila K films. Hopefully this obsession is just a phase. But if it's not I can write her biography. I'm already working on the controversial parts. PPS: she looks so Russian in this picture! Awesome.

2016 Summer Olympics: An Editorial

So by now I'm sure you've heard that the International Olympic Committee selected Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, as the location for the 2016 Summer Olympic Games, as well as the 2016 Summer Paralympics. Other finalists included Chicago, Tokyo, and Madrid. Going into the final voting, Chicago and Rio de Janeiro were thought to be the favorites. Chicago was summarily knocked out of the running in the first round. As a native Chicagoan (born, raised, and living here at the present time), I think I can safely speak for the vast majority of us: we're glad we didn't get it. There have been plenty of celebrities, athletes, and Very Important People (ranging from Barack and Michelle Obama to Oprah to Michaels Phelps) who have supported the nomination, but the common opinion has largely been that of ambivalence. The main issue is that of financing. From whence will the money come to pay for the Olympic Village (and stadiums, etc)? In part from private investors--who may not have the

The craziest news Since Katy Perry's Josh Grobin Tattoo Fuss

Hello World. It has come to the attention of Planet Earth that Russia is pushing laws that are banning strong alcoholic drinks in airports and duty free shops. In other words the Russian borders are going sober. I understand people are concerned about alcoholism. But why do they have to take away the most important places in the world to drink. Airports are one of the most needed places to drink, unless you're a pilot. And duty free shops = vacation and tourism. Also, the best times to drink. Not to mention that it is very difficult to link alcoholism to airport beverages. I say this ban is lame. (Ok, I think you can still drink on a plane, but the anticipation comes before the flight. That's when you needed to be ossified (slang definition of ossified).). Russia is the exquisite world capital of Vodka (sorry Finlandia), and in addition this is an issue of freedom of choice. In case you're wondering how much of what I'm writing is legit: the answer is none. Sou

erie alert! erie alert!

Word has it that Ellen Page, star of Drew Barrymore's directorial debut Whip It! (about roller derby, duh what else) is seen in the film sporting a t-shirt with the emblem of my old workplace, THE ERIE ZOO. O M G you read it here first! visit the zoo online:


It's homecoming weekend in where I am sadly living (Edinboro). you can tell because it's like, not even 9 and there's music blasting and I have never heard so many drunk people in my life until last night. I WILL BE A PART OF THEIR LEGIONS THIS EVENING. anyway, I will be a part of the parade along with the rest of the esteemed Spectator staff, so come out and say hi! it goes around the campus loop and starts at noon. we will be giving away promo shit and, uh, Frostys coupons. also, I'd like to thank Alice for doing an INCREDIBLE job redesigning the Useless Critic! look how legit we look now!!! makes me so proud. to tide things over, here's the new Ladyhawke video for "Magic." This song means a lot to me and I wish she'd done a better job: bleh. if you're around the area and want to check out any of the Edinboro homecoming festivities today, be sure to visit this website (JUST ONCE IS ENOUGH): you have been warn

2012, a movie

Click HERE to view the movie trailer for "2012." I think "2012" looks incredible. Best movie of the year, no doubt. I'm sorry, I couldn't help myself. That was a complete lie. I think this looks... awful. A total vehicle to show off the (admittedly impressive) special effects. But then again, I think the special effects look WAY too overdone. I mean, incredibly, massively, stupidly overdone. Hollywood, take note: just because you can use CGI doesn't mean you should . On the other hand, the world is going to end in 2012! Everybody hop in a plane and fly between two falling buildings just because that's what you do when you're trying not to die!!! Will you watch 2012? Do you believe that the world will end in 2012?

the invention of lying

Every time I see another preview for this film, I get more excited to see it in the theaters. where it opens today! it has an all-star cast (well, what I consider to be, anyway) with a pretty novel concept: in a world, where no one has ever lied ... (cue "Star Wars" theme music) here's a review of it from Indiana: I mean, Tina Fey! Ricky Gervais! Rob Lowe! ... comedic genius? well, do you want to see it at all? you know, for never having seen it, this reminds me a lot of "I <3 Huckabees."

RAWR or should I say Meow!

Last night, I saw five minutes of Courney Cox in Cougar Town on ABC. And get this, it actually wasn't bad. I'm going to be watching more, but most likely online. QATFYG: Do you like Courney Cox? How much do you like Courtney Cox? And if you could say one thing to Courtney Cox what would it be?

last dance

I've always been kind of ambivalent about the Raveonettes- they're not bad, but I've never been like, OMFG THEY'RE SOOOOOO GOOD. well this song may have swayed my opinion on them, definitely. have a look yourself: The Raveonettes - New Music - More Music Videos so sweet, so other-worldly, one of the best things to come out of 2009 for sure. think of a Jesus and Mary Chain for our time, or some forgotten alternative classinc from 1989. here you go. love their cameo at the end. FACT: they take their name from the Buddy Holly song, "Rave On." woo!