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Half-Assed Movie Reviews, Volume One

Yeah, I know. Deal with it. Black Panther. I thought this movie was one of the rare films that lives up to the hype surrounding it. It was a fun movie with a good story and some badass female POC characters.  I Can Only Imagine. Not sure what compelled me to see this one, but it was actually very good. Pretty feel-good movie. I have nothing against very ardent Christians, even though sometimes I don't feel very accepted by them, which was the only hang-up I had with this film. The Avengers: Infinity War. A little soul-crushing and far far far too long. Not enough ScarJo. Boo, hiss, etc. (I did like it, tho.) Solo. I never saw "The Last Jedi" - I got the demon flu the day I was supposed to see it and watched some documentary about bearded ladies instead (true story). Nonetheless, enjoyable popcorn flick. Hereditary. Big fat NOPE. N-O-P-E. (My friend Hattie made the perfect meme about it, which you can see here .) Next up? Won't You Be My Neighbor

"Please Don't Die" - Father John Misty

Father John Misty is like the Ryan Adams of the 2010s, and I am HERE FOR IT. I mostly mean in reference to his personality, but his music's kind of similar, too. This all being said, the somewhat prolific Mr. Tillman has emerged again with a new album, "God's Favorite Customer." And so far, the reception's been positive. You can't deny he's obscenely talented. His voice is gorgeous and his lyrics are always so lush.  Here's his video for "Please Don't Die," which sounds in itself very positive. Right? It's a cool, trippy video. It's like if "The Seventh Seal" decided to merge with a high school dance. Please enjoy (and also, don't die!)

"New York" - St. Vincent (#TBT)

Remember when Irina used to do #ThrowbackThursdays about her favorite slightly older songs? Ima bring that back right now. St. Vincent's last album was pretty good, as nearly her whole canon is. A departure in sound, sure, but still better than most mainstream artists' output.  When I first heard this song last year, it immediately stayed with me. There was something about this song that touched my heart from right off the bat. Now, when I relisten, I remember a situation that no longer exists. And how maybe I would do things differently, be different, but as I spent the night telling a friend ... you can't change the past, just can learn from it. I will probably relisten to this song whenever I go back to New York City. Whenever that is! LOL.