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You Need to Hear This Stuart Newman "Music has always been around in my life," Stuart Newman, an acoustic folk-y singer-songwriter from Brighton (UK) reflected in a recent email interview. He is the sole moving force behind his operation: he is responsible for not only the writing and composing of his music, but the artwork as well. Not to mention the music itself, which is a hefty job indeed. Growing up, he heard 60s-influenced music, a lot. "The Beatles featured heavily in that," he said. He taught himself the piano growing up ("I really didn't like the 'lessons' part") and the guitar was conquered at the age of 17. From then on, Newman's life began to drift more in a musical direction. "I started thinking seriously about songwriting later on in my university life, and since then I’ve been doing the best I can to get my music out there." Thus leading to the internet. Stuart Newman's music- and his debut EP, "Single but


well last night, shortly before midnight, I drew The Time Traveler's Wife to a close. wow- I have to say, that book annihilated my expectations. that's to say I was being kind of an elitist and like oh ho this book is adored by the masses TOO SACCHARINE FOR MY TASTES right? noooooo. now I see why it was/is so popular! it was an incredibly well-written book. Audrey Niffenegger? I now safely have faith in her as a writer. books like that are impressive, though, and seem to come about (for me at least) once in a blue moon. green moon. some kind of moon! the type of book you fear putting down and have to carry around you everywhere, even in the car where the motion makes you sick. and then I have thoughts, in between reading: WHOA, THAT OLDER LADY IN THE PARKING LOT HAD GLASSES, BROWN HAIR AND WAS GIVING ME THE EYE. MAYBE SHE'S ME FROM THE FUTURE? :o you know you've had those thoughts! okay....maybe you haven't. but yeah, an analogy occurred to me when I was getting to

Pilot and the Wizard Girl Who Dances A Lot

Over the past 9 hours I have been listening to the song "Magic" originally recorded by vintage rockers Pilot over and over and over again. You know it. It's been used in plenty of movies and commercials. Ho, ho, ho It's magic, you know Never believe it's not so It's magic, you know Never believe, it's not so The reason for this soar in Magic popularity is because teeny-bopper, Selena Gomez from Wizards of Waverly Place has covered the song on her show's soundtrack. And it's been getting a lot of press. Here is the new version: QATFYG: I want to take a poll and see what you guys like more. The original by Pilot or the remake by Selena G? I'll start it off and vote for the.... ORIGINAL!! The remake is way too toned down. Not enough Umph!

Florence & the Machine - Lungs

I first heard Florence and the Machine over a year ago, back when the band has less than 1600 plays on First I came across "Girl With One Eye" on the Hype Machine, then I listened to "Kiss With A Fist," and then the acoustic cover of Cold War Kids' "Hospital Beds". Every song was amazing. I searched the Hype Machine every week for new tracks - and never found them. Then a combination of events occurred, I forgot about the band, and I only just got hold of Florence's new album, "Lungs," earlier this week. The band now has over 1.6 million plays on, a #2 album in the UK (just behind Michael Jackson - damn him for dying and messing up Flo's chances of getting to #1!), and every single released has charted, with "Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up)" the highest at #12 in the UK. My, how things have changed! Let's put it like this: I've listened to the album non-stop for the last three days. "Rabbit Heart (Ra

Asian Music Party!!

Today is the day when I have finished my Asian History class for the summer semester. To celebrate I will be drinking generic cola with the calories this more diet sodey water for me today. And having one last hoorah with some Asian Music. The Nepali National Anthem: This is about as Asian as it gets. Blind Pianist, Nobuyuki Tsuji. He's playing some western stuff, but he's still really good. And Shahrizoda: My personal favorites. When I found out about them I showed their videos to everyone I could. They're from Uzbekistan, but ethnically, they're ughyurs from Western China. They're poppy with both middle eastern and Chinese sound in their music. Well they are from Uzbekistan. QATFYG: What is your Asian celebration music?

the only famous person from Girard besides that clown guy gets married

Marc Blucas, a.k.a "Riley" from Buffy, got married last Saturday on the Erie bayfront. We know this is heartbreaking for you. what upsets me is that there were REESE WITHERSPOON SIGHTINGS IN TOWN and guess what? I was so exhausted from work Saturday I went to bed at like, 9. fuck! fuck fuck fuck! apparently his new wife is Christian Slater's ex. all the best, Marc! INVITE ME TO THE ANNIVERSARY DINNER AND SEAT ME NEXT TO REESE!

On Leverage and Gina

On Wednesday nights in my house we don’t have a solid TV lineup, so there is a show I might possibly check out tonight at 9 on TNT. LEVERAGE! It’s in its second season, and I might be totally lost because I’ve never seen it before. However, there is more appeal to this crime drama than simply crime, drama, and Academy Award Winner, Timothy Hutton. Two Words for ya: Gina Bellman. I’m a huge fan of hers. She’s so much fun to watch. You might recognize the name as the actress who played Jane Christie on the show “Coupling.” (The British series, not that American piss-watered knock off.) Gina B was the shows strong female comic relief, and she succeeded. Think Phoebe on FRIENDS except more sexual. Coupling was possibly the funniest show ever thanks to writer Stephen Moffat, one of my personal role models. Gina B also starred as the title character in the miniseries “Blackeyes” in the late 80’s. Something I need to see. So Gina Bellman is fantastic, and that might be the only reason I watch

out stealing horses

Finally, after toiling through it for half the year, I finished Out Stealing Horses by Per Petterson, a book that won tons of accolades from the New York Times and others upon being released a few years back. which was not a bad book by any means- the translation from Norwegian to English by Anne Born captures a lot of, what I imagine to be, Scandinavian minimalism of the original. it's a very simple but elegant read, no overwriting to be had here. I don't know, it was like the literary version of looking at (good) landscape paintings. the thing is, though, I feel like I should have liked it a lot more than I did. towards the end, I was so bored and tired with it. I managed to read a few other books while trying to get through this and they all captured my attention much more fervently than Horses . A lot of it, I would think, was the extreme masculine sentiment of the book, the relationship between sons and fathers. You know, stuff I don't deal with it. and fishing, and h

living legend to play Cleveland in October

Leonard Cohen, one of my all-time favorite singer-songwriters/poets and biggest influences, is headed to Cleveland come October 25th at the Allan Theater. LEONARD COHEN. He's like, 75. that's hella impressive. not familiar? you dodo. "Hallelujah?" that everybody has covered five bazillion times? God, though. his way with words. I'd lop off an arm to write like this: I Have Not Lingered In European Monosteries and discovered among the tall grasses tombs of knights who fell as beautifully as their ballads tell; I have not parted the grasses or purposefully left them thatched. I have not held my breath so that I might hear the breathing of God or tamed my heartbeat with an exercise, or starved for visions. Although I have watched him often I have not become the heron, leaving my body on the shore, and I have not become the luminous trout, leaving my body in the air. I have not worshipped wounds and relics, or combs of iron, or bodies wrapped and burnt in scrolls. I

today in north east

here's someting interesting: Naseem Rahka, an award-winning journalist that has appeared on NPR multiple times, will be in North East's the Last Wordsmith Book Shoppe reading from her debut novel, "The Crying Tree." sure, it doesn't sound like the most positive book in the world, but it's gaining a lot of buzz and being called "beautiful" and "passionate." it's quite the opportunity! I wish I could go! 2 PM

Taking a Chance on Ruby

So in an earlier post I mentioned that I would only watch the new show “Ruby and The Rockits,” if I was really bored. Well that moment has come believe it or not. Well, that time of the week is here again, and there is another new episode on tonight. From one episode we can see the show doesn’t kick off in the best way, by that I mean it has an awful theme song….seriously. I’ve never disliked an opening credits/theme so much. Actually, R and the & R wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. It was funny, and I like some of the dynamic. But there are just so many flaws. For the first episode they just jumped in and gave like 15 seconds of back-story for some characters leading everything up to the present. They better fill in a lot of these gaps in the coming weeks, or else it’ll just be kind of spacey. (and not like Kevin Spacey, somebody better hit the cymbal on that one…please don’t.) Also, David Cassidy stars on the show as a rock star (big surprise), and his character is named Da


Wrote you this, I hope you got it safe It's been so long I don't know what to say I've travelled 'round Through deserts on my horse But jokes aside I wanna come back home You know that night I said i had to go You said you'd meet me On the sunny road It's time, meet me on the sunny road it's time, meet me on the sunny road I never married Never had those kids I loved too many Now heaven's closed its gates. I know I'm bad To jump on you like this Some things don't change My middle name's still 'Risk' I know that night So long long time ago Will you still meet me On the sunny road It's time, meet me on the sunny road It's time, meet me on the sunny road Well, this is it I'm running out of space Here is my address And number just in case. This time as one We'll find which way to go Now come and meet me On the sunny road. song: (from Wikipedia: Her 2005 album, "Fisherman's Wo

just pulling on a line, on a line

Aug 28 Schenley Plaza, Pittsburgh, PA FREE SHOW 7:00PM - 8:15PM

New "Community!" Population IDK

I am so out of the loop when it comes to network television, but I happened to overhear about a new show coming out this fall entitled, "Community." It stars Joel McHale from "The Soup" on E, and Chevy Chase, the guy from all those vacation movies. and... "I'm Chevy Chase, and you're not." Classic. But back to the show. Joel McHale plays a former lawyer with a suspended certification who has to go back to college, which just so happens to be community college. Or as Joel calls it a School Shaped Toilet. This show looks really funny and smart, and I'll check it out. Along with the final season of Monk (wink.) So in case you don't know Joel McHale is the man. Respect. "The Soup" is a great show, and JM is funny to the max. Much better than that panties-in-a-knot skank, Chelsea Handler that used to follow his show. "Chelsea Lately," such a waste of time. And of course Chevy Chase is a legend, and he's sure to be great.

Nightfall for Yasmin Ahmad

Twitter recently informed me on the passing of Yasmin Ahmad, and I was confused for a minute because I had never heard of the person, which made me feel kinda low. So I did some backtracking. Yasmin Ahmad was a Malaysian Filmmaker, Screenwriter, and Director, who gained fame for her artistic films and even shot many successful commercial campaigns. After doing some reading I've really been interested in checking out her work. I have recently acquired some friends from Malaysia, and I would like to discuss these films with them (after I see them of course.) * Rabun (My Failing Eyesight) (2003) * Sepet (Chinese Eye) (2004) * Gubra (Anxiety) (2006) * Mukhsin (2007) * Muallaf (The Convert) (2008) * Talentime (2009) Ahmad passed away after suffering a stroke and brain hemorrhage during a presentation. It sounds so tragic. I'll say it again, I just feel bad that there was someone, who was so well known for her art in the world, and I had never heard of her.


oh my god, I always avoid viral videos, because they seem like the most low-brow, pointless things ever. I mean, a baby crying? gag me. but this won me over immediately: seriously, I've been to so many shitty, boring weddings. THAT WOULD HAVE BEEN FUN. Lady GaGa would have approved. p.s. New Sufjan Stevens (!!!) = AT LAST = October 20th = Brooklyn-Queens Expressway? wow, you weirdo.


You Need to Hear This: One of the highlights of my budding (hahahaha, I sound like such a dick, I apologize) journalism career was covering Edinboro's Mieka Pauley show back last September? October? anyway, it was a great experience, and definitely one of the best concerts I've been to, major or otherwise. Really surprised Edinboro managed to reel her in- because I went to some of the other shows and they all were varying levels of "this isn't working for me." I know the odds are more than likely you've never heard of her, but that is a wrong you have to right. She's so good- like, IMMENSELY talented. one of the most compelling live performers I've ever witnessed. and I'm kind of in awe, because I think one day she's going to get the exposure she deserves, that I got to hang out with her during the show and Brian wrote me the setlist (which is now hanging on my bulletin board of prized items). This spring, Mieka Pauley beat out other contestant

movies that come out, today

"G Force" looks surprisingly....good! Will Arnett, Zach G, the voices of Tracy Morgan and Penelope Cruz. I mean, if it's at the dollar theater someday and I'm bored enough, I MIGHT just go see it. plus who doesn't love guinea pigs! (I had a dream about "30 Rock" in which the roles of Alec Baldwin and Tina Fey were reversed. that being, Tina Fey was Jack Donaghy and Alec Baldwin was Liz Lemon). "Orphan" looks HILARIOUS. "The Ugly Truth" gets my vote as the dumbest film of the summer. plus I can't think of a more unappealing couple. Gerard Butler, in this movie, is the on-screen equivalent of a sweatsock. still no "500 Days of Summer." :( ...I don't think we're getting this? yet Harrisburg, of all ungodly places! bah. and because the movie selection for this weekend is less than pleasant, you may want to participate in the various events going on. Highland Days in Edinboro, Discover Presque Isle in Erie. me? not re

Spotlight Moment: Tony and Traylor

Guess what? In case you haven’t heard the final season of Monk is approaching. It will kickoff on August 7 th on USA, and will launch the beginning of the end of a great show. I would just like to give a shout out to two awesome actors: Tony Shaloub (Monk) and Traylor Howard , who plays his righteous assistant, Natalie Teeger. Traylor Howard is the second actress to play Monk’s assistant. The first was Bitty Schram (character: Sharona Fleming), and I will just say Sharona does not compare with Senorita Natalie. NO WAY JOSE! You may have seen Traylor Howard on the beloved sitcom “Two Guys, a Girl, and a Pizza Place.” ----Come on you remember. But anyway, I look forward to the latest and last season of “Monk,” and hopefully, there will be another guest appearance from Sarah Silverman. She is great on that show as Monk’s fan Marcie. Ah, good stuff. So All I can say now is, Tony and Traylor (and Sarah too) thank you for the great seasons, your performanc

Bruno: the film review

Let's face it, over the last few months it's been hard to avoid the aggressive advertising scheme arranged around Sacha Baron Cohen's new film "Bruno." Bruno in leather hot pants in England! Bruno in an S&M leather get-up with two tattooed skinheads in GQ! Bruno and company in anatomically correct nude-suits at the movie premiere in Germany! Bruno and Eminem! (I think that's all I have to say about that.) Hell, odds are you don't even need me to describe the events of the film for you. Bruno (Sacha Baron Cohen) is a flamboyantly gay Austrian fashion journalist who is fired after a misadventure at Milan fashion week. Yearning to become famous, he goes to America and tries his hand at acting. Then he does various things and sees various people (and does various people and sees various things) before going to the Middle East. I'll be honest: I lost interest somewhere around this point and I still don't know why he went to the Middle East. Possibly

but not Orlando...

...he got lost somewhere.... (hits drum) I don't specifically recall if it ever hit theaters here in Erie pre-dollar theater but alas last weekend it arrived! and I wanted to go see it, I have wanted to see it since I first heard about it (see summer movies preview) so I seized that opportunity. and it was a fifty cents well-spent! (what else can you get for that little anymore? not even a cup of coffee! I bemoan.) "The Brothers Bloom" is one of those movies you should see, in the theater on a day when the air conditioning feels wonderful (we haven't been having an abundance of those lately) because it's a movie built for entertaining, SLIGHTLY high-brow, with the feel of film from the Golden Era of Hollywood. Well, that crossbred with something by the likes of Wes Anderson. It's the next film for Rian Johnston following the acclaimed "Brick," which I, uh, haven't seen still (errrr). It features a highly unusual cast, for a comedy (of sorts). Adr

concerts & an eclipse

oh boy! eclipse: AHHHHHH what do you think? bad, bad things to happen? :( here we go: Fiery Furnaces: August 6th, Brillbox, Pittsburgh (not everybody's cup of tea, Matt and Eleanor, but for all the crazy music they make, they put out some very good stuff) Girl Talk: July 31st, Chevrolet Ampitheatre, Pittsburgh (he's supposed to be insane live) Datarock: September 12th, The Grog Shop, Cleveland (moar Norwegians!) The Cool Kids: August 26th, House of Blues, Cleveland (COOL LIKE THAT) tomorrow, for me, at least: NEKO CASE

I lost my post.

So I may have accidentally deleted my post on "The Killer Inside Me," and Simon Baker. So here is a brief recap in case you didn't get to read it. --I'm excited for "The Killer Inside Me." But I'm not excited for Simon Baker in it. Yeah, I don't like his work on The Mentalist. That show reeks. 'Tis All.

8 Relaxation Techniques

The new academic school year is approaching, and if you happen to encounter stress, anxiety, and emotional discomfort you want to be prepared to tackle them and make them your bitches. Here are some methods through music that help me. The numbers on this are meaningless. 1. Saxophonist, Ivan Renta. -Cool and sometimes Smooth, very jazzy and trance-inducing with Latin flavor. 2. Emmy Rossum’s Solo Dream Pop Album. -Please buy it, I hear she hasn’t even sold 10,000 copies yet. Use this if you want to fall asleep, and no, that’s not an insult. It’s peaceful. Serenity Now. 3. Chopin, turn the volume all the way up to drown out all other sounds. -I got the idea from season 2 of Dexter. Jennifer Carpenter’s character gets the suggestion from the older guy she’s boinking. If it works for Jennifer Carpenter, it’ll work for you. No joke, I’ve tried this. It’s solid and truthful. 4. The Wicked Soundtrack, Courtesy of Stephen Schwartz. -Wicked songs just have this effect on people, for example

While I was in the Dark, I Was Prodded With the Chapman Stick.

So I hadn't even heard of this instrument until 3 days ago, and I feel left out. The Chapman Stick is a ten string lute-shaped apparatus designed for two-handed tapping with a long range of notes. It can utilize string playing in a very expansive way. It gets its name from its inventor and legendary guitarist, Emmett Chapman, who was one of the best tappers in guitar historiography. I found this instrument because John Myung, the bass player for Dream Theater, is known to play the Chapman Stick from time to time. I also learned that the CS has been used in Blue Man Group performances. Here are some solo Chapman Stick players I’ve recently started listening to… Rob Martino (Kind of boring really) Leo Gosselin (Now this guy can play!!) And of course Emmett Chapman These guys have Youtube vids and lots of solo pieces. For more reading or wikipedia Chapman Stick. QATFYG: Does anybody know any other exotic stringed instruments?


I can't check my email so that interview will have to wait. :( in the mean time: a.) I have a review up at Lolirock Entertainment: regarding The Dead Weather's "Horehound." another article will be up in a few days about a local concert on Saturday you should check out. if you are in Erie, that is. b.) Arlo Guthrie! free tomorrow! bayfront! (err, later today) I was planning on this but then I made plans. oops. c.) what's the best American band, do you think? as of right now? still in their prime? I was thinking about this at work....I thought Radiohead's British, Arcade Fire's Canadian. so what does that leave us? my money, I think, is on Wilco. then I'd say R.E.M., Grizzly Bear, Animal Collective and the White Stripes. but what about No Doubt? they just haven't put out anything new since their "It's My Life" cover. so I think it's


40 years ago, as I'm sure you haven't heard a bajillion times by now, we (and by we, I mean Americans everywhere, I mean God bless us, I mean mankind obviously) put a man on the moon. men on the moon. a PLAQUE on the moon. some people don't believe it and think it was a conspiracy. I don't really care about these people.|aimzones|dl1|link3| ^ interesting stuff! (amateur astronomy nerd) I was pretty bummed as a youngster to hear that we hadn't done anything along that magnitude since the 1970s. But, apparently, we're looking to point someone on Mars in the near future (or at least Russia is). now a lot of people think, with the economy as is and other matters pressing, that the space program should be put on the backburner. but judging by the technology that we derived from the moon race, I disagree. LET'S GO TO MARS! Space Mix "My Moon, My Man"- Feist: http://www.sen

This Just Got Added On My Christmas List

Christmas List: Then I saw this And I began to hear a voice that sounded like a cross between Old Blue Eyes and Eric Millegan singing.... Love is a many-splendored thing, It's the April rose that only grows in the early spring, In the morning mist two lovers kissed and the world stood still, Then your fingers touched my silent heart and taught it how to sing, Yes, true love's a many-splendored thing. QATFYG: Anybody have any other shnazzy guitar pics?


You Need To Hear This: Sometimes it's a name that initially attracts me to a person or musical group. This was the case with Theoretical Girl (also known as= , who I first became aware of thanks to the goodness of hype machine ("oh what a cool name! an adjective I sometimes like to use! CLICK!") which is not original as I'd like to think, alas, thanks to Gentleman Reg and a no-wave band from New York: "I had a gig booked but still hadn't come up with a name, so my friend suggested that I just call myself Theoretical Girl for now, until I thought of something more permanent. Well, it kind of stuck and three years later I'm still Theoretical Girl! The original idea was that I would be a mystery! I would hide my face behind a mask and no-one would ever know what I looked like, hence the theoretical name! But I realised that it was actually a really silly idea so it didn't happen." (a/n: that would be so cool! like the Shadow!!!!) Anyway, the rest is

500 Days of Summer soundtrack leads to aggravation!

WHY DO I NOT LIVE IN A MAJOR CITY: 1. A Story of Boy Meets Girl – Mychael Danna and Rob Simonsen 2. Us – Regina Spektor 3. There Is A Light That Never Goes Out – The Smiths 4. Bad Kids – Black Lips 5. Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want – The Smiths (best Smiths song, no?) 6. There Goes The Fear – Doves 7. You Make My Dreams – Hall & Oates (!!!) 8. Sweet Disposition – The Temper Trap 9. Quelqu’un M’a Dit – Carla Bruni 10. Mushaboom – Feist 11. Hero – Regina Spektor 12. Bookends – Simon & Garfunkel 13. Vagabond – Wolfmother 14. She’s Got You High – Mumm-Ra 15. Here Comes Your Man – Meaghan Smith 16. Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want – She & Him this couldn't have been any better if Zach Braff himself put it together. happy belated Bastille Day! happy Mandela Day! p.s...NEXT POST: INTERVIEW WITH THEORETICAL GIRL

Paris, I love you!

on a whim (total whim) earlier this week I bought "Paris, je t'aime" which I've been meaning to see for a really long time. and I thought to myself, because I think to other people besides myself, "I should buy this because otherwise I'll never see it." wham! bought it. now, I knew beforehand it was directed by many different directors and featured an A cast with some of my favorite people (Maggie Gyllenhaal and Juliette Binoche, who caught my eye in "Dan in Real Life" of all pitiful things) but I wasn't sure how they went about doing it. it was a series of vignettes, short films with probably the longest maxing out maybe seven minutes. as cliched as it sounds, there's something for everyone. and it's lovely. it's such a great concept, too- a love letter to a city touching on every aspect of love (platonic, romantic, familiar, etc). I know this is probably not like, the first of its kind, but it left quite the impression on me.

so if you live in erie and want to do shit this weekend have NO shortage of options. here's a list: - Heritage Days in Waterford: blah blah lame boring. I went to this last year and not even the funnelcake could redeem it for me. seeing as funnelcake is something I have once a year which should be similar to having a multiple orgasm, to have this disappoint me was soul-crushing. I guess if you're really into local history, which I am not: - Roar On the Shore: Warrant (yes, THAT Warrant!) will be playing a show in Perry Square tomorrow night as part of the celebration. you may have however missed Bret Michaels, though. tear. oh my god, we were driving home the other night, three blocks from my house there were people camping out in their front yards and drinking beer and sitting in lawnchairs. THEY WERE WAITING TO CATCH A GLIMPSE OF BRET MICHAELS WHEN HE DROVE BY ON HIS MOTORCYCLE, HOLY SHIT, I HATE THIS PLACE. - Behold Scandinavia!: if you feel like making


R.I.P. * The Useless Critic is primarily set up as a pop culture/A&E-oriented blog (with ramblings from time to time, obviously, which is what gives us an, ehhh, unique offbeat appeal). while we do stress the importance of current events which are ongoing and beg your attention (the bombings in Jakarta, the Sotomayor hearings, the situation in Iran, the war in Afghanistan, Iraq being handed over to its own people, Kim Jong Il being a crazy ass psycho, so on) we also acknowledge major figures in pop culture when they die. not the most important thing in the world, but a little respect is deserved. in the wake of the media-frenzy after MJ's death, I felt it was important to state this, even on this dinky thing. we are not oblivious to the world at large and you shouldn't be either! we strongly implore you to click on the relevant links (CNN, NYT, Slate, BBC) on the sidebar. many thanks and take care!

"donaghy, you play the matador."

Yesterday, much to my surprise while I was eating breakfast, THE EMMY NOMINEES FOR 2009 WERE ANNOUNCED OMFGZ. actually I'm never on top of this shit until it comes out. and then. lo and behold. (which is my phrase of the week) "30 Rock" is the frontrunner for the comedies, with 22 nominations altogether. AND THAT'S DAMN RIGHT. there's no other show on television I care about as much as this show. it's hilarious. forget "The Office," which seems so stale now (I liked it in high school, then I stopped watching, EVERYBODY BEGAN TO WATCH, I saw an episode a while ago and it was terrible). proof of why "30 Rock" is probably the most intelligent sitcom to come about in since um forever, barring "Arrested Development" and "Frasier": Tina Fey, of course, being god (and my doppleganger), was nominated. But my affections are torn this time, seeing as THE BIG S WAS ALSO NOMINATED.

some articles/stuff I have enjoyed lately

"am I too shy to save the world?": (I have this same problem) "Why Language May Shape Our Thoughts:" (I don't see how you can NOT be fascinated by linguistics. I wish Edinboro actually had a linguistics department. By the way, the new Newsweek is sitting quite well with me, although it's a jolt.) lastly, I've started reading the New York Times (in the print) again, and this article, while a little old, never fails to amuse: "Sarah Palin's Diary:" --- NEW KINGS OF CONVENIENCE SINGLE?????: translate that if you can! while we're on the ambiguous subject of "Norwegians," I believe the new Annie album is (FINALLY) coming out in September. FINALLY. FINALLY. cocktease. - Brittany

synchronicity (the phenomenon of)

My friend mentioned this in his tumblr (which you should follow by the way, especially now that he's in the exotic locale of ESTONIA - which another one of my friends didn't even realize was a real country, shudder: so now you know, like Andorra, Estonia is a real place) about the coincidences he had noticed in his life. for the past few years, I've noticed the same kind of things in my life, remarkably similar things seem to occur in a pattern. but what happened today was just, err, creepy. and warrants being mentioned here, HAI. I do believe that synchronicity is a very powerful (and real) phenomenon. Argue about UFOs and Bigfoot as you will but there's no denial in the existence of this. Sometimes weird coincidences can't be ignored. For example, my siblings are all born on the 16th, as am I, as my parents are married on this day as well. And don't bad things just seem to happen in threes? (or good things too, but I, being morbid

If Britney Spears were Chinese...

Then she would be Sissi Dai. Listen Here. I love Chinese Pop. It's so much fun. Oh and if you can find another Chinese Britney Spears, I'd like to hear her (or him). I'm guessing there's more than one.

Royal Pains Vs. Hawthorne

Okay, so for a while on TV medical shows have been the rage…such as House, Grey’s Anatomy, and even back to ER. This summer has two new medical shows squaring off for your viewership. In one corner we have Royal Pains. The story of a blacklisted medical professional turned concierge doctor. On this show Mark Feuerstein is practically a Modern-day MacGuyver. He constantly gets out of tough situations using his brain and limited resources. Also, the storylines and drama really sell it. And in the other corner we have Hawthorne. Jada Pinkett Smith playing the Chief Nursing Officer at a Richmond hospital. TNT’s new sensation shows a strong-witted and seasoned nursing veteran on the hospital floor just trying to make it through the days. This show promotes the careers of nurses and makes Hawthorne look smarter than the doctors [more often than not]. And the winner is (Drum Roll) ROYAL PAINS: No question. USA shows are awesome. PS bring back 4400. Royal Pains has better characters, more ente

Midnight Showing of Harry Potter Tonight!!

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince is opening at midnight tonight. Who all is going? This film better be good........So Excited.

I'm Watching An Episode of Secret Life Directed By Anson Williams

Otherwise known as Potsie on "Happy Days." But in other news Secret Life is still dragging.

i'm leaving because i don't love you

well I've decided because the internet isn't as enjoyable as it tends to be for me right now, to back off on it until Friday so I can accomplish more meaningful stuff. granted I'll check my ymail on my cell phone but until then you're going to have to text me or something. a little roughing it for me! ha ha ROUGHING IT. Al's been posting a lot lately so no worries. if anyone gives a shit (no one does :P). this is sad that this can be considered "roughing it." whatevs. I have stuff I want to get done (writing, cleaning, etc) and now's as good a time as any. plus I'll be posting (twice!) on Friday, so bear that in mind. as for right now, some shit before I get going: WHAT THE FUCK I used to have such a thing for Rivers Cuomo back in the day. safe to say those days have passed. I have not been pleased by anything Weezer's done, since...oh God. the 90s. SHOWS IN THE NEAR FUTURE, LOCAL ABOUTS, I WOULD LIKE TO SEE: - July 25: Yeah Yeah Yeahs, House

Will Somebody Please Give This Guy A Grammy!?!

And that is my request. Erik Mongrain, a native of Montreal Quebec, knows how to play guitar. I guess he would be nominated for best instrumental performance non-classical or something fancy like that. Mongrain has become known for his signature two handed lap/tapping technique that includes lots of harmonics. Watch it here in the song called Airtap: This video has been viewed over 4 million times, and about 1.2 million of them were me. He can play slow. He can play fast, but it’s safe to say Erik Mongrain plays well. Here is the vid to his song Fusions, which is also one of my favorites. Right now he has two studio albums out, and I think the first one is the best. But be on the lookout for something new in the future. (I hope there's a third.)

erie comedian makes homecoming

this thoroughly impresses me and I am rarely, if ever, impressed by anything that stems from my hometown. if I didn't already make plans for Tuesday night (and I never make plans! figure that out) I would totally check out Julia Lillis, a native of Erie, at Junior's. She seems....genuinely funny, and like her career is on the rise. which is exciting. she's good! I don't find a lot of comedians that appealing (spare like, Sarah Silverman and Zach G) but she's not bad at all. a lot of her act is musical comedy...she does a song about Mr. Zach Braff that is like, the creme de la creme of her act or something. some French saying. you can check her out at her website ( or just watch this bit: SO TRUE p.s. I'm curious to know what Dairy Queen she worked at and if she served my younger self at some point. kismet? synchronicity? hmmm, MAYBE. - Britt p.s. I'd like to stand-up comedy I just don't have the balls for it. well put some alcohol in

Dear Mr. Warner, Journey Does Not Suck

Presently, I was assigned to read the book, "Hardcore Zen" by Brad Warner for an Asian History class. It’s a collection of essays promoting Buddhism, written by a musician and monster moviemaker from Ohio. Overall the book is a good read except for this moment when he lumps Journey in with bands described as….And I quote. “…bland, so joyless, so unrelentingly, wretchedly awful, it’s hard to imagine that it hadn’t been scientifically designed to induce vomiting.” And in response he will be receiving this letter in the near future. Dear Mr. Warner, Journey is an awesome band. That is all. PS: Journey is a brilliant group of musicians who have defined GOOD 80’s music. Who hasn’t had an ephiphany listening to “Separate Ways,” or “Don’t Stop Believing?” (Other than you of course) Journey combines intense vocal melodies with some of the best keyboard playing of that decade. They certainly are not wretchedly awful or joyless, and I find your criticisms blow. Sincerely, Avid Jo

Take Me Back To The Year Of The Bass

So like many people, I go through different musical phases and periods. 2009 has been mixture of Irish melodies and Broadway showtunes, primarily from Davis Gaines. 2008 was world music and listening to Tay Zonday and Snow’s Informer over and over again. But 2007 I spent my time listening to solo Bass Guitarists, and this was probably the best year of my life. I was attempting to learn bass at the time, and I have found some of the greatest musicians sound has to offer. The great thing about this genre is that it isn’t enough just to listen, you have to watch them play with their magical techniques on the bass. Phenomenal!! Nathan Hughes This guy will amaze and dazzle you. He’s a singer/songwriter all on bass. His music is addictive, and virtuoso would be an understatement. Mike Hill I don’t like to pick favorite songs, but this is the one from Mike Hill I listen to the most. He’s a slower player, and his moves are elegant. He’s also one of th