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one of my favorite shows ever is getting the right goodbye, the kind of goodbye such a substantial series deserves: I'm going to miss the technicolored-goofiness-sincerity-quirkiness of this show. good god. some of my favorite memories of my sophomore year were spent curling up in front of my TV Wednesday nights to this show. this year, not so much. :( it made me feel like I was a little bit in love with the world. Anna Friel and Lee Pace were probably my favorite couple since Niles and Daphne finally hooked up on Frasier . anyway, you can catch the last few episodes on ABC: June 6th and 13th at 10 PM on Sunday nights. and you can watch episodes at the website: this sucks. and oh my god I'm blogging on a Saturday night. still in a funk, but eh. what can YOU do. Olive! you're breaking my heart. - Brittany


THE NEW GRIZZLY BEAR DROPPED THIS WEEK hardy har har, not a real bear. THE BAND FROM BROOKLYN OBVS. THAT is a good song. my god! I might buy this album today 'cos I feel like wasting money. and I have to buy socks anyway. I wish I could harmonize like Ed Droste and the rest of those well-dressed young men. I don't care. I wouldn't mind being able to sing like Stephin Merrit, either. I DON'T CARE. "Vecktamist": you can download "Cheerleader" from their website here. "Yellow House" was SUCH a good album. it was like stepping into a sonic bath. I'm still kicking myself in the head for missing them when they opened for RADIOHEAD last year (I will always be a diehard Radiohead fan). And I much rather have seen them open for Miss Feist than Rogue Wave. The new Phoenix also came out this week, which, as we've discussed before, is amazing. "Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix" wha wha? with a title li

this movie won my heart based on one preview

last night when I locked myself in the basement to waste away on the stationary bike (mmmmmph) I caught a good portion of "Win a Date With Tad Hamilton!" which is like, one of those weird movies I will watch on occasion because it reminds me of being fifteen, lying on my stomach in front of the TV and wondering where my life went (or where is it going?). and it makes me wonder what happened to Topher Grace's career? (see what happens when you think too much of yourself, ERIC FORMAN!) anyway, during this hour or so I will never retrieve, I was formally introduced to the upcoming movie "Away We Go!" Now I'd heard about it and the brouhaha concerning Dave Eggers as the screenwriter, but I'd never given it a chance to - mmm, marinade - simply because I find Eggers hard to swallow. I tried "A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius." it's dog-eared after twenty-five pages and then I threw it against my bedroom wall (hmm). "What Is the Wh

If Demi Lovato were Cocaine then kids would be high as F**K

As promised I'm doing another post today....on Teen Queen/Dream DEMI LOVATO So I was watching the Disney Channel a few days ago because I'm cool like that, and I saw that every other commercial was about this girl named Demi Lovato. No joke. It flipped from old commercials about Camp Rock (which I didn't see), to ads for As the Bell Rings, to an interview with her promoting her new animated film Tinker Bell some something (She's the lead voice), to her international music tour,to her new movie Princess Protection Program, and of course to Sonny With a Chance. (YAY) This isn't the first time I've mentioned her on the blog, and the last time I wasn't too kind when writing about her. Then, I saw her on Sonny With A Chance, and found she's actually okay. She does have some decent moments. And she can sing too. But I still wonder that this girl is just cashing in on her 15 minutes. Well regardless I will proclaim that there is a new teen queen/dream on

Drag Me to Hello Operator Give Me Number 9

Abracadabra peeps and ho's. So I don't know aboot you, but I've been seeing like a bazillion previews for this movie Drag Me to Hell. And I admit I'm almost hooked into going to see it. For starters it stars Alison Lohman, the wonderful symbol of all things darling. I really like Alison Lohman, especially for her performance in White Oleander. And we have not seen enough of her in big screen roles. Also, I think I saw Justin Long in the previews, and he's always an enchanter of the screen. So do you like horror movies? WHO CARES?!?! It has Alison Lohman and Justin Long it (possibly). No just kidding. Oh and in response to Brittany's last post I too want a hug from Zooey Deschanel. That would make my day, and yes I would only be using Zooey to work my way over to her shnazzy older sister, Emily. Then, once Emily and I are BFFF's I can be a guest star on Bones. Hot Damn!! QATFYG: Will you go see Drag Me to Hell? What is your favorite Alison Lohman role? And

just a wrap-up

CNN reports the inspiration story of a plucky little three-year-old girl defied the odds when she woke up from a five-day coma singing "Mamma Mia." The three-year-old from Gidea Park in Essex, fell ill last month and suffered a heart attack just two hours after being admitted to hospital. Her family was told she would not awake, but five days later the youngster surprised them all when she came round, singing the words to the Abba song Mamma Mia! You can watch the CNN report right here on BWW TV's STAGE TUBE. ^ I REALLY, REALLY wish that I had a video of this because trust me what I'm's just weird. but who DOESN'T know the words to that song? YES, I'VE BEEN BROKENHEARTED. BLUE, SINCE THE DAY WE PARTED! - "The Wild Rib Cookoff" is underway in downtown Erie. blah blah blah. I'm not going. <- if you want to eat some BBQ - I went back to Crossroads an

the usual triteness

- HAPPY BIRTHDAY AL black out like I did! good times! - "Anthonio"- Annie...still not sure how I feel about this. not one of my favorites of hers ("Heartbeat" turns me into a weepy mess, go figure) there's apparently some kind of backstory to this song. a tryst in Brazil. MY BABY HAS YOUR EYES. when is "Don't Stop" coming out, dear Annie? my dick is navy blue for this album. stop it, you Norwegian cocktease. - Kylie Minogue is supposedly engaged to her model beau. Andres? anyway, they're a cute couple and I don't think things like that, SO. good for them! she deserves it. he deserves it. Kylie is about to embark on her first stateside tour....I don't know why she isn't more popular over here. certainly better than Taylor Swift or whatever shit other people are listening to. but I rather listen to Annie anyday. lastly, I dreamt I bought a book of poetry by Pablo Neruda. weird? "Love For This Book" In these lone


I don't know how I let today go by without mentioning the fact that an ex-member of Wilco died in his sleep last night. RIP Jay. I also don't realize how I just noticed there's a Feist/Wilco duet floating around out there. whoa. - Brittany

on this memorial day

abandoning the usual triteness: More Americans died in World War I than in Korea or Vietnam, but unlike those conflicts, whose participants have been honored in the nation’s capital, the veterans of the “war to end all wars” have yet to get their memorial. On the National Mall in Washington, DC, there stand memorials to those who served in the Second World War, Korea and Vietnam. Meanwhile, the more than 4.7 million Americans who fought in WWI go forgotten, including the 116,561 soldiers who died. Frank Buckles is trying to change that, along with the World War I Memorial Foundation. Buckles is the last surviving U.S. WWI veteran, and despite his age of 108, he is serving as the face of the foundation’s campaign to get Washington to finally honor the United States’ veterans of the “Great War.” The only memorial that does exist in DC is the one dedicated in 1931 to the local residents who lost their lives in the conflict. That memorial is reportedly in need of repair. source: all


Cannes sounds like it was a good time. maybe, if the more serious posts continue, we will be offered a press pass in future years? hmmmmm? this is what grabbed MY attention Ms. Huppert handed the prize for best actress to Charlotte Gainsbourg, who delivers a wild, fearless performance as a grieving mother in “Antichrist,” an English-language film from the Danish director Lars von Trier. It’s easy to imagine that Ms. Huppert and her fellow juror, the actress Asia Argento, both ferocious screen performers, were impressed with the intensity of Ms. Gainsbourg’s performance, which involves a fair amount of nudity and some frantic (and graphic) backwoods masturbation. backwoods masturbation! I am so there. And I don't consider myself much of a film historian (hopefully this will change after next semester) but this is the man that made Bjork never want to act again. so. should be interesting! and also: By closing night a lot was still in play, which may portend good news for Ame

hash pipes and rock shows

A band I never much cared for, Blink-182, will be playing locally in Cleveland (Cuyahoga Falls to be exact) along with a band I used to adore (Weezer). September 2 2009. Not going to this (hell no). Just thought I'd pass it along. Speaking of concerts, every time I remember I'm seeing No Doubt in less than a month I shit myself. not even figuratively speaking. love, Brittany

what the FUCK who knew this was going on???? NOT ME I feel like they plotted this behind my back. assholes. - Brittany p.s. UNHAPPY BDAY MOZ. I appreciated you more as an angsty adolescent more than an angsty young adult. go figure! CUE RYAN ADAMS CONVERSATION WITH DAVID RAWLINGS


First, AIR. Nigel Godrich. Jarvis Cocker. Now: BECK. (everybody's fave Scientologist!) I know she's not the most talented woman, but: awesome!!!!!!!!!! I'd post a song, but I doubt you download them. so ask me and I giveth. SO BEAUTIFUL IT HURTS. - Brittany

up-and-coming actress takes life

French police say British actress Lucy Gordon, who appeared in `Spider-Man 3,' was found dead in her Paris apartment after apparently committing suicide. An official with the Paris police headquarters says an autopsy has been ordered to determine the cause of death. The official said today it appeared to be a suicide, but gave no details. The official spoke on condition of anonymity because of police agency policy. The 28-year-old Gordon appeared in a dozen films, including as reporter Jennifer Dugan in `Spider-Man 3.' She portrays British singer and actress Jane Birkin in the upcoming biopic `Serge Gainsbourg (A Heroic Life)' by Joann Sfar. I'm really excited for the Serge biopic, but now there's going to be this shadow over it. RIP.


YO! So this is the one all you peeps have been waiting for, am I right? It's the time for this year's American Idol finale. This is a tradition that's been going on for 8 years or some shit like that, and I will admit that last night was the first time I watched a finale since Rueben and Clay from season 2. So this year we have two alpha males squaring off on the most popular show on TV. Adam Lambert: the glamrocker (quoting Ryan Seacrest) And Kris Allen: The Acoustic Rocker (Quoting ryan seacrest) This year is a tough call because honestly I think either one could win. Adam Lambert is often criticized by the judges for being too theatrical, but honestly, he can sing. And his specialty is high notes. On you can listen to Adam's version of Feeling Good, and it is the muthafuckin shazaam if you know what I mean. And in the other corner, we have Kris Allen, a very talented musician, who dazzled us last night with his piano and guitar skills. He also


p.s. I went back to one of my favorite restaurants ever- EVER! I say this because I love the Cracker Barrel and I don't really give a shit if you think this is like, trashy and redneck and AS BOURGEOSIE AS SHOPPING AT KOHL'S of me, because there's so much irony in me eating my fried apples while listening to Hank Williams it's like, well something jammed up the ass with ass tampons of irony- BUT YES Crossroads Dinor which just reopened earlier this month. my friend told me, gravely warned me, it wouldn't be the same and it wasn't. my jumbo pretzels were GONE. this was a bad omen. I think everything went downhill when they got rid of that gift shop and put in a bar because really does that town need another bar? NO. IT DOES NOT. I had the Rachel, which is like some kind of turkey reuben but still good. the food wasn't bad. but something was missing. it's not even like I have that fond of memories, because they vary between my dad's red face throwing

i am a high school lover and YOU'RE my favorite flavor

I liked this song better when I thought the lyrics were "if my hands are shaking/I feel my body rearrange..." or reeling. feels like rough first GIVE IT TO ME IN THE LOCKER high school sex! not that I'd know. the closest I came to sex in high school was being dry-humped by a boy I met on a religious retreat. true story. TIME'S NO MATTER I'M ON FIRE I always have this weird desire, every now and then, to drive around the Edinboro campus ridiculously high and listening to The Virgin Suicides soundtrack. I feel that has one of the better soundtracks in recent years. And not just because of Air. Well, mostly because of Air. The ambience I think would be perfect. sorta. I like to think this kind of honesty will gain me friends and respect but rly NO. I recommend the Phoenix cover of it, as well, because it feels so sad and lost. forlorn? in conclusion: French bands are great. I model myself somewhat after the lead singer of Phoenix. Here is the Huffington P


I'll be frank with you- I haven't been very active this weekend because I alternated between being depressed and then so drunk I blacked out for the first time in my life and today I've just been lazy and hungover and feeling gross and I should RLY go downstairs and work out and etc but I'm stuck uploading songs right now for a crazy reason. oh dear. I worry about myself. I say "oh dear" a lot. I blame the zoo. I cleaned up my language for the kids. well, sorta. so I'm not going to get off the couch for another hour. "The Reader" can wait. right now I'm in the process of liking everything I can like on my facebook newsfeed. UM, here is something coherent: - Pelle Carlberg is great - but Jens will always have my heart, see here: DOWNLOAD THAT MIX SO GOOD and that photo! JENS, I love you. you will never return that kind of love, but whatever. he takes the best photos, you know. when I discover


AHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHHHAHHAHAHAHAHAH done are the days when I think American Apparel is just THAT much cooler than poor sods like me. done! scrunchies? no. I mean. just no. in other news- I cannot fathom that I saw this kid live in March. rly? apparently he's all the rage among today's teenagers. oh good god, I'd him and I got all these weird shitty bands I've never heard of before. maybe I am OLD? Fall Out Boy and Panic(!) at the Disco in my day. but it's somewhat perturbing. I feel disconnected from today's youth. hmm. I hope their taste in music does improve, but this guy was nice, for the record. just didn't leave much of an impression on me. like Death Cab when I saw them live. Ben Gibbard was sweet. oh god, Judy Lynch is doing an ad for Barry Grossman right now. excuse me while I go make out with my TV. - Brittany

The Phantom of the Opera: Fact or Fiction

I was talking with Brittany about this a few minutes ago, and it’s become my major project/obsession of the night. I’ve been reading all these posts online about people claiming that The Phantom of the Opera is a true story. And of course we’re talking about the novel by Gaston Leroux that inspired the 1925 silent film and the still running Broadway musical of the same name. I find that the more I read about this the creepier it gets, and sometimes creepy is a good thing. For Synopsis of the Phantom story we have Wikipedia. Here are some great opinions on the subject, And feel free to add or suggest any sources of your own. As for me at first thought and glance I would have said that the story is completely fiction, and there

y cara

Why the hatred!!! I used to be an avid "Today" show watcher. But then Katie left and it wasn't the same. Don't get me wrong, Al and Anne were still good. And Lester on the weekends. But Meredith is NO Katie. And I even watched the CBS Nightly News for a while just to support K.C.....not the same. THANK GOD I started watching "GMA" this year. For the first time in several years, I have found a suitable morning suffragette family. sigh. I am falling into some kind of there's-nothing-for-me-to-do-oh-yes-there-is-but-I-don't-want-to-do-it routine. restless. gross. I have a job interview in two hours. wooo. listening to "Only Love Can Break Your Heart" on repeat = WIN Any opinion on your morning show of choice? no? there are the Erie morning...things but they really just bum me out. there's only so many trivia questions or polls I can take! - ...


I'm like 90 percent sure this FBOOK GROUP was a bad idea borne out of post-food boredom BUT maybe it can be an incentive for this to take off more/better/harder/faster/stronger (sry Daft Punk had to do had to do). BUT JOIN NONETHELESS AND THROW YOUR SUPPORT BEHIND US. I mean, if I started a facebook group dedicated to Sarah Palin's vagina, this was a natural next step. I also need to remember to ask my friend to write something about the Pittsburgh Three Rivers Art Fest because she's all about it and the next time I'm seeing her is Saturday when I will be drunk and likely "HEY GIVE ME YOUR CELLULAR I NEED TO MAKE PHONE CALLS" last but not least: - Brittany "if God was one of us, he'd be a lot better-looking and drive." P.S. DAVE GAHAN PULL THROUGH

life as a waltz What's even more of interest to me is that NOBODY TOLD ME MAURICE JARRE DIED???? wtf. you have to admit- for a falsified quote, it's a pretty good one. I'm really not familiar with Jarre besides his ties with one of my favorite films, because I always forget its one of my favorite films. Here: It's much better when you experience it in the context of the film. Which is a great film. a must-see. before you die. at least once. put aside half a day and watch it. if you're a big sopping stupid romantic pussy like me (see upcoming "Benjamin Button" fawnfest) you will love it. OH MY GOD THE ENDING. but srsly. every so often I tamper with the Jamestown Community College page and watch as my updates stay up for several months at a time. some pages, like Leah Remini's, are a little harder to infiltrate. welcome new follower! - BRI

WON'T LET GO aw! how heartwarming. wait...isn't this old news? it's still nice, nonetheless. I'm going to update like ten times today. GET READY. II. (item of interest) EDINBORO HAS A STREETVIEW ON GOOGLE MAPS this strikes me as the most useless thing ever, but whatevs. I like to scope streetviews to see if I recognize peeps in the shots. Like Pittsburgh, for example. And sometimes I get bored and tired and depressed and go to Portland's and pretend I live there. yourboro is a good blog, if you are a local you should read it more often. - Brittany

the last frontier

So the "Star Trek" movie came out today. yup. and my world remained much the same. I'm more of a "Star Wars" girl myself, but that knowledge is thanks to a phase I went through at nine. For me, "Star Trek" is William Shatner is his glory days, Leonard Nimoy's song about a hobbit, TREKKIES and Levar Burton because everything somehow relates to Levar Burton. BUT. THIS MOVIE IS SPECIAL. DO YOU KNOW WHY? a.) Winona Ryder b.) Tyler Perry In the mean time, I will probably be watching "Sunshine Cleaning" (PREVIOUS POST ALERT- it finally is in Erie!) or "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" on DVD BECAUSE I NOW OWN IT. score. here's a song though that basically sums my opinion on this subject: I get it stuck in my head a lot. mmm hmm. better blog posts to come in the future! and follow Al on Twitter! especially if you're a money bot! who doesn't love a good money bot! - Brittany

self-indulgence I showed that (link) to my brother- he says something to the effect that "the dog is living better than most people." Only in New York! (fyi: I've never been to NYC). I used to have a dachshund back in the day. Fritsy. I miss him. I really miss having a dog, oh god. In several years I might be running around with some dog attached to me acting as a suffragette child. I don't foresee this NOT happening. better dogs than cats, anyway. Today, while waiting for the bus, I discovered some of my neighbors have a sheepdog, so I'm probably going to steal it and change its name to, I don't know, Madonna Guy Ritchie Ciccone. something FLASHY. in other news, I got my grades back, which was a surprisingly good deal. a D+ I can live with. no Dean's List, but considering how insane life has been, well, cool. A's and B's everywhere else. my friend asked me how

just a question for you



I saw this on my facebook newsfeed....I could not resist passing it on. I watched it with my family in the background. Seeing as I hail from a clan of semi-hardcore conservatives, it was unappreciated. A Gaythering Storm from Jane Lynch it's nice to see Alicia Silverstone! I miss her. I also love how someone had to ask "SHE'S GAY? wow I didn't know that!" as if you have to be gay to support it. :O - Brittany

in love in love in love

DENT MAY: Forgive me for being blunt but I would not mind having sex with this man. Mostly the ukulele. :) - Brittany

may day (nobody gives a shit in the u.s.a.)

I was just reading an old friend's online journal out of boredom and I realized how much we change in a matter of only a few years. we changed. it made me very sad so I had to stop. No Doubt was on TV this morning. Oh, Gwen. Despite this, I had a very miserable day. at least school is done with. my morning concluded with me in tears in the kitchen screaming about how NOBODY EVER HELPPPPS MEEEEEEEE. it was a very dramatic display but when I was getting dressed I felt like I couldn't breathe. so I'm going to give myself this next week off, minus job searching. this is just a bad time for me. I apologize. take care! - sad Brittany