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"Giddy Stratospheres"- The Long Blondes

Song of the Day I miss this band.  Sorry I let you down this month, kids. I love October, it's not been fun for me to miss out on one of my favorite months. I'll be visiting my kin in Erie soon, but plane tickets are expensive, so I might be taking a four-day bus trip. I'm calling it "Kerouac" and hoping I am not Britt-napped, as tends to nearly happen every now and then.  love, Britt p.s. Kate never replied to my interview request. :(

ERIE PA Hurricane Hype: A Rant

So I went to the State Store (Liquor Store for all you non PA residents) today to pick up a bottle of wine and was met with a sign on the door.  “The Store is closed due to a Weather Emergency declared by the Governor.”  I get that it is a Hurricane. And I get that Hurricanes are bad. What I don’t get is why we are making a big deal about it. Especially in Erie. Dreary-Erie Pennsylvania. WHERE WE GET HIT WITH 88.8 INCHES OF SNOWFALL, AND 42.77 INCHES OF RAIN FALL EVERY FUCKING YEAR. We are experiencing nothing special. Nothing different than any other rain storm we have had so far this year and nothing different than any other rain storm we will have for the rest of the year. People are rushing to stores and clearing shelves in a panic...   They are stocking up on dry food and batteries...  Because god forbid the power goes out and you have to eat everything in the Fridge...   Right now in Erie it is 45 degrees with 40 mph winds coming in

Dexter Recap: Elevator Tourette Edition

Episode 5: Swim Deep How about that hurricane? Hopefully all my fellow East-coasters are all safe and sound with plenty of candles, flashlights, books and lube. On this installment of Dexter , they cover up a lot of shit, exhume some different shit, and things just don’t go the way that Dex had planned. Hate when that happens, amirite? Also , this one was a real annoyance to wright about. But I got through it, because I care about you.

Hurricane! 2.0

Hurricane Sandy is set to wreak havoc on the East Coast. Naturally, I am concerned for my friends and family there, which is 90 percent of them. Perhaps 80 percent.  Keep safe kids, from your friends at the UC! Here are some resources to use if you haven't started preparing yet- and I hope you have! I honestly hope someone tells me it's all hype and they opened their door in the middle of the storm to Olivia Newton John saying "hey, STUD." Man oh man. End times? Schmend mimes! 

"To Build a Home"- The Cinematic Orchestra

Song of the Day This song is just gorgeous. 

Useless (Critic) Pleading: Go See Cloud Atlas

Reasons (in no particular order) to see Cloud Atlas :

"No Love"- Hooray for Earth

Song of the Day So catchy that it is spooky! and also, Video of the Day These boys are hilarious. I watched every video of theirs last night. So good. I always though Aniston was a bit of a stoner. "I don't want your candy. Can I SMOKE it?"

No Doubt's Los Angeles Shows Line-Up Announced

sun was high ......... I was sober No Doubt is actually playing with some good bands this time around, too! Primarily:  Best Coast (she will be baked like a cake mark my words), and Fitz and the Tantrums.  I can't go to any of these late November/early December shows because they are super-expensive. :( 11/24/12 @ Gibson Amphitheatre with Grouplove and Nico Vega 11/26/12 @ Gibson Amphitheatre with Grouplove and Io Echo 11/28/12 @ Gibson Amphitheatre with Grouplove and Blaqk Audio 11/30/12 @ Gibson Amphitheatre with Fitz And The Tantrums and The Aggrolites 12/2/12 @ Gibson Amphitheatre with Fitz And The Tantrums and Noise of Rumors 12/4/12 @ Gibson Amphitheatre with Best Coast and Kitten 12/6/12 @ Gibson Amphitheatre with Best Coast and JJAMZ Source:  Beacon Street Wow, and yet I had to see them with Paramore. Thanks so much, guys. (You know who Grouplove is, right? "TAKE ME TO YOUR BEST FRIEND'S HOUSE..." oh it's on a car commercia

"Oh Yeah"- Bat for Lashes

Song of the Day So, today in things you really care about, I do not hate "The Haunted Man" anymore. It's actually quite good- THIS song, however. I have a theory- the song is about this: HMMMMMMMM you are welcome! 

Creeps on Facebook: A rant

The wonderful world of the world wide web can prove to be a creepy place. As someone who meets her dates online I can tell you this is a fact I have observed first hand. But over the years I have refined my technique and managed to weed out the (majority of) weirdos. "Internet dating” will not be the topic of this rant. Today. Soon E-Harm. Soon... I have a tendency, when it comes to social networking, to "friend" people I don’t necessarily know. If a person sends me a request and we have a number of friends in common I’ll add them no questions asked. In some instances the person and I will have no friends in common but if they are genuinely interesting I'll still add them. After all, it’s social networking and I have a bit of an Ego.  IMA LETCHU FINISH ... I’m starting to realize this may not be the best approach. In the past few months I have been receiving messages from some of these people. Most of the time it’s a harmless, “how are yo

"Valerie"- Mark Ronson featuring Amy Winehouse

Song of the Day I wish I had appreciated Amy more when she was alive. This also serves as a "dead person of the day." 

NaNoWriMo and it feels so good. Also: CONTEST

It's almost November, and that means for us writerly types, that means it's National Novel Writing Month . If you're not familiar with NaNoWriMo, it's a month of crazy amounts of writing. The goal is to get to 50,00 words of a completely original novel. No editing, no filters, just writing all month long till you get to the goal. I've participated the past two years, actually getting to 50,000 in my first year (humble brag be damned). Last year was...not as good. Long story short, I flamed out about halfway through. I did get some good material, but I just wasn't as committed as the previous year. Bitch knows how to make an entrance. I'm looking to change that. For this year, I'm sticking with my theme of reinventing a character from classic mythology. This time I've chosen Eos, the goddess of the dawn. She's an odd one, for sure, and that's why I was drawn to her.  In the research I've been doing, one of the strangest things

A Quick Interview With Diamond Rings

You may know Diamond Rings . I first heard him in Toronto, oddly:  his homebase. Or you may not know him, but you should. Also, I know I promised not to do a lot this week, because I need to focus my energy elsewhere, but this is a special circumstance!  I honestly didn't expect this to come back so fast, but here we go- a few questions with the extremely unique Canadian singer-songwriter, aka John O'Regan: UC: What was your impetus behind your new album? John:  "Free Dimensional" is about embracing my own diversity as a person and artist through the medium of music. UC:  You were/are touring with fellow Canadians Stars. How did that go? John:  Great! We played some really classy venues and had some really enlightening conversations with the band about music and life. They're now really good friends. UC:  How does color figure into your work? It seems like a strong theme for you. John:  Colour is not as important to me now as it was in the past. No

Double the Dexter, Double the Death

Hello internet friends! It’s true, you weren’t having a fever dream. There was no Dexter recap last week. I was a little busy being awesome in New York City . But if I’m anything, it’s dependable (LOL), so I’m giving you two Dexter recaps in one! Enough of my prattling, let’s get this shit started! Episode 3: Buck the System (aka Are You There, Minotaur? It's Me, Dexter.) Full disclosure: I thought it would be a good idea to watch this episode late at night. I’m not saying it’s particularly scary, just that I might not know what was real and what I dreamed up. And away we go! Wait, no, I just looked at my notes for “Buck the System” and they look like the SCUM Manifesto...look it up, I’m not linking to it, and I know you bitches don’t get it. Dexter is mailing the Ice Truck Killer mannequin hand (long story) and he’s having bad thoughts. Like stabbing-his-co-workers-in-the-neck thoughts. He’s asked to get a DNA swab from a dirty hippie prisoner, and when the hippie