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DID HE DO IT? Wow. The drama I went through for this. Michael Lohan is safe after a fake Twitter account of his (hay, we have one now too, you just don't see tweets like that from us!) jumped off the Brooklyn Bridge last night. reportedly. after tweeting daughter Lindsey (HAY) a goodbye. oh, man. Twitter suicide. I was really concerned for .5 seconds. :(

Babies: A Documentary (2010)

Sup homedogs? Hope everyone is recovering from Thanksgiving (or, um, not) nicely. I ate far too much turkey and pumpkin pie and I'm probably going to have to run about 100 miles to make up for it. But that's not important. This is: Okay, not gonna lie, this is going to be the best documentary EVER, and I love me some documentaries. Basically, it follows four babies from around the world (Mongolia, Namibia, Japan, and California) for the first year of their lives. Isn't that cool? I think it's a fantastic idea. And the babies are adorable. It has the potential to become massively successful. What do you think? More importantly, if they were to fight to the death (or, um, in a competition for the World's Cutest Baby), which baby would you root for? (Namibia Baby FTW!!!)


This is absolutely not one of my favorite songs of 2009, but one of my favorite songs EVER. the harmonies are to die for. takes you to another place- very ethereal. oh my god. it's gorgeous. there are no words for how brilliant, how beautiful this song is. It's almost Enya-like, in a way, but MUCH better. there is no talking shit on that song. it can do no wrong. here are the other songs featured in this series thus far: "Stillness is the Move"- Dirty Projectors "To Lose My Life"- White Lies "Beatbox"- The Sounds "iamundernodisguise"- School of Seven Bells will be back soon with more songs. enjoy for now!

let's go to the movies

In the past few days, I have witnessed two trailers for upcoming films that have really managed to hold my attention. No, not "Old Dogs." Unfortunately. "A Single Man" is Tom Ford's welcome to the big screen (celebrated figure in fashion, can't remember all the details, did the cover of Vanity Fair where Keira Knightley and ScarJo were naked. Just one look at that trailer and you can tell, right off the bat. The fastitiduous detail! Based on the novel by Christopher Isherwood, it tells the story of an English professor in California in the 1960s who recently lost his gay lover in an accident. Following his life in one day (as you see- November in 1962). Julianne Moore co-stars as his best friend (ultimate best friend!), Matthew Goode as his dead lover in flashbacks and the boy from About a Boy as a student that resembles his lover. That kid really grew up! Do you think Erie is going to get this? No, no. I'm not sure if this is the edited or unedited tr

Depeche Mode Guitarist Called as Expert Witness in Warcraft Lawsuit

I had to read the article a few times before I could fully digest it. Even as I'm posting this now, I have trouble conceiving something so absurd. Erik Estavillo of San Jose, California has filed suit against the makers of World of Warcraft claiming that the game has alienated him from the rest of the world and society itself. :( Because of this game his life is now very sad. :( :( But it gets better. He has subpoenaed Depeche Mode Guitarist, Martin Gore as an expert witness on melancholy and sadness, all of which he claims has been caused by the game, WOW. Furthermore, this bloke is trying to call actress, Winona Ryder as another expert witness on sadness. In the past other gamer's lawsuits have been failures such as.... a suit against Microsoft, claiming a broken Xbox 360 caused him undue stress; a claim against Sony, alleging they violated his First Amendment rights by banning him from their network; and a claim against Nintendo, arguing that by blocking certain Wii softwar


Now I was a little stuck between this and "No One Sleeps When I'm Awake" as my choice from The Sounds. they're something of a guilty pleasure for me but Crossing the Rubicon was probably their best album to date, in my opinion. And they put on a good live show. And Maja is hot and omg I touched her ahhh. that being said, "Beatbox" is an outstanding pop song. There's something very throwback '80s about it, as there is on most songs on the album. The Sounds are definitely trying their best to be a new wave band and when it works, well. it works! here's the new video for "Beatbox," which was in my head nearly all of June: HAPPY THANKSGIVING!


Who doesn't love Cormac McCarthy novels, seriously? Hollywood does!!!!!!!! In a very positive touch for the Erie region, the film The Road (based on a book by Cormac, books, that's right, they exist) which was filmed largely in this area over the course of spring 2008 was released to theaters today for some delightful, positive Thanksgiving movie-watching. not, not really. um, it's set in a post-apocalyptic world. starring the men many women (not me obviously) swoon over (Viggo Mortenson) and some pretty good other people (Guy Pearce, Charlize Theron) and it's already generating, THAT'S RIGHT, OSCAR BUZZ. read an interview with Viggo here and watch the trailer (I redirect, because I can't get no Viggo interviews:) wow, I'm glad Erie's the sight for the apocalypse. AWESOME!!!! TOTALLY POSITIVE! well hopefully more movies will be filmed here and when I say that I mean movies of this tier (g

to lose my life

The next song I'll focus on is "To Lose My Life" by White Lies. How can I really not like Editors but like them? I'll never be able to explain my actions. I haven't heard TOO MUCH of their other stuff but this song is pretty powerful, I think. has that current Interpols/Editor/I-want-to-be-Joy-Division-but-I'll-never-pull-it-off vibe to it. The recorded version is a LOT better. and that lead singer isn't bad! IS HE! sorry to steal my other posters' thunder, but I've got some strange downtime on my hands and I'm going to mold it like clay.

Spotlight/ Shoutout: Saorise Ronan

Hello Wed. So as we all know, "New Moon" has been destroying the box office; however, this post has nothing to do with "Twilight Saga." During the previews, the trailer for the "The Lovely Bones" played, and it really caught my eye. So this week's wonderawesomely awesome s/s goes to Saorise Ronan, the principle star of the flick. I saw the first few moments of the preview, and it looked like "OMG another girly movie about dullness and boredom." But No, it got way better. Like way way better. I'm now super excited for the movie. It looks suspenseful and serious and extreme and a whole bunch of other things that kick ass. (Truth.) It might be based on a girly looking novel, but there is more to this than meets the eye (or other body parts: hah, bad joke.) You may remember Saorise from the award winning picture "Atonement," where she played some little girl. No, jk. "Atonement" was actually really good. And I liked the en

IPod beef style.

Okay, I waste time on the internet like you wouldn't believe. And today I found an image that caused me to create a facial expression such as :O! The Kobe Beef Ipod.. PS: If you already know about these and are not shocked, then T.S. (tough shit), I just found out aboot them today. QATFYG: Would you want one of these? They only cast $97.86. How's fat is your piggy bank, just curious?

don't stop part II the review

something kind of cool (for me) I reviewed Annie's latest album, Don't Stop and in turn she pimped it out on her website. considering that she was interviewed by the New Yorker, among others, days later- HOLY SHIT. I've never been this proud of anything! p.s. I apologize if this looks really egotistical. I wanted to review the album for here too but this is a good way to do a double-swap. not my best work of writing at all but Annie liked it. omggggg!

stillness is the move

Hey, I decided- for the remainder of the year, I'm going to start highlighting what I think the best songs were. Can't say much about albums, because I didn't buy so many. but songs: yes, indeed. so my first song in this series is going to be a song I JUST learned to appreciate, "Stillness Is the Move" by Dirty Projectors, a band that is now fast growing on me. I always lumped them in that too-pretentious category, with Animal Collective and Panda Bear. mistake on my part! see: there's something very primal and sexy about it. it's been called the "poppiest" of their songs by fans but it's not like, I dunno, "Parties in the USA" (HAYYYYYY) or something. Now I see why Talking Heads and Bjork can be counted as fans. Damn. SOME FANS. I hate to say though that the Solange cover was what got me interested. sigh. I also, on an unrelated note, saw Nellie McKay last night and MET her. I was probably the most overzealous person there. it sc

Precious, based on the novel Push by Sapphire

The film of the year for me is Precious. I haven't seen it and I probably won't see it until it comes out on DVD, but it is absolutely the film of the year. Everything about this film speaks to me: the idea of feeling worthless, of having dreams, of hitting the breaking point. Every time I see a commercial for this movie on TV I stop what I'm doing and watch, and I've watched virtually every trailer and interview I can find on YouTube. The film is about an abused, illiterate, and obese 16 year old girl who is pregnant with her second child by her father. What scenes I've seen have all been absolutely phenomenal. Gabourey "Gabby" Sidibe, who plays the eponymous character, is a true find, and I think she has the potential to become one of the most successful actresses of our time. Same with this movie. Mo'Nique's performance as Precious' mother has already won awards. Same with a virtually unrecognizable Mariah Carey as Precious' social worke


GO TO YOUR LOCAL MOVIE THEATER AND MOB!!!! (in America) question: Robert (VAMPYRE) or Taylor (LYCAN)? WHO WOULD YOU BE CELIBATE WITH? Robert is looking increasingly corpse like in press photos. Taylor on the other hand- damn! I'm going to buck from the norm and say whoever plays Alice. she's got to have a name I just don't know it!

bitch I am seeing next week

I almost forgot about this! Because I can't see Metric in Pittsburgh on Tuesdsay ( :( ) I AM seeing Miss Nellie McKay- a very, very talented singer/songwriter who played the sister in "P.S. I Love You" and grabbed my attention with her debut album, a must-hear, "Get Away From Me." she just released- just, as of Oct. 13- her tribute to Doris freaking Day, Normal As Blueberry Pie. Here she is, being all adorable and smarmy, and like my one friend stated, Regina Spektor-ish. AND SHE'S PLAYING AN UKULELE! Dance break! ... Anyway, she will be playing at Cleveland for two engagements at the jazz bar Nighttown. November 23rd and November 24th for 20 dollars, both shows beginning at 7 p.m. NO REASON TO BE MISSING THIS.

turkey trot

Something about Thanksgiving I forgot in Erie (I think dozens of cities have them) is the annual TURKEY TROT AT PRESQUE ISLE. I was actually thinking of maybe doing the walk this year, because whenever I'm at home, I get to walk five miles with my mom anyway. awesome! (and get chased by collies, like last time. vicious dogs!) Here are the details for this year's event. There are two runs and a walk. It begins at 9. Certainly a nice way to earn those 5000 extra calories you supposedly gorge on the holiday- but Jesus I DON'T EVEN LIKE THANKSGIVING FOOD.

America's Next Top Midget is...

NICOLE! Bitches, I called it. Okay, to be honest my pre-show guess for final 2 was Jennifer/Nicole, with Jennifer taking it all, but WHATEVER! Close enough. The Nicole/Laura final 2 was ridiculous(ly good!), although I would've preferred a Nicole/Erin finale. I love Laura though - her reaction to losing was heartbreaking. And she has a great personality. If you're interested, you can compare the their portfolios here: Nicole and Laura . Not gonna lie, I think this was the best season since Cycle 6 (Biracial Butterfly Jade, anyone?). Nicole absolutely deserved the win. I mean, okay, at 5'7" she's not exactly short, but she could be the textbook definition of "model." She can do both commercial and high fashion modeling, and she's stunning 99% of the time. Laura, however, is more of a commercial girl. Her face is stunning, but for modeling her body isn't quite all that, and her accent has the potential to limit her opportunities. Sad but true. What


SHE = HOT HIM = HOT HAIR CUT = GOOD VIDEO = WEIRD BUT NO SMASHED TESTICLES SO I AM HAPPY WITH THIS ah my night can't get any better. I love them. I love this. it's wonderful. in other news, the Magnetic Fields are going on tour at the beginning of next year, but the closest they are coming to here is D.C., so I don't give a shit. FRUITY PEBBLES

fred and ginger

I was, um, spending the majority of my evening on youtube watching bits of old movie musicals- like the stuff they churned out in the 1930s en masse because that's what people wanted, they don't seem to want it anymore- and it occurred to me: I've never seen a Fred Astaire/Ginger Rogers dance! so I watched a few. I quite like Fred Astaire. very springy, very energetic. HIM OVER GENE KELLY ANYDAY. so I watched a few of the big ones- "Night and Day," "Cheek to Cheek," "Smoke Gets In Your Eyes." And I really have been enjoying watching them! but I can't shake the feeling in when he's singing to her she just wants to punch him in the face. And also, Audrey in "Funny Face" set to "Lovestoned" by Justin Timberlake, just because someone made this happen: I LOVE THE INTERNET

Spotlight/ Shoutout: Richard Attenborough

So who gives a shit about Thanksgiving? Christmas is the next major holiday, and as we depart into the new Christmas season, the S/S goes to Richard Attenborough who played possibly the best Santa Claus ever in "Miracle on 34th Street." He also did some other movies over the course of his life, like maybe "Jurassic Park" or something. On the stage, he was the original Sgt. Trotter, in Agatha Christie's "The Mousetrap," which has become the longest running play in history. If you know me, you'll know I get all mushy for that show. Oh, and yes of course Miracle 34 begins at Thanksgiving, so this is a two bird with one stone shoutout. In other words, Happy pre-start-to-the-holiday-Season. QATFYG: Who is the best Santa Claus actor of all time?

World News Now & America News Now

Thanks to NaNoWriMo I've rediscovered the joys of procrastination. Let's just say I am now well-acquainted with late-night television and I've lost more hours to reruns of Laguna Beach than I really care to admit (one, actually, and that's quite enough). In spite of an overload of tacky rich kids, I have discovered something quite exciting: World News Nightly (3-4 AM CST) and America This Morning (4-5 AM CST), both on ABC. These shows are anchored by Jeremy Hubbard and Vinita Nair - both of whom have rapidly reached the ranks of my favorite news anchors (right up there with Anderson Cooper, who hosted WNN from 1999-2000, and Gaynor Hall and Sean Lewis, both on the Chicago-based news network CLTV). Both of these news programs offer a humorous, irreverent look at news today that is interesting, informative, and funny, if you're a news-junkie like me. I'm somewhat confounded that I haven't discovered these shows before. I suggest you get up early - or stay u

Bon Voyage Obamao

Ripped From the Headlines of Washington Post: So in China over the past few weeks one of hottest selling items of all time was the Obamao icon, featuring Obama himself dressed and posed as Chairman Mao Zedung (spelling of that name varies.) Then all of a sudden, all the Obamao iconography disappeared. What gives? I think China's media got tapped.

WEIRD (but good) COVERS

Beyonce's little sister's very good cover of "Stillness Is the Move" by Dirty Projectors she likes Grizzly Bear? holy shit, I like this girl now. oh, me and my shallowness. Anya Marina meets T.I.: I always liked that song. now just even more.


If you know me, you know I'm like coming about this. even vaguely. every time I see ANYTHING (ANYTHING) related to this film.....I basically jizz in my pants. no shame. and this is coming from a person that hates musicals. I hate "Rent," I hate "Wicked." but THIS OMG OMG OMG. Like "New Moon" you are so dead to me right now. And you know how some people have countdowns to Christmas? that's what I'm doing right now, but it's only because Christmas indicates the national American release of "Nine." ZOMG!!! READ THIS READ THIS READ THIS READ THIS, KATE HUDSON AND MARION COTILLARD (akakaka my future spouse) SING ONTD POSTS BETTER THAN ME Kate Hudson has a SURPRISINGLY good set of pipes. but let's not lie about my reasons to see this. DDL I HATE CHOO

American Law

Okay, I've just been discussing things with people, and I want to know what everybody thinks about these things. When I bring this stuff up everybody thinks I'm stupid and wrong, when I try to say that the laws aren't what they think they are like..... The Age of Consent is not 18. It varies by each state. STATE AGE Alabama 16 Alaska 16 Arizona 18 Arkansas 16 California 18 Colorado 15 Connecticut 15 D.C. 16 Delaware 16 Florida 16/18 (bill pending) Georgia 16 Hawaii 14 Idaho 14 Illinois 16/17 Indiana 16 Iowa 18 Kansas 16 Kentucky 16 Louisiana 17 Maine 16 Maryland 16 Massachusetts 16/18 Michigan 16 Minnesota 16 Mississippi 16 Missouri 17 Montana 16 Nebraska 16 Nevada 16 New Hampshire 16/18 New Jersey 16/18 New Mexico 17 New York 17 North Carolina 16 North Dakota 18 Ohio 16 Oklahoma 16 Oregon 18 Pennsylvania 16 Rhode Island 16 South Carolina 14/16 South Dakota 16 Tennessee 18 Texas 17 Utah 16/18 Vermont 16 Virginia 15 Washington

readers of the USELESS CRITIC

Now, within the coming month or so- I, like every other semi-pretentious (half-assed!) critic on the face of this planet will be releasing their BEST OF in terms of albums that came out these 10 past (bewildering!) years. I've already formulated a list but it needs to gain some meat on its bones, so to speak. however, opinion-wise, what would you recommend I put on this list- I foresee 20 to 30 with some honorable mentions. thoughts wanted! ("Measure of a Man!" "Measure of a Man!")


- My gurllll Kelly has a cousin entered in this McDonald's singing contest - "Voice of McDonald's!"- Ashley. She has a great, operatic voice, and sings "Don't Know Why." Please vote for her, she is genuinely talented: - Grace Kelly is so awesome: BITCH WAS FIERCE - "2012" comes out today. I know you're all dying to see it. I AM. - have a good weekend....I feel like there's more to say, but it will come in time. VOTE!

The Country Music Awards

Last night Taylor Swift destroyed the competition at the Country Music Association Awards (the CMAs) by winning in every category in which she was nominated: Female Vocalist of the Year, Album of the Year ("Fearless"), Music Video of the Year ("Love Story"), and the top prize, Entertainer of the Year. Some people are in an uproar over her success, saying that at 19 she's too young to receive so many awards. I think they need to get over themselves. Taylor's more successful right now than pretty much every other country singer out there, and it's well deserved. Plus, in her acceptance speech for Female Vocalist, she said, "I want to thank every single person in this room tonight for not running onstage during this speech." Love her. The Single of the Year was Lady Antebellum's "I Run to You" - if you've turned on a country radio station in the last year you've probably heard it, because it's quite literally everywhere,

veterans' day

Siegfried Sassoon: "Butterflies" F RAIL  Travellers, deftly flickering over the flowers;   O living flowers against the heedless blue   Of summer days, what sends them dancing through   This fiery-blossom’d revel of the hours?      Theirs are the musing silences between          5 The enraptured crying of shrill birds that make   Heaven in the wood while summer dawns awake;   And theirs the faintest winds that hush the green.      And they are as my soul that wings its way   Out of the starlit dimness into morn:   10 And they are as my tremulous being—born   To know but this, the phantom glare of day. :(

But More Importantly

As I stated 20 minutes ago in my last post, it’s peoples’ choice award time, and I couldn’t help but notice that this award Ballot was missing something……………Selena Gomez. If you’ve followed the blog for a while, you’ll know that I am an avid Selena G fan, and I feel she got robbed of a nomination for best TV Comedy Actress. The nominees were as follows: TV comedy Actress: Alyson Hannigan, America Ferrera, Amy Poehler, Eva Longoria Parker, Tina Fey. And I agree with all but 2. Honestly, I would have put Selena instead of Eva Longoria Parker (even though I voted for) or Alyson Hannigan. ELP is my favorite housewife for superficial reasons, but her performance lately has not been worthy of the nomination. Whereas, Selena Gomez has made a huge impact on the world of entertainment with her show “Wizards of Waverly Place.” Her work on Disney is the best acting job the network has to offer. She was even placed as the 20th best Witch of all time by AOL. Now if you think it’s too much for a li

Spotlight / Shoutout: Carrie Prejean

This is a segment that is meant to feature actors and their work. And now that Carrie Prejean is an actress, her face shines on the s/s stage. This is a person that can't stay out of the headlines, even after her 15 minutes were up for her little charade a few months ago, she bounces back into our lives with her acting. Carrie does some of the best acting in the tape acting. This has helped to make the careers of Kim Kardashian, Pamela Anderson, and of course Parissss Hilton! But in other times, Carrie P has been known for running her mouth, especially on the issue of gay marriage. This bitch has attitude problems, and really needs to shut the deuce up! If she wants any hope of a future, she'll need to find it in the sex tape business. Amen muthafucka! In other news related to bitches, I voted Eva Longoria Parker for a people's choice award for Best Comic Actress on TV or something like that. Yeah, that'll be the day when she wins. QATFYG: Do you like C

Lady Gaga - Bad Romance

Lady Gaga's new music video for "Bad Romance" has just been released, and... I don't get it. Seriously. Lady Gaga's songs are... okay. It's inoffensive pop music. Her videos are pretty decent, nothing mind-blowing or terribly unique. Nothing she's done has ever blown me away. I've never heard one of her songs on the radio and go, "Turn it up, I love this song!" I think "Bad Romance" is probably the best of her singles. If she got rid of that deep voice "Ra-ra-ra" part I'd probably like the song a lot better. Frankly, I find her outfits a lot more interesting than her music. Do you like Bad Romance? What's your favorite Lady Gaga song? Do you ever want to make her put on a pair of pants (or is that just me? Because honestly, I think she always looks cold - just minutes away from frostbite - and pants would probably help. And if not pants, maybe tights? Or a skirt of some kind?).


Matthew Jay was SO talented, and really like- gone way too soon. incredibly talented guy. incredibly, incredibly talented. and missed. if you enjoy Britpop at all, check him out. he played with Starsailor (remember them!) before his untimely death. for more info:

what in the world has happened to....

I know there's been a clusterfuck of activity today, haha, and for that I apologize 'cause I'm not trying to battle with my fellow contributors or anything. but like, for some reason, I've been thinking about Norah Jones again lately. (YES, REMEMBER HER?) Come Away With Me was bulletproof for a while. I still have that album, still listen to it periodically when I need to go to sleep. The title track is flawless, I still think. and "Don't Know Why"- INSTANTLY melts you down like glass. My lesbianic high school art teacher was all about that shit. as was my mom. as were all my girlfriends. well, turns out, the lovely and talented Miss Jones has a new album coming out with a def more "rock"-oriented focus (some of the people she had working on it with her included Ryan Adams and members of Okkervil River). so alt-country, I guess. the album is entitled The Fall and will be out Nov. 17. she's on the press circuit right now. early reviews have

Carrie Underwood - Cowboy Casanova

I've got a soft spot for country music, which confounds my friends and family. ("Country music? You? Seriously? " "Yes, mom.") Carrie Underwood is one of my favorite country singers. I don't know why. Well, yeah, I do - she has a great voice and she's never released a single I haven't loved - but her style of country isn't necessarily the type of country I like. I mean, I love the "My woman left me and my dog died and my pick-up won't start" type of country. Carrie does more of the, "Jesus please help me KICK SOME EX-BOYFRIEND ASS YO" type of country music. I like it, but if there ain't no whiskey I have trouble supporting it. On that note, I love her new single, Cowboy Casanova. It's not reinventing the wheel, but sometimes the wheel doesn't need reinventing. And the music video is pretty good too. ( Click here to watch the music video for Cowboy Casanova.) What do you think of Cowboy Casanova? What's you

Another Saturday Morning... Horizons

Take a walk to the park with Chicago. One critic claimed, “Saturday in the Park,” from Chicago is the greatest song of the 70’s. QATFYG: What is the best song of the 70’s? Chicago SITP This is from the Craig Ferguson Show (Late Late Night) in spirit of being retromazing. These guys still got it.


I know I haven't done this in what feels like ages, but my friend and I ended up having a discussion about this last night. Ryan Adams, oh shit. TALENT? LOOKS? VOICE? I'll always have a thing for him, sad to say. He certainly could use a shower sometimes (couldn't we all) and a comb ran through his hair, but other than that. yes, Mr. Mandy Moore! "Somehow, Someday" and on a totally unrelated note OH MAN, GUESS WHO I HUNG OUT WITH ALL NIGHT IN MY DREAMS? NATALIE PORTMAN. SHE LOVES PINBALL. HELLO NEW BEST FRIEND

one more night

I've been in such a Stars state-of-mind recently. so d reamy, romantic and warm. Set Yourself On Fire will always remain one of my favorite, most beloved albums. try as he might he's unable to speak he grabs her by the hair, he strokes her on the cheek the bed is unmade like everything is dark little heaven at the top of the stairs take me like that, ruin it all then build it again by the light in the hall he drops to his knees says please my love, please I'll kill who you hate, take off that dress, you won't freeze. I dreamed it was a good one.


I relented! follow me here: I know, I know. WHAT IS YOURS? IS THIS POINTLESS? IS IT ALL POINTLESS? seriously, leave yours in the comments and I'll follow you.

Spotlight/ Shoutout: Deon Cole

Guten Tag und es ist Mittwoch!! (I can’t speak German). Deon Cole can’t speak German either, but he is on top of the globe with this week’s S.S. This is a man who is more well-known for his stand-up comedy than his screen acting, but he has made his way onto the Big Screen a few times in films such as “Barbershop” and get this…”Barbershop 2.” (surprise!) Back to his comedy, Deon C plays it cool and gangsta most of the time, but it is quite obvious that he is a total geek at heart. During his act he’ll take notes if jokes are working well, and has no problem sharing his awkward situational stories. Example: Deon: (To the audience) "Is there anything you white people are nervous to do in front of black people? (inaudible audience feedback) Urinate?" He stares blankly then jots it down in his sketchpad. I love it. Deon is also a firm believer that all black men should have mustaches (even if yo is only 9 years old!!!!) What can I say? He makes me laugh. Rock on Deon. Does that R


I am not sure how I feel about their new album as a whole. may take it a few more listens to get used to. but damn! this is lovely. as is the video. IT'S GORGEOUS. I MISS SUMMER, OMG. WHY DON'T I EVER HITCHHIKE? also: College Bowl tonight! 4:45 Pogue Student Center! come watch me get my unprepared English department ass kicked! p.s.: VOTE TODAY


Back with my poetry series. Cha! Here's the poet I picked for my poetry workshop project: EUGEN JEBELEANU (1911-1991), one of Romania's most important and challenging 20th century poets, is virtually unknown in the West. He published more than 12 collections of poems, received numerous prestigious European literary awards (including the Italian Taormina Prize, and the Austrian Herder Prize), and in the 1970s was nominated by the Romanian Academy for the Nobel Prize. FLOWERS AT THE STATUE OF EMINESCU Why you would find this useful, nobody knows. Meaning it isn't useful at all. The poetry of poverty is getting stronger everywhere. The only strong ones are those who can mount. The horses get weaker and weaker, and the horsemen more and more bestial. And the ribs of the horses are solar jewels in the prison of dead visions. And we deserve all these things because we have earned them. Now you are bronze, and you don't care about anything. Or, maybe, I don't know ... Beca

what would i have to do to you to make you watch this

hold a gun to your head? teabag you? make you smell my crotch? bake pancakes? let me know; I'm all ears. I personally am probably going to see this. the Sarah Palin joke won me over. Sarah Jessica Parker + Hugh Grant = WIN sorry I've been so absent lately. life is rough. how was Halloweenie for you? do anything exciting? be attacked by ghosts? the Roma? H1N1? are there less trick-or-treaters now than ever???? :O

Who knew that this strip from 1989 would be so meaningful?

I couldn't let this year slip by without saying congratulations to Dilbert for staying in the bizz for 20 years and providing some of the best corporate world humor out there. Apologies for the small print. Dilbert strips debuted in 1989 and have been running for over 2 decades. D-man you rule! U 2 Scott Adams. QATFYG: Are you a fan of Dilbert or Business Humor? Have you read any of Scott Adams' other books such as "God's Debris?" And are comic strips still crucial to the existence of the world?

Shakira - Did It Again (music video)

So, the music video for Shakira's new single "Did It Again" was just released. I don't really keep up with Shakira or, well, most pop music, but I'm impressed by this music video. I mean, yeah, the song is only so-so, but the choreography is fantastic. THIS is what Beyonce could only hope to achieve. "Single Ladies" my ass! What do you think about this music video? In an episode of Celebrity Deathmatch, who would win: Shakira or Beyonce?

National Novel Writing Month

You guys... it's November. You know what that means! NANOWRIMO! National Novel Writing Month is upon us. Basically, you write a 50,000 word novel in the month of November. You can write more than that - and you probably should, because 50,000 words is not a whole lot (100 pages in Word, single spaced, Times New Roman, font size 12). But as long as you write 50,000 words you're in the clear. That's 1667 words a day for 30 days. You read far more than that on an average day! There's an extremely active writing community on the official forum and there are also Facebook groups, LiveJournal communities, and websites and message boards dedicated to the writing phenomenon. If it seems a little intimidating - well, that's because it is. I suggest you run out and buy "No Plot? No Problem!" by Chris Baty, the founder of NaNoWriMo. It's a well-written, informative book that should serve you well even when you aren't trying to write a book in 30 days. Do yo