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"Dominoes" - Uffie

Uffie is back and I am too! One of my favorite "electroclash" artists ever is releasing her first album in a 12-year absence. It's been too long Uffie! I missed you! I love her new, slicker, and matured sound, plus this song is a lot of poptastic fun. Something about how she says "Italian espresso" I adore. Sorry I will try not to fangirl too hard, but please remember I fished a bottle out of a crowd she threw into her 2016/2017 Phoenix concert and I still have it in my storage. This is probably the weirdest fact I will admit about myself; don't worry, that's the extent of my weirdness in this respect (this respect, but I prefer the term "eccentric.") Also Toro y Moi helped on this album - which is a terrific asset; you know anything he's involved with is definitely a banger! "Sunshine Factory" will be out May 20th, the best birthday gift I could ever have and the perfect way to welcome 2022's Gemini season.