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Landon Pigg is Coming to Phoenix!

This is just a very quick post today to share that a singer-songwriter I have a soft spot for, Landon Pigg, is going on tour (mostly hitting up spots in the American West). You might not remember him, but he's a soft rocker with a good voice who had a song on "Grey's Anatomy" as well as the Shrek soundtrack (or one of the several Shrek soundtracks). Which is, you know, iconic. Plus he played Elliot Page's love interest in "Whip It." Anyway Landon will be at the Rhythm Room (a venue I've never been to!) on November 30th with Jesse Daniel Edwards. You can grab a ticket here . And here's a throwback to a song off Landon Pigg's "LP" that I still love all these years later:

"Take It Easy" - gnarz

Phoenix-based singer-songwriter gnarz just released his latest track, "Take It Easy." I fell in love with his voice last year when I heard the sweetly melancholic "Lost," and although I have a cursory knowledge of the local music scene, I've kept him on my radar since. This song is a little more upbeat, and has a country-esque feel to it in places. I had to love the shoutouts to Gwen Stefani and David Bowie, two of gnarz's inspirations. In some places, it comes off almost like spoken word. It's definitely unique, and gives a glimpse into gnarz's promise as a musician. And his voice is great - rich and warm, it makes for very pleasant listening. Check out this fun little track below! And if I see any shows pop up for gnarz in the Phoenix region (and beyond), I'll definitely share the details. 

"Mushroom Punch" - Zella Day

Zella Day releases a fair amount of music, and I can barely keep up with it! But honestly, I'm hopeful for the future of this singer-songwriter from Pinetop, Arizona. I posted last year about how much I enjoyed "Golden" - and what a giddy, fun, disco-infused pop song it was! - and this year she's kept things going as she builds up to her new album, "Sunday in Heaven" (out October 14th). Her latest track, "Mushroom Punch," is another solid testament to her talent. She's pretty amazing at a variety of styles; it's rare to hear a mainstream-ish singer-songwriter who embraces such an eclectic approach. And as you can probably deduce by the title, "Mushroom Punch" has a decidedly psychedelic pop vibe to it.  Earlier this summer, Zella released "Radio Silence," an angstier rock song that found her screaming in a way that reminded me of The Cranberries' late Dolores O'Riordan.  TL;DR I am PUMPED for "Sunday in Heav