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Showing posts from February, 2015

"Budapest"- George Ezra

In my grand tradition of celebrating the mediocre (see also Vance Joy), I'm giving this catchy-almost-weirdly-1950s song some love. I think I heard this several places over the summer, but was too unmoved to do some research on it. I finally did. I gave in. On that note, Hozier and Sam Smith have grown on me as well. Mostly though, I've been listening to Metric, Tennis (OMG SO GOOD), and meditations/Buddhist chants. It's a good mix. It keeps me grounded. 

A V.D. Mix

I made all the lovers out there a mixtape (read: Spotify playlist). Just imagine me as the DJ from "Love Actually." It's got some happy, some sad, and some just whatever. XOXOXOX BK

Four Songs to Start February

Hey, sorry I've been dormant for some time. Adult life has taken over, and I've really been focusing elsewhere. However, it appears time for my bi-yearly update.  So January was rough, but here are some tunes I've been enjoying in the past month or so period: "Nine Is God" by Wavves. I'm not a huge enthusiast of this sound, but it sounds like a more melodic (and tolerable) grunge/surf rock song to me. It's pretty catchy, and originates from the "Grand Theft Auto" soundtrack. Believe. "Higher Love" by James Vincent McMorrow. Sure, it's a Steve Winwood cover, but I always thought the original version was bland and heartless. This has a heck of a whole lot of soul. Redefines the songs you hear in grocery stores everywhere. "You Will Find a Way" by Maps. It's pretty hopeful, uplifting, and comforting - but not in a saccharine way. "Old Love/New Love" by Twin Shadow. I've never enjoyed his mu