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"Things Could Be Better" - The Cribs

Apparently, UK band The Cribs (who have an impressive track record behind them, with their first album released in 2004) has been releasing new singles each month as part of their "Sonic Brew Singles Club." This month brings with it "Things Could Be Better," a mellow track from the band that feels a little hazy and like a throwback to a different time - the 1970s or the early 2000s (take your pick!)  The band revealed this song has actually been shelved for about a decade, and that they recently made the decision to revisit the track. Vocalist/bassist Gary Jarman (the 3 members are actually all brothers) shared: "Then, Ryan stepped in and took responsibility for writing the lyrics and singing the lead - and turned it into something way better than I ever could’ve imagined. So, despite spending over a decade gathering dust, I am really proud of how this song eventually came into being. It’s pretty special.” The Cribs are expected to tour the USA and the UK early

More Best of 2021 Stuff

Hi everyone, I updated my best of 2021 playlist with some new developments! You can find it on Apple Music as well as Spotify. Updates include: - Tori Amos - White Lies - Avril Lavigne (that song is stupid catchy!) - Beach House Listen below; happy nearly 2022! Stay safe out there: