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"Sweeter" - Cannons

I truly wish I understood what Cannons does to their music to make it so instantly addicting to me. I am here with another cut from them - a fresh music video! - and I am again seeing them on tour this year because I have decided I want my mid-to-late 30s to be earmarked with a musical obsession. Fun! "Sweeter" has a distinctly 1970s vibe to it, and the music video kind of has that feeling, too (much like Taylor Swift's "Midnight" covers). Cannons' thing tends to be songs celebrating and bemoaning both love and lust, and "Sweeter" is no different. But if a formula works, there's really no reason to stray from it.  The song ultimately is bittersweet, and not much happens in the music video besides lead singer Michelle Joy going through it in her hotel room, but I think anyone who has felt the depths of being lovelorn can likely relate. Plus Michelle is beautiful, so that never hurts, either. I will be seeing Cannons next month in San Francisco!