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Zach Interviews Director Dan Kinem: A Guest Interview

"Adjust Your Tracking" is a documentary about VHS fanatics. Read on to learn more about this project, which is gaining a lot of press at the moment:  Zach: To begin, can you tell us a little about "Adjust Your Tracking" and how it came to be? Dan: Well, it all started with my love for the VHS format. I slowly began meeting other collectors and realized they were funny enough, interesting enough and worthy enough for a documentary. I also thought it was important to document this subculture/resurgence of collectors. We had the idea and did some pre-production work in 2011, but really started filming in January 2012. From that point on it really took off. We started a Kickstarter to raise gas money to get the rest of the interviews we needed and just interviewed and shot as much footage as humanly possible. Zach: Are you pleased with the overall reaction to "Adjust Your Tracking," so far? Dan: I'm very pleased with the reaction. I have

"Get Lucky"- Daft Punk and Pharrell

Song of the Day Daft Punk's new album: Will it suck? Or no? I love this song, shout-out to my bff for introducing me to it. The things you miss out on without a TV or radio. 

A Review of "The Place Beyond the Pines"

I've never seen "Blue Valentine." I intend to see it, but I haven't gotten around to it yet. I am  still a rather large Ryan Gosling fan though. Let's be real: Who isn't? WEIRDOS. PEOPLE WHO NOT DESERVE OXYGEN. REINDEER. So I saw "The Place Beyond the Pines" (directed by Derek Cianfrance who also directed "Blue Valentine") the other night starring Ryan Gosling, Bradley Cooper, Eva Mendes and Ray Liotta. Ray Liotta genuinely bothers me, but that's for another time. I bet he's a super-nice guy in real life.  Eva Mendes is dating Ry-Ry IRL and they make an adorable  couple. Seriously. I wish they'd have kids. Do you think if I penned an anonymous letter to them, they'd procreate? ... Bradley Cooper rounds out the bigger names (ah- I forgot Rose Byrne, a.k.a. the bitch from "Bridesmaids." She's actually a fine actress- very believable in her role). I kind of don't like him either? "Silver Lining

Annie Has Returned!

Yesterday Annie released the video for her new song, "Tube Stops and Lonely Hearts." It's hypnotizing, gorgeous and haunting. A bit in a different direction - more rave-inspired - but it remains classic Annie .  The single will officially be released Wednesday, but oh my GOD do you realize what this means??? It means 2013 marks the first (possible) new Annie album in four years! I'm so happy I could pee myself, I may have already peed myself. See here: Badass. p.s. this is the Song of the Day if you haven't realized. 

In Which Macklemore Gives Me Hope

Anyone who knows me well enough knows that I have very little faith in humanity and I'm not afraid to talk about it. It's not that I think people are evil. I just think that most people are selfish. And, hey, that's OK! Darwinism and all that! When I see stories that get me beyond my own world views (and I don't mean all those fake Facebook posts), I am genuinely humbled and appreciative.  Today Macklemore (yes, "Thrift Shop" Macklemore) visited a fan in the hospital. It sounds like he wasn't looking for publicity. After someone ended up posting a picture on Reddit, and Macklemore gave a response on his website. I encourage you to read his response in its entirety. This struck something inside me:  "With over 200 shows booked for the year, I barely get to see my family and spend time with the people that remind me where I come from and what’s really important.  Getting outside of myself, even for an hour, and doing something like meeting Sam

Game of Thrones: A Spider Among Golden Roses

Episode 4 And Now His Watch Is Ended This episode is what I talk about when I talk about Game of Thrones .

"Entertainment"- Phoenix

Song of the Day I know it's been out for a while but I've just learned to appreciate it. And look! It's their SNL performance! Have a good Tuesday. 

My Experience at Record Store Day

I've always wanted to go to Record Store Day, but never have. Erie really never had record stores and last year I just didn't do it. So this year, instead of doing chores and going to the store, I said to myself in a monologue my neighbors may have heard: "Britt, fuck it. We're going. Part of life is about the experiences we have anyway." So I bought a bus pass and I WENT.  This post is brought to you by Liv Tyler's midriff. According to the folks at Fuse , Jack White was the national ambassador for the day. Of course he was: Jack is a noted sound-quality snob!  Part of the appeal of Record Store Day are the new releases various artists come out with for it. Like MGMT, Garbage, Tegan and Sara, and David Bowie among others. I didn't see this- I just saw a lot of vinyl that would have been useless for me to buy because I have no turntable (shhhhhh). I saw this and I ended up staring at it entranced for several moments. Alex Chilton still hau

"I Never Wanted Your Love"- She & Him


2 Broke Girls recap: And the Worst Selfie Ever

First of all, exciting news for us, Don't Trust the B---- in Apartment 23 fans: ABC announced on Thursday that the eight unaired episodes of the show will be available online starting May 17 on, iTunes, and Hulu! I can't wait! I'm so glad I'll finally get some much-deserved, post-cancellation closure. In the meantime, here's my belated recap of this week's episode of the recently renewed 2 Broke Girls . The girls are excited about their purchases at the Under a Dollar store—Caroline bought new sheets, while Max got herself a steak and a "steak-eating chair." However, Caroline accidentally rips her sheets after using fabric softener to wash it. "Thread count: Yes. Washing instructions: Do not wash," Caroline reads from the tag. Max's chair also rips when she sits on it. "Instructions: Do not sit," Max reads from the label. That is some weird-ass store. In t he morning, Max wakes up to find a candy trail outside her

"Bloom"- The Paper Kites

Song of the Day Very pretty song from an interesting AU band. 

Video: Calvin Harris feat. Ellie Goulding – "I Need Your Love"

The summery, steamy video for Calvin Harris and Ellie Goulding's diva-house collabo, "I Need Your Love," premiered yesterday. The clip was filmed in Miami and follows the pair on a romantic weekend, snuggling in bed (!!!) and having fun on the beach, in the streets and in da club. Also, Calvin appears shirtless, 'nuff said. Basically a wet dream come true, right? Well, except for the random black guy that steals the camera, of course. Heh I actually don't know which one of them I should be jealous of. But seriously, as much as Calvin gives me a total lady boner, I think he and Ellie would make the cutest couple in real life—sorry, Skrillex. As a side note, 2 Broke Girls finally returned yesterday, meaning a new recap is on the way. ;) Don't miss it, or you'll regret it. I mean it.

Game of Thrones: The Generosity of Whores

Episode 3 Walk of Punishment

You Need to Hear This: I'm Old! Edition

It's happened. I'm old; I don't know new music from my butt anymore.  my BUTT? On instagram?!?! However, I have made myself actively seek out new music lately to enrich my life.  Here is the band St. Lucia, South Africa via Brooklyn. I like their music. It reminds me of The Naked and the Famous + Crystal Fighters + Vampire Weekend. I might have an interview with them soon... KEEP READING FOR DETAILS. Have you ever heard of the band Polica? Bon Iver is a fan. Really, to me they just sound like a more intense Cat Power.  They will be playing at the Rhythm Room tomorrow in Phoenix. So go forth, Phoenicians!  Lastly, have you HEARD the new Tori y Moi? I've never been a fan of his, but damn. Check this song out, "Harm in Change": On a Bringing the Sexy Scale of:   0 to don't look this band in the eyes!!!!  10 I'd give it an 8.3.  brb, need to pick up LifeAlert

I'd Hit It: Emma Watson!

Here's a blast from the past! Welcome back to the segment "I'd Hit It," discussing people I may or may not find attractive. Likely "may." I haven't done this since 2011, so hurr we go: Come on, Emma Watson is oozes class. And she's beautiful. And British. Why wouldn't you hit this? I liked her in the Harry Potter movies. In fact, I had something of a small crush on her. But I felt so weird because she was younger than me.  However, I am dating a younger woman now, so I guess that belief I had has since vanished.  But you tell me what you think after watching this: Also she poledances in that movie. AND she doesn't have Harry Styles on her phone. LIKE!!!!  Until next time bozos,  Britt "I'm a 15-Year-Old Boy" Kay

Trailer Warz: Emma Watson, Seth Rogen, James Fucking Franco

They have all joined together for a movie that- daresay I- looks good! Seriously though, this kind of meta-comedy project is my wet dream. Plus, it's not "Spring Breakers."  AHHHH It just looks...ridiculously goofy. And I, being goofy, respect, enjoy and appreciate my own kind. But don't take my word for it, LeVar Burton!  Here it is: What do you think? I'd like to believe Rihanna survives the Biblical End of Days. 

."Don't Swallow the Cap"- the National

Song of the Day !!!! I'm so pumped this stuff is leaking. It sounds more upbeat than the National stuff I've come to love- and I'm cool with that! What cap?!?!

Game of Thrones: A Very Dangerous Girl

Episode 2 Dark Wings, Dark Words I was quite drunk when I watched this episode, so my notes are a little...gushy. Lots of all-caps when several new characters make their appearance. This episode sets the framework for a lot of things to come. In the meantime, there’s plenty of deception and intrigue to be had. Much like many of the characters, we’ve a lot of ground to cover, so let’s get to it.

"Pompeii"- Bastille

Song of the Day For fans of Wild Beasts and Everything Everything. I was recommended this band by a friend- shit, I can see myself becoming obsessed!

In Honor of CK's 10-Mile Run

My sister is running a 10-mile race tomorrow. I'm excited for her and also proud of her, as my sister has become quite the avid runner over the past year. I mean- I can sprint, but I CANNOT run. I never could. Even at my I stick to the stationary bike at the gym, merci .  Anyway, in honor of my big sis Chris, I put together a running playlist. I hope it helps rev her engines and all that: "Born to Run"- Bruce Springsteen This was given. DA BOSS, DA BOSS. Because we're from Pennsylvania and that's near New Jersey and that's important.  "Running on Empty"- Jackson Browne This song makes me proud to be an Amurrican. Let me wipe a tear from my eye. TEAR, WIPED. FUCK YEAH. "Run Like Hell"- Pink Floyd CK's chant tomorrow: "RUN, RUN, RUN." "Run"- Snow Patrol Just kidding! No one runs to Snow Patrol! Lolz! "Run-Around"- Blues Traveler AHAHAHAHAH CK LOVED THIS BAND IN HIGH S

In defense of Taylor Swift (and Tina Fey, too)

I had to put some distance between myself and the Taylor Swift / Tina Fey / Amy Poehler debacle to be able to reflect properly (and make sure I am coherent), and then the whole Jon Hamm thing came to a head (no pun intended). I am basically in love with all four of these people, and I will admit I am afraid as a write this that I will end up turning on at least one of them. Fey and Poehler are creative, hard-working comedians/actresses/writers who might be on a level all their own. I'm a big fan, really. I grew up watching SNL and I've seen every episode of 30 Rock. I watched the Golden Globes and I felt like I must have been the only person listening to the words that came out of their mouths: "You know what, Taylor Swift? You stay away from Michael J. Fox's son." It was a joke that Fey later called "lighthearted." I was a little surprised when I heard the joke, and a little worried when it didn't get the immediate negative reaction I was l

An Open Letter to Jon Hamm

Dear Jon, I'm sorry about all the peen drama lately.  I have no penis, nor do I like penis that much. However, if I had boobs, I could relate (I don't). I want to tell you how sorry I am about how the media just wants to gush about the bulges visible in your pants and whatnot. It's really immature and demeaning. On the bright side, they could be saying worse things, right ?  Like, "is that a toothbrush in his frontpocket?"  HANG IN THERE, BUDDY! YOU'RE A CHAMP! xoxox,  Britt

"Falling"- Haim

Song of the Day I just discovered this band. Quite good!

A Day Late and a Dragon (BC THAT'S A WESTEROSI COIN, GET IT?!) Short

There has been a lot of build up to the third season of Game of Thrones. The first season was absolutely stellar, the second season, ehhh, a little not as stellar, and now we have the first half of the big, fat fatty book A Storm of Swords, where all hell starts breaking loose and - in case you thought everyone you loved was safe, you little Sansa - people start dropping like flies. The thing about all this reading and watching and spoilering business is that I hoped to take the edge off the hunger pains I was having by the first of March. It did not help. I had the bar set pretty high in terms of expectations, only to lower them slightly after reading a review of the first episode that said there was a lot of talking and exposition, to get you set up for the rest of the season. But it didn't matter, in the end. Because Game of Thrones. So I'm also building on what Kurt already wrote -- and his review is awesome, btw -- and I'm trying not to repeat so much or at leas

Game of Thrones: Bedding Harlots, Drinking with Thieves

Episode 1 Valar Dohaeris How great is it to have Game of Thrones back?! If you answered anything other than "very," get the fuck out of here. No, really. I think we are in for a real treat this season. The third book, A Storm of Swords , is excellent, which is so full of shocking and sexy moments, they're splitting it into two seasons.