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Three Movies You Should See, Marion Cotillard Bday Edition

... 1.) Love Me If You Dare  (2003) - this movie is French and ridiculous. like you really need to suspend disbelief to see this movie and enjoy it. but if you liked more Americanized French movies such as Amelie, this will just be a natural progression for you. Marion Cotillard met her longtime partner ,   Guillaume Canet on the set of this film. Believable couple with good chemistry- it's whimsical, hilarious and heartbreaking. It's also very French. Happy birthday, Marion! Days I do not miss.  2.) The Perks of Being a Wallflower (2012)- I will forego the urge to leave a review of this film but WOW it was sublime. I mean- instant classic material. The book was captured to a T. the whole cast is brilliant and it captures adolescence so sincerely and naturally. My friend Jeremy (and occasional writer) left an awesome review of this film here . HE DOES NOT LIE. My favorite scene by far was the dance to "Come on Eileen." Hands down this has my vote for

"Gods In the Mud"- Yellow Minute

A new song from Phoenix's Yellow Minute comes our way!  Gods in the Mud by yellow minute I don't know much about the music scene here yet (hahaha) but I think these guys show promise. So check them out and if you're in the area, they're doing a free show in Tempe come Oct 3rd (aka "Gwen Stefani's Birthday.") 

Anne Hathaway got married, HAPPY MARRIAGE ANNE HATHAWAY

why are they making out in a cornfield  So Anne Hathaway got married this weekend and no I was NOT invited. We went out one time in 2008 and I knew after that we'd never be friends again. We were at Denny's, and I won't say much more then  it ended in vomit and "WHY DON'T YOU GO BACK TO THE DISEASED VAGINA YOU CRAWLED OUT OF!"  I thought about driving a motorcycle to the wedding and watching from across the street, but. No.  Highlights: - it was a traditional Jewish ceremony - it was in Henry Miller's Big Sur - she lived with her Adam in Brooklyn for a year. that is love y'all. - no word if Natalie Portman was there but boy I sure hope so.  CONGRATULATIONS ANNE AND ADAM

Bar B*tch Rant: A Long Time Coming

So I was at the bar enjoying a drink with a couple of girlfriends the other evening when it happened. I was attempting to check the score of the Raven’s game when I unintentionally met the gaze of an older gentleman sitting directly in front of the projector screen.  He gave me one of those head nods and threw me a smile. I looked back at my friends and attempted to keep my gaze firmly affixed on the table in front of me. A very close friend of mine was moving out of state and we were all enjoying one of our last evenings with her. I managed to avoid his gaze for the next ten or so minutes when the bartender approached with a shot “from the gentleman" who was now making his way to our table...  When I was younger I used to think it was really cute when some guy at the bar would buy me a drink from across the room. I realized it was one of those "ice-breaker" moves and even if I could tell this person was not my type, I would engage them in friendly conv

2 Broke Girls recap: And the Hidden Stash

After my two-part recap of the first season finale of 2 Broke Girls got so many views (thank you all!), I've decided to write weekly recaps of the second season, which premiered last Monday. I had so much fun writing that recap, although it did took me some time, considering it was a 40-minute episode. I'm not giving guarantees though, as I have some commitment issues. I can also be quite the perfectionist sometimes, so I'm the kind of person who either goes all the way or not at all. But we'll see how it all turns out—favorably, I hope. Also, I'll try my best to be faster with the next recaps. For those of you who are not familar, every episode begins at the Br ooklyn diner where Max and Caroline work, often with Max mercilessly mocking some poor customer. This time, the customer is a mother breastfeeding her son, who happens to be a little too old for such activity. Understandably, the situation caught the attention of the employees. "Some mothers ten

Our Guest Writer Rips the Killers a New One

I still have a crush on him. Is that weird?- BK  The Killers “Battle Born” Review. By Zach Marmolejo (guest writer)  2/5 When The Killers first hit the scene in 2004 with their album “Hot Fuss” I was really excited about them. Here was this band that seemed to have captured the catchiness of 80’s songs and turned them into great pop rock songs that most everyone enjoyed.  Then lead singer Brandon Flowers discovered Bruce Springsteen’s back catalogue and wanted to somehow capture that for today’s audience. That effort turned into 2006’s “Sam’s Town” which left critics divided, but the fans ate it up. They returned to back to their 80’s synthy sound with 2008’s “Day and Age” and critics seemed to welcome them back and the fans once again ate it up. After 4 years of side projects and solo albums they are back, which is unfortunate for listeners. It seems that Flowers is trying to combine the sound of Springsteen’s early 70’s albums with what they were known for when they firs

Husky long last!

A long time ago, I sent an interview request to Husky Rescue , an awesome Finnish indie pop band. Since then, it's been a lot of back and forth. However, today....they responded! So, now that their new album is nigh, here it is, my interview with Husky Rescue:    UC:  So you guys are touring Asia? How is that been? You just played a show in China, correct?   HR:   On our May tour we played three shows: Beijing, Taipei and Tokyo. We were very exited to visit Asia, since it's was the first time we had the chance to play there. It was a beautiful experience to travel to China, and bring our music to a vastly different culture. You could see that pop culture scene is starting to bloom, and people want to experience something new. In Taipei the people were even more shy than we are, which was really cute! Tokyo was just as crazy as one might imagine. It was like walking through the set of Fifth Element. We also found our favorite cuisine on this trip, yunnan, the kitc

FYI, the new season of 2 Broke Girls premieres tonight

In case you guys didn't know it already, the second season of 2 Broke Girls— aka TV's #1 new comedy (soon to become TV's #1 comedy overall)—premieres tonight at 9/8c on CBS! Shit be real No, I'm not a secret employee hired by CBS to promote their show at any cost, although I admit it may very much seem like it. I just truly love this awesome show and I want everyone else to love it as well, even though there couldn't possibly be someone who loves it just as much as I do. With no further ado, watch this hilarious promo clip for season two: "You never tell a man in prison 'no,' he could hang himself with his belt" HAHAHA! God, I missed Max's one-liners so bad. I'm so excited, can't wait!! Be sure to tune in tonight, or else... This GIF never gets old You've been warned.

When I saw Fiona Apple Before She Turned Into Willie Nelson

Last night, on Fiona Apple's tourbus:   *plays Bob Marley*   FIONA:  And then I was like, Tori Amos, Bjork wasn't on bath salts and didn't try to eat your face, that's just how people in Iceland express affection.   RANDOM MUSICIAN DUDE:  Oh, cool. *hands huge pumpkin they are smoking hashish out of* You should give that a good go and we can watch QVC and make impractical purchases together.   FIONA:  Sounds good to me. God, where are we?   RANDOM MUSICIAN DUDE:  I dunno. New Mexico?   FIONA:  Ugh. I can't wait to buy another juicer in an hour. *smokes the hashish*   (is it apparent I am not really big on this "vice?" haha. you kids and your hydroponics!)     Hours later... THE TEXAS RANGER, AS PLAYED BY BILLY BOB THORNTON:  Ma'am, can we search  your bus? You, being a white woman who is a cult pop star, seem suspicious. FIONA:  Yeah, but don't judge me for all the juicers. They just happened. RANGER:  Why are your eyes so