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"In Love" - Coma Culture

  This is almost an immediate hit for me; "In Love" is warm and fun, powerpop melded by a tiny bit of dreampop, something that seems to represent the logical progression of indie since the early 2010s.  They certainly look like they're coma-tose culture (get it? Photo credit - Kelly Victoria) Coma Culture features Young the Giant's Eric Cannata and Francois Comtois as well as producer/songwriter Jon O'Brien. The trio found musical kinship via their love of  "Broken Social Scene, Sparklehorse, Slowdive, and the Cure." That inspiration directly shapes their sound, which is actually pretty unique by today's standards. And their debut single "Coma Culture"directly influenced - well, you know, their name . Their first LP "Camouflage" is set for release this June 25th via Repost Network and I'm certainly looking forward to what that entire album sounds like. The promise of their lead singles is certainly favorable and hard to overlo

"Down" - Emily Rodgers

  If you're seeking something low-key and reminiscent of a different era this Sunday evening, check out "Down" by Pittsburgh-based singer-songwriter Emily Rodgers.  Comparable in places to to Cat Power and Mazzy Star but deeply her own creation, Rodgers seems to walk the line between indie folk and slowcore in a way that isn't soul crushing but wistful and undeniably raw.  Her latest LP "I Will Be Gone" came out a little over a week ago, an effort between Rodgers and her husband/guitarist Eric Cirelli with production help from the producer Kramer (who has previously worked with the likes of Ween and Daniel Johnson among a roster of others). Kramer has been collaborating with Rodgers for the better part of a decade now.  "I Will Be Gone" includes a song for American poet W.S. Merwin - which seems kind of on brand for Rodgers as she is also an English professor. (A fact that I, as a former English major, can appreciate.) Be sure to take the time to l

"Killing Me Slow" - Indigo

  Indigo's latest release "Killing Me Slow" came out this week, and this is a strong, melancholic pop song from the up-and-coming New Zealand singer. The song is wistful, but not overly so - it's dramatic, but not in an overbearing way. It makes me think of one of those clear-minded ballads that a protagonist would listen to in the rain on a TV show. Highly recommended listening for the pop music aficionados as this week comes to a close.