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60 Years of Cheap and Tawdry Romances

I do not read romance novels. Well, okay, that's a lie. I don't read romances intentionally . I don't go out and buy a book just because it's a romance. Often a book will have some sort of romance develop. Sometimes books will be located in the Horror or Fantasy sections of the bookstore and will include more sex than plot. (Laurell K. Hamilton, I'm looking at you.) One of my college roommates had a somewhat disturbing obsession with the genre, and I would go in and borrow one (of hundreds) when I had nothing else to read. But beyond that, I don't read 'em. Here's an exception: 2009 is Harlequin's 60th anniversary of publishing cheap and tawdry romances. To celebrate, they're releasing 16 free ebooks (in various formats, including PDF files) on the website Harlequin Celebrates . It's free, people! And it's 16 books! It takes me about a week to read that many. How could I possibly pass up something like that? How could you ? My point is

sad stuff, again

we can be sure he's DJing in the great gig in the sky now. really sad story though. he seemed like he had his life together again. :(


You've probably heard of Colbie Callait--- her new album "Breakthrough" was released last Tuesday. You know how some artists have their own sound that seems to transcend over their albums? Colbie is one of those artists and, frankly, I like it. She has a pop/acoustic sound that just simply relaxes you. I'm not going to lie though, I'm preatty sure you need ovaries to really love this music. If you're a girl, I'd recommend that you check out her two albums "CoCo" and "Breakthrough".


Tomorrow I’ll be watching “Wizards of Waverly Place: The Movie,” for the second time. I was just as excited for this as I was for Harry Potter 6. I loved it on opening night. It's much deeper than you would think. :) And Selena G sings the "Magic" song. :D 8 PM on Disney. I think. For a CYA (Cinema for Young Audiences) Picture. It really explores the characters to many dimensions and levels. Especially great for fans of the show but also for newcomers as well. And since the lead actress is Half-Mexican, if you don't watch it everyone will think you're a racist!!! Comprende??

It's the Disturbingly Deep Voice Awards!

So who has made the biggest impact with their low voice??? And the nominees are……………… Ethan Peck: Currently playing Patrick Verona on ABC Family’s “Ten Things.” I would describe his voice as a tooting foghorn after somebody pissed in it. Props to his show for coining the name of the award. Steven Wright: The comedian with a career spanning 3 decades, I love his stuff. His voice is like a backseat driver on the verge of laryngitis. Great one-liners. Stephin Merritt: The second of my 3 role models, and the singer of bands such as The Magnetic Fields and The Gothic Archies. His voice brings some people down, but he brings me up, up, up. Phil Anselmo: The legendary vocalist behind musical groups such as Pantera, Superjoint Ritual, and Down. Is it weird that Down is my top pick out of those three bands? His voice is dark and scratchy. And the Winner is………………..[Insert Drumroll] JK SIMMONS: Superstar Actor known as Jonah in “Spiderman”, Dr. Emil Skoda on “Law and Order” (SVU and

Folk Music/The Dutchess & the Duke

I'm not a big fan of folk music, but "Reservoir Park" by The Dutchess and the Duke has been on repeat all day. I like other songs by the band (I recommend "Strangers," "I Am Just A Ghost," and "Mary" - the latter of which has a very, ah, interesting music video. Watch it here .), but there's just something about "Reservoir Park" that really clicks with me. It's an interesting song; it's your typical lo-fi indie folk music with a male/female singing duo. The band reminds me of the Mamas and the Papas; both bands have a similar sound and this song in particular works perfectly when placed in a '60s context. Or something. I may be full of shit, but that's how I feel. Well I went to see the gypsy to have my fortune told. She said, "You ain't got no future, you ain't never growing old." And the clouds keep rolling on in. Questions: What are your favorite folk bands? Do you have any specific

Why Are Still Letting Heidi Montag Near The Mic!

I will confess, the first time heard the new Heidi Montag song (Body Language)…I thought. “Hmm, that actually isn’t so bad.” The second time I heard it, I closely paid attention to the lyrics, and I heard words like this… “Boy whatcha waiting for Come and take control over me me Show authority If your in it for real Go ahead put it on me -------- That’s what she said! I know that you want me So take me Let me follow your lead Baby come on control me Come over take on me Take me” This is CANINE FECAL MATTER!! So I won’t make you read anymore. I mean I know I shouldn’t expect much from las cheapass pop stars, and especially not much from someone who was on “Da Hillz,” but I didn’t imagine it would be this lousy. I mean all this song does is turn Heidi M into the poster wife for being an "AirHead" who’s full of shit from the neck down. Basically, this song sounds like she’s turning herself into a domestic fuck-puppet for her hubby who RAPS in part it! And if you’

what I am doing tomorrow night

seeing this band play at the Warhol: I don't usually see bands this hip. I'm shitting myself. how do I dress??? LIKE A FUCKING HIPSTER? they're all going to judge me and write on their blogs about me! oh, wait... but yeah, I went to go see Deerhunter a while ago and I panicked because there were too many hipsters. I skipped the show because of it :( - Brittany


Cara J. Suppa number of fcbk statuses about michael jackson's death: 49302050202104394092. number of fcbk statuses about ted kennedy's death (so far): 1. Uh huh... It's so weird to me he dies so shortly after his sister Eunice Shriver. ah man. RIP, regardless. The Kennedys, a dwindling clan. behold. I hate to say this, but until I watched CNN for like an hour this morning, I knew nothing about the man, really. except. um. certain things I don't want to repeat at this hour. He was in Erie a while ago campaigning for Obama, I didn't go see him though. Speaking of, Obama gave a nice speech about him not too long ago.

Spotlight/ Shoutout: Sarah Hyland

Hello World, So last week’s Spotlight/Shoutout on Kyle MacLachlan (and unintentionally on OG Mudbone) was a huge success. This week’s Star of the hour/day/minute is up-and-coming television extraordiness, Sarah Hyland. The reason I chose to post on Sarah H is because the first time I learned her name was when she guest starred on “Law and Order: SVU,” playing a sleep-deprived psychotic. The commercials hyped it up saying “This girl’s performance will shock you.” And although, “Law and Order” shows say that every SINGLE week, this time they meant it. She blew me out of the water. Psychotically , sociopathically, sympathetically, emotionally, all across the board. It was good shit! I can’t find a link to that episode, “Hothouse,” but it will probably be on NBC in their rotation soon. If anyone has time to see it, please do. It’s one of the best SVU’s I’ve seen. And it’s not just me that thinks so; Dick Wolf Productions loves Sarah Hyland. She’s guest starred on SVU twice, as


All right, so I already have my "you need to hear this" installment. which is cool and all. but when I was getting my hair done over the weekend (!), I was flipping through the latest copy of Allure (not something I normally if ever read) and came across some pretty sick photos of Amanda Seyfried. sick as in gorgeous. like, insanely gorgeous. so, I present to you, the first installment of my new baby, I'D HIT IT (for the record, that Rahm post a while ago totally counts!) Known best for Karen in "Mean Girls" and the daughter of Streepie in "Mamma Mia," Amanda is just- God. beautiful! her eyes, her face. seriously. I don't know why more people don't see it. She's also from Allentown. PA HOLLA. Quite excited to see her opposite the overrated Megan Fox (who is subpar to Amanda, in my humble opinion) in Diablo Cody (screenwriter/stripper goddess of "Juno" fame)'s newest feat, "Jennifer's Body," which opens in S

death and dying

Today marks the eighth-year anniversary of Aaliyah's death. :( she was really quite talented and I don't consider myself even a light fan of R&B. yes I like soul, but I don't care much for most R&B I hear on the radio. been trying to expose myself to the new Maxwell but it hasn't grown on me yet. in more recent news, Michael Jackson's death was ruled a homicide. how sad! I was watching footage of him on TV preparing for his tour....that would have been one kickass concert. I don't think he had the energy to do all those shows. I mean, I've read stuff about the state of his health at the time of his death and it's terrifying. "Try Again"- Aaliyah & Timbaland also, not to sound like a trite jerk, but you should try any form of Peach Wedge from Wegman's. it's like drinking a Dreamsicle!

Champion of the Irish Flute

In a previous post I stated that this year I've been listening to a lot Irish melodies. Well, this morning I heard a FANTASTIC Irish flute player named Michael King. He does a few reels in this video, and watch the accompanying guitarist. He forms some really good chords. Oh and the title isn't a joke. Michael King is a real deal champion on Irish Flute. Rock on! Or Folk On rather. QATFYG: In this video do the first few notes of the reel sound like "Colors of the Wind" from Pocahontas? HERE! Michael King...Playin Da Flute

let's talk about sex, bb

one of the topics on Twitter got me thinking yesterday. best sex songs? HMM. now I've not had a lot (or any) sex, but when I imagine it, with Swedish supermodels, this is what's usually going on in the background: Jeff Buckley! "Grace" I'm not allowed to embed videos, but between that voice and those looks. holy shit! Jeff Buckley will always give me a (metaphorical) erection. anything off the "Grace" album should get you into the mood. esp. if your significant other is a laydee. guys! listen up! Broken Social Scene I would say either this or "Swimmers." shit, anything by BSS really. have you heard their cover of Joy Division's "Love Will Tear Us Apart?" IT'S TIME THAT WE GREW OLD AND DID SOME SHIT Feist! mostly, just this song, her cover of the Bee Gees' "Inside and Out": Gwen Stefani in this video: "4 in the Morning" Phoenix (and Air, sometimes) "If I Ever Feel Better

Project Runway

The long-awaited Season 6 of Project Runway finally premiered on Lifetime Thursday night and I, for one, am absolutely thrilled. For the uninitiated, Project Runway is an Emmy award-winning reality show that pits fashion designers in the ultimate death-match. Every week a new challenge is assigned; some challenges are realistic, such as this season's first task, in which the contestants needed to design a gown for the red-carpet. Other challenges are... not so much (season 5 included a challenge in which the designers needed to make an outfit out of car parts). The designs are then judged on the runway and one designer is kicked out. The final designers left standing put together a full collection and show at Fashion Week in New York City. One wins. Pretty basic. The fate of the show was left hanging after the show's creators decided to move it to Lifetime (from Bravo). Various law suits ensued and the show was in limbo for quite some time. Fortunately, everything worked ou

calvin harris

Calvin Harris' newest album, "Ready For the Weekend," came out this past Tuesday. and while electronica/dance music is usually not my cup of tea (to be fair, I enjoy Junior Boys and Hot Chip and Diplo and Yelle and the occasional Justice or MSTRKRFT), I can't get enough of this guy's stuff. I really CAN-NOT. Even the two big tracks from his last album, "I Invented Disco," (YES HE SO DID), "The Girls" and "Acceptable in the '80s" have been rushing through my mind the past week (I LIKE THEM BIG GIRLS, I LIKE THEM SKINNY GIRLS, I LIKE THEM CARRYING A LITTY-BITTY BIT OF WEIGHT GIRLS) but his new album is just as- well, maybe not QUITE- as fun as his last venture. which is what sometimes music should be. fluffy enjoyable stuff to dance to. even if you're like me and do not dance. the album is spotted by appearances of other dance and hip-hop musicians (I sound so white right now. stuff white people like!) Izza Kizza, Dizzee Rasc

Give JR a Break

Recently, I've been reading some sites that have criticized James Roday, the lead actor on the USA show PSYCH for an apparent weight gain. But you know what? Who gives a flying fizzle stick if James Roday is slightly larger than he was 4 years ago. Apparently, it wasn't enough to scare away his current girlfriend/ co-star Maggie Lawson. (Who is one hell of a Catch!) And NO they are not engaged. That seems to be nothing more than a rumor, but there is a very high chance of it happening in the near future. Anyway, as long as PSYCH continues to entertain I don't mind about James Roday's waist. He, and Dule Hill, and Corbin Bernson too, can eat all the fried broccoli they want. The last episode of PSYCH wasn't so smashing, but I don't blame it on dietary issues. QATFYG: Are you keeping up with Psych? And who is hotter, James Roday or Maggie Lawson? (Trick Question but idk why) PS: If you have heard any more news on Roday and Lawson becoming Roday-Lawso

Because Bradley Cooper Has Them....

After I saw “The Hangover” I was impressed for a lot of reasons. One: It was funny. Two: Bradley Cooper was wearing some BadAss SUNGLASSES. Even Johnny Cage from Mortal Kombat would have to admit that. So since I saw the movie, I realized I had to have a pair of shades like BC. And that day is today. I got 'em!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Except with black frames. How influential? So Bradley Cooper is becoming the next BIG THING in Hollywood. His name is being mentioned constantly from tabloids about dating Rene Zellweger to being praised on Meghan McCain’s blog. "Like He's So Amazin." But will I see his new movie “All About Steve” with Sandra Bullock? Unlikely…..I thought her character would have been a good role for Juliette Lewis. But I’d have to see it in action first. QATFYG: Do you like the shades? How long will BC’s stardom last? And will you see “All About Steve?”


Why do they congregate in groups of four Scatter like a billion spores And let the wind just carry them away? How can kids be so mean? Our famous doctor tried to glean As he went home at the end of the day In this nature show that rages every day It was then he heard his intuition say We were all basically alone Despite what all his studies had shown That what's mistaken for closeness Is just a case of mitosis Sure fatal doses of malcontent through osmosis And why do some show no mercy While others are painfully shy? Tell me doctor, can you quantify The reason why? Imitosis I got my ANDREW BIRD/ST. VINCENT ticket in the mail yesterday. score! Buffalo, October 21st, here I come.

reposted from "exceptindreams"

NOOOOOOOOO I didn't find this on my own. I just saw it in the community and it touched me. I implore you to visit that livejournal...they have some cool stuff. "Reasons to Live" Alison Luterman for Arlene Sagan The guy with the beautiful waist-length Byronic hair stands braced in black fish-nets, silver tutu, and high heels, playing his violin without a trace of irony at the entrance of 24th and Mission where I’m elbowing through the suits and prostitutes to get on the 5:13 to Richmond. Ruby music spills like the blood I’ve been carrying in test-tubes all day, sweet as raisins and almonds at a gypsy wedding. That, too, is a reason to live, even when the long tunnel feels endless, and the months stretch out between real kisses. All of us commuters read so we don’t have to feel tons of dark water, pressing down on us, and the steel-lace bridge arcing impossible miles above, carrying a million cars, a million tiny drivers like a battalion of sperm aimed at the ovum of eve


I discovered Yeasayer by accident: I was playing a radio station on when the song "Germs" popped up. I liked the track. A few songs later "Sunrise" played. I really liked that one. I then went on a bit of a rampage, downloading everything I could find by them. I completely missed this band back in 2007, so I'm making up for lost time now. Yeasayer is a so-called "experimental band," whatever that means. Their music is a little trippy, a little psychedelic, and a little indie. Their first album, "All Hour Cymbals," was released in 2007 and their upcoming album is to be released January 2010, although they've been hinting that they'd do something "big" in October. Rumor has it they're incredible live. (An excellent live version of 2080 is shown above.) Many of their songs are melancholic, with themes ranging from being left behind by evolution ("Sunrise": the fish began to fly / I went and stole som


anyone that has talked to me recently knows, ever since I saw 500 Days (YESSS! recap to come soon) I've been geeking out for trailer for the upcoming movie version of Nine , made by the same team (led by Mr. Rob Marshall) that brought you Chicago . I seriously came when the trailer was over. I'm just that easy, I guess. here's the link to the trailer 'cause God won't let me embed it: it comes out November 25th here in the States. I can't WAIT THAT LONG - and I hate musicals! typically! reasons it won't suck - fucking Fellini wrote that shit. I'm going to rent 8 1/2 this weekend. consider it my cinematic education. - MARION COTILLARD .... ugh ugh ugh - Kate Hudson DANCES? Kate Hudson SINGS? - Daniel Day Lewis, he does NO WRONG - Penelope Cruz is such a temptress - Nicole Kidman! remember Moulin Rouge ? - SOPHIA LOREN AND DAME JUDI DENCH! LEGENDSSSS! - oh my God, FERGIE FERG AS A PROSTITUTE ahem To the D,

Spotlight/ Shoutout: Kyle MacLachlan

Heyo, so something new is in the works here. Wednesdays will now feature a Spotlight Shout Out of an actor and his or her current work. This weeks starts off with Kyle MacLachlan, an actor who encompasses many talents and qualities into his work, but one of them really stands out. And that is …………………Mystery!! KM is a beast at playing the mysterious enigmatic character, and that has come into his work recently with his performance in the show, Desperate Housewives, playing a dentist with a hidden past. One character on the show even stated that he, “Has that smile down cold.” Lately, his character hasn’t been as dark and monumental, but Kyle MacLachlan is still a solid entertainer. And speaking of mystery, he has worked with writer/director David Lynch on multiple projects including, Twin Peaks, Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me, and Blue Velvet. Trust me nothing is as mysterious as David Lynch. But in addition to being a creepy dentist on an extremely feminine primetime soap,

Having Some Fun, Italiano

Toady I was torn between posting about Nick Jonas or Marco Panascia. I chose Marco Panascia. I hope no one is offended. Marco P is an upright bass and electric bass player born in Itlay, but now residing in NYC. Listening to his music can be described with one word:Fun And the only advice I would give is really focus. I mean REALLY FOCUS. It's just fun to see and to watch. So catch Marco P. playing some classics from Jazz, Blues, and other genres. It's great.

They Might B Giants And Coraline And Other Stuff

I recently saw the film "Coraline," and it was great. One of the best parts of the movie was an original song from the multi-generational band, THEY MIGHT BE GIANTS. These grammy-award winning rockers have been putting out albums since the 80's, and they also recorded the Malcom in the Middle theme song. (Which they won the grammy for). Now TMBG is releasing their latest album in the next few days....A la September 1st. I can't wait. These guys are so much fun. I'm sure there is plenty of it already on the internet, but I might wait until Sept. 1 to start listening. Oh nostalgia's sake. They Might Be Giants were supposed to have 10 songs featured in "Coraline," but the plan was scrapped when it was decided that the film was going to be darker-themed, and not musical oriented. BASTARDS!! But anyway, They Might Be Giants will be releasing their "Coraline" songs on various new albums and projects. I'm a little too archaic for

sometimes I read about these things, and they depress me.

because I am the most amazing loser in the history of ever, I stayed home last night and spent some quality time with my parents (HAPPY 34TH ANNIVERSARY MOM AND DAD) watching the BEST channel ever, TCM. seriously, every time I remember I get TCM, I pee a little. anywayyyy, I totally called the film, 1953's From Here to Eternity , based on the novel by James Jones. the choice (you know, it's set in Hawaii pre-Pearl Harbor) felt very appropriate for the sudden god-awful heat we're experiencing (I don't know how I'm tying this all together, but follow). classic alert! see this film- it's pretty riveting. and I was impressed with how realistic it seemed, a lot of films from that era strike me as not carrying an air of believability to them, but this was an exception. Frank Sinatra was a skinny bastard. not a fan! I was happy to see Ernest Borgnine pound the life out of him....whom IS STILL ALIVE (hi Ernest!!!) I spent ten minutes debating who played Elma with my mo

corrections and apologies

- there are apparently Trojans on this website? :( I feel bad about this. I am sorry. I don't know how this happened. but it's so- you know, anyone can do this. so maybe we got hacked? I'm sorry. I was alerted by my friend and I certainly don't want to harm anybody's computer. - Sufjan Stevens is in Cleveland September 24th. No Pittsburgh. stupid website. that's all for now.


"Jade?" "Alexander?" "Do you remember that time you fell out my window?" "I sure do, you came jumping out after me." "Well, you fell on the concrete, nearly broke your ass, you were bleeding all over the place and I rushed you out to the hospital, you remember that?" "Yes I do." "Well there's something I never told you about that night." "What didn't you tell me?" "While you were sitting in the backseat smoking a cigarette you thought was gonna be your last, I was falling deep, deeply in love with you, and I never told you til just now." home - Edward Sharp and the Magnetic Zeros MORE SONGS NEED SPOKEN INTERLUDES SUCH AS THIS.

America's Next Top Midget

Everyone has something they're ashamed of: their middle name, the semester they failed out of college, their secret love for the Jonas Brothers. On the other hand, I'm not particularly ashamed to admit my love for America's Next Top Model, and I'm not afraid to wave my kitsch flag high. I admit that I have a problem: I hate Tyra, I hate Miss J, I hate Nigel "Pervert" Barker, I hate the fact that the show objectifies women and promotes the ideal that skinny is beautiful. BUT. I love how awful it is. And sometimes there are some real stunners: Fo from cycle 12, Yoanna from cycle 2, Katarzyna from cycle 10, Elyse from cycle 1. Sometimes they're even successful: Fo recently booked campaigns with Nike, Reebok, Target, and A&F, Yoanna hosts several TV shows, Katarzyna has walked in France's couture fashion week, Elyse is big in Japan (on so many levels!). Today the finalists for cycle 13 were announced. For the uninitiated, Tyra(nt) declared this sea


TO ADAM, who has a job now. best of luck in the RL Mr. Adam! ALSO: THE PERSEIDS. BE THERE, OR BE............devoid of something wonderful in your life. or the night sky. between 3 and 5 AM are your best bets for a good show. hence me pushing my limits and staying up that late. O_O sup you son of a bitch

Just Curious

Just a random thought that came to mind, if you could meet any celebrity, who would it be? Mine would be...... Daniel Handler : The author of "A Series of Unfortunate Events" under the name Lemony Snickett and many other works of literary fantastikness! He is also known to perform with one of my role models, Stephin Merrit, playing the accordion in The Gothic Archies. And I LOVE The Gothic Archies. QATFYG: If you could meet one celebrity, who would it be?

but think of the children involved!

I know, I know, I know. I don't know. also, Lady Gaga has Rainer Maria Rilke quotes tattooed on her. says he is her "favorite philosopher." what an enigma she is.


Hi world, I'm back from Nova Scotia, and it was wonderful. During my time in Eastern Atlantic Canada, I encountered some very interesting local music. In the EAC there was a much greater presence of Folk Music in their mainstream radio than in the states. Their music is a combination of Scottish, Irish, French, and North American country-like elements. Here are some new goodies I encountered. Molly Thomason: I heard this girl on the radio, and yes girl. Listen to this: SERIOUSLY LISTEN. She is only 14, but she will shock you with her mature voice. Very talented youngster from Antingonish, Nova Scotia. Also, while on the Gulf of St. Lawrence, I really took to the radio station 106.1 Cheticamp. It is an Acadian station that features traditional Nova Scotia music in English, French, and Local Acadian. So Fun!! Stream it live... And this gem of music form Stompin' Tom Connors


The messiah himself, Sufjan Stevens (err), will be touring this fall. ! I don't know how I was oblivious of this until, like ten minutes ago. I mean, who doesn't like Sufjan Stevens? srsly? you can see all his upcoming tourdates HERE (and he's got some interesting places on that list!) He will be in Cleveland on October 26th and in Pittsburgh November 4th. shitty timing Mr. Stevens! I can't see you! "Casimir Pulaski Day" Casimir Pulaski Day - Sufjan Stevens Uploaded by MartyMcBenji . - Watch more music videos, in HD! and he takes and he takes and he takes. I have that song memorized.

thanks mmorbo!

I forgot about this, thanks for reminding me! clever: Zooey really looks good as Sid Vicious....Joe? not so much. :D p.s. STILL NOT IN ERIE p.p.s. I AM A DOUCHEBAG good night

oh to be young in 1987 and a member of the brat pack

John Hughes, that director of all those teen movies we loved in the 80s (you know it!) died the other day while taking a walk in New York City. dead of a heart attack while visiting family. life sucks sometimes. so, there's the retrospective of his whole career to be had: "Sixteen Candles," "The Breakfast Club," "Pretty In Pink," "Say Anything" (!!!!!!!!), etc. basically, this man was the reason Molly Ringwald exists. I got to thinking about it and decided "Ferris Bueller" is probably my favorite. what a classic. so many great scenes. Jennifer Grey as the sister, Matthew Broderick at his best and cockiest (except "Election," which was also awesome, he just looks so creepy and old now) CHARLIE SHEEN IN THE POPO STATION. god, I don't even know. this movie had no effect on me for years. but now, everytime I take a shower, I feel compelled to reenact that scene. true, true. YOUR FAVORITES? (because Al is still i

i'm back i'm back i'm back

(from earlier- now that my internet connection is baaack. thanks verizon). I don't think the reviews made this look so fantastic, which is disappointing to me. Nora Ephron isn't as bad as I'd like her to be- "You've Got Mail" was on TV again last night and OH SHIT I WATCHED IT FOR THE 200TH TIME. it's sad, really. I remember being younger- in fifth grade? and going through this odd, odd Meg Ryan movie phase. like, I just had to see her movies and understand romance. and I'd hate to say how deep of an impact that and "City of Angels" made on my psyche. regardless, I've never seen "When Harry Met Sally" (I'LL HAVE WHAT SHE'S HAVING) or "Sleepless In Seattle" (you're moving to Seattle? it rains nine months out of the year there!). okay tangent. I mean, Meryl Streep and Amy Adams, you think this movie has something going for it. plus Julia Child seemed like one hell of a fun lady. well maybe film critics are

Sexy Sonia Sotomayor

The US Senate just confirmed "Sexy" Sonia Sotomayor (do you see what I did there?) for the Supreme Court of the United States. She's the first justice of Hispanic descent, and the third female justice, to receive a place in the court. I, for one, am ecstatic. She has more experience than you can shake a stick at, and she's got an inspirational background to boot. Congratulations, Justice Sotomayor! Don't fuck up. (Here's a personal opinion: I think this nonsense over her "wise Latina" comment is just that - nonsense. If you're a Latina with the background and experiences she has, you SHOULD be capable of making better decisions than a comparatively sheltered white man. Not worth making a fuss about.)

erie, sometimes you suck so hard.

Dear Erie: I commend you for trying to better yourself as a city. you have a lot of potential, you just seem to be sitting (rather stupidly) in the wrong hands. under the right guidance, you could really become something. but considering half the people in this town are backwards idiots, you just kind of fizzle out and all your attempts to better yourself are met with disregard. I feel bad for you, I do, but this is why most of the young people choose to leave you. you are a weirdly Republican-acting Democratic city, a pretty homophobic city with an oddly abundant number of "male seeking male" casual encounter ads on Craigslist. hmm. curious. this being said, why is it every Celebrate Erie I can recall has featured some terrible musical headliner? last year it was Foreignor, the year before that it was KEVIN FUCKING BACON. Do you put all the subpar musical acts' names you can think of in a hat, close your eyes and draw at random? Could you just try a LITTLE harder to

tumblr vs. twitter

TWITTER pro's: - can be helpful in really weird ways - SARAH SILVERMAN HAS ONE - JOHN LITHGOW HAS ONE - I can get my passive aggressive ya-yas out via twitter con's: - can be absolutely pointless - is full of spam - John Lithgow has one - wastes too much of my time TUMBLR pro's: - looks better - neater - more freedom - interesting! con's: - douches use it - therefore I would probably not be the prime candidate to use it - prime a la steak - but then again, I'm sure a bunch of weird people that like to post photos of themselves in the same awkward positions every time they get drunk on my facebook (every third person I graduated with) have it and write about worse stuff than I. give me a month. YOUR CALL, READERS, YOUR CALL

odds and ends

if you caught the news at all this morning (and you're American) you probably noticeD the joyful reunion of journalists Laura Ling and Euna Lee with their families. it took Bill Clinton going over to North Korea for this to happen. Bill Clinton. is there anything that man cannot do? be faithful to HilHil? badababdababa GONG. old joke? blow me! I'm on a roll today. Two trailers: Tucker Max's I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell , which is my guide for living: this one's kind of old, but for the beloved children classic's Where the Wild Things Are , which I appreciate for nostalgia purposes and Arcade Fire obviously Spike Jonze is a pretty good director so I think this will be worth it. and also I have fond recollections of reading the book...the same with Tucker Max, but not really. SONG FOR WENLI: "M

Florence & the Machine - Drumming Song video

Florence + The Machine - Drumming Song So earlier today I was surfing around on YouTube and, just by chance, I stumbled across Florence and the Machine's brand new music video for her upcoming single "Drumming Song." Not gonna lie - I love it. The song is one of my favorites off the album and the video is HOT. The whole "sexy nun" thing has been done to death, but Florence is on FIRE. I mean. Holy crap. She's not traditionally sexy, or even all that beautiful, but she is absolutely stunning in this video. Bitch is (dare I say it?) FIERCE. Legs for days. And her moves are fantastic. Who could deny that humping? It's sacrilicious. In conclusion, I have a crush on Florence and I'm not afraid to admit it. Oh, and the church is pretty sweet too. (Yeah, I know 2/3rds of my posts in this blog are about F&TM. I'll work on that. Honest. I already know what I'm going to review next and everything!)


so I want to start this new drinking game, called "every time I encounter Marjorie Diehl Armstrong and Her Mental State in the news, I will drink myself shitfaced." I would be on drink 18 right now, holla. this just in: SHE MAY NOT BE COMPETENT,0,5567169.story I don't know what these people are talking about. if this isn't the face of sanity, then WHAT is?

Recount Impossible...or Implausible

It looks like the poll is drawn to a close in my Selena Gomez vs. Pilot match-up. The results are with PILOT 60% to Selena G's 40%. I don't have an PgD in Maths, but I can tell that Pilot won. And a recount is not necessary. But I'm really just posting to say I'll be in Canuckland (Nova Scotia) for the next week, so I prolly won't be posting. But I think Brittany and Adam will have things covered. Respect. Roger that..over.

it sucks to be you, penelope cruz! personal favorite part (ahem): She told reporters at the event: "I looked up at the sky and said, 'Don't you rain on me - I'm Penelope Cruz!'" how curious! I say the exact same thing sometimes. loved this bitch in "Vicki Cristina" anyway.

Haley Joel Osment's Little Sister Took Me To The Clinic

For over two years I was trying to remember the name of a wicked music video I saw in the A.M. on MTV 2. My mind was totally in distress over the matter . .............Until Haley Joel Osment's little sister, Emily, posted about it on twitter. And my problems were answered. I could Remember! "Walking With Thee" from Clinic. The video is pretty awesome, but I remembered it being more intense music. sorta like Aphex Twin. Clinic is not. But anyway thank you Haley Joel's little sister for opening up my locked, trapped mind. I still don't like your brother. Listen to Clinic and watch their videos. ARTSY Muddafuckas!! QATFYG: Will you thank Emily O. for me? Please.

take your steps with conviction

A midsummer mix may seem like overdoing it- but I did one last year (I remember some Rilo Kiley theme to the whole thing) and really enjoyed it. thus, old habits die hard. or newisher habits. I want there to be that lingering feeling of something good about to dissipate, or maybe not. maybe it will stay. anyway. here they are for your sonic treats: "That Summer Feeling"- Jonathan Richman (need I say more?) "Suzanne"- Leonard Cohen (m4a) "Fences"- Phoenix "Your Hand In Mine"- Liam Frost featuring Martha Wainwright "Shampoo"- Pete Yorn and Scarlett Johannsen "I Should Have Known Better"- She & Him (Beatles cover) "Ramblin' (Wo)Man"- Cat Power (Allman Brothers cover) http://www.sen