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New Robyn track 'Missing U' to drop Monday

Have U been waiting awhile for a new Robyn song?  So have I.  Enjoy this teaser above.  The new track drops Monday.  It has allegedly leaked online so ask your local purveyor of pirated material if you are a part of the criminal underworld.  

"The Trip" - Still Corners

This is one of the songs that I really like - a song that feels perfect for late at night, drifting in and out of sleep. Perfectly trippy. A must hear. 

"Iguana Bird" - Pete Yorn + Scarlett Johansson

This is a perfect pop song. Say what you will, but Pete Yorn KNOWS how to write a damn song.

I Do It Alone: Shopping

IT'S BACK BITCHES. Guess what it didn't die; I just didn't have any contributors for a long time. I Do It Alone: Shopping by Erin Cline We all have our weird shit. The shit no one sees, save for MAYBE your BFF or MAYBE your partner—and even those are big maybes. The beautiful thing about the weird shit is that it’s not necessarily something that is kinky or hazardous to the health or safety of yourself or others; no, nothing like least, not in this story. Right now, I’m simply referring to the shit you don’t want to show others for fear of them confirming exactly what you already know: You’re a huge fucking weirdo. My preference for shopping alone started when I was a teenager, and, initially, there was only one person I refused to venture out with—one of my dearest friends to this day is a serious shopping addict and always has been; she has to look at every item in every section and has an annoying habit of calling dibs on everything in the store