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the best dressed band in music returns

it's been too long since we've heard from these guys. long enough that my rediscovery of them feels exciting. like it did when I heard "Take Me Out" for the first time (and saw the video- crazy, I haven't sat down and watched a video in forever!) so today I bought Tonight: Franz Ferdinand . and now, for some reason, I own all their albums. one of the rare bands to accomplish that feat with me. You Could Have It So Much Better wasn't terrible, but I felt like the majority of the album just sounded the same. And I wasn't as gung-ho about Franz Ferdinand as everyone else was. They were both good albums that I've listened to a lot, but there comes a point where I think, a few plays in, "enough of this!" luckily, Tonight sounds good over all (and thank God- I buy albums so rarely now that they must be amazing if I'm to spend money on them). "No You Girls," "Katherine Kiss Me," "Can't Stop Feeling" and "

in honor

of the passing of John Updike: "A&P": In walks these three girls in nothing but bathing suits. tried to read some of the "Rabbit" novels. could not do it. RIP, regardless. - Brittany


While I'm no stranger to online blogging (hay livejournal!) I am a little bit of a stranger to the world of "professional" blogging. And I'd be an idiot to assume that's what this is, but I'm striving for something different this time. Something less personal and more atuned to what I enjoy reading (and other people I hope! my five potential readers, out there, in the great big internets). what I'm aiming for is an A&E-driven blog, mostly music-oriented but encompassing all the spectrums pop culture has to offer (LIKE A RAINBOWWWW) from every now and then, with some history and news-talk thrown in for good measure. so here it goes! I mean, honestly: the internet. if I can do it, it's too easy. The Bird and the Bee- Ray Guns Are Not Just the Future so I feel like I was kept in the dark for too long about this album! or maybe I just haven't been paying enough attention. that will happen. first you have the title, which is