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The Kinks - Lola

Back when I was around 12 years old and Napster was still in its prime (ah, memories!), I went through a phase where I would download every song I'd ever heard of, whether I'd heard it before or not. This introduced me to music that would impact my music taste for years to come (Tori Amos, Placebo, Mary Prankster) and some music that I was better off without (... Eminem). The Kinks' "Lola" is one song that didn't fit into either category. I remember liking it a lot when I was 13 or so, but then I went years without hearing it again. It just went from computer to computer until I found it just last week. Since then I've been listening to it on repeat, right after "Bulletproof" by La Roux and Eric Prydz's "Call On Me." The lyrics are genius, the music is amazing, and it's hard to believe that it was released in 1970; it's aged like a fine wine. How they managed to get away with this song in the '70s, I don't know, b

Spotlight/ Shoutout: Lon Chaney

Hola mis guapos amigos! This week goes back a few decades, and the spotlight shoutout goes to Lon Chaney. Recently, my interest in silent films has been revived, and when I look to the speechless masterwork of the 20’s I think of Lon C. He did some of the best work on screen, as well as for the makeup department. Lon has starred in great roles like “The Phantom of the Opera,” “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde,” and the “Hunchback of Notre Dame.” Literally this guy has done so much with his career it would take pages to list. I will say his work as the Phantom has been my favorite. His makeup job makes Gerard Butler look like a mouse. My other interests in silent films have been expanded over the past two weeks because in my US history class we’re covering the works of Clara Bow. Finally, a decent assignment. Now this is a woman. I would ask her out if she wasn’t dead. Also on the note of silents, check out “Judex” from 1923 I think? It is about a masked hero fighting crime, a character wa

questionable "i'd hit it"

I'll let you guys decide this one. ALSO- the fact he's not seeing his new baby? not cool at all Jude. MAN UP BITCH.

Desperate Housewives Season Premiere

Attention contains spoiler info: So moments ago the season finale of “Desperate Housewives” just ended on ABC. I actually have not followed this show for very long, beginning my tenure as a DH fan last spring. Over the summer I got their back-to-back daily episodes on Lifetime, and now I’m hooked in tightly. Hi, Kyle MacLachlan!! This season has started with some new mysteries and wrapped up some old ones. Eva Longoria Parker has a bratty teenage girl. Felicity Huffman is pregnant AGAIN with twins. Marcia Cross is performing infidelity rituals with her divorce lawyer. And of course Teri Hatcher is getting married. If you’re reading this and think it sounds rather plain…well it is. Overall I thought the majority of the show was not very interesting, and I actually spent some time reading a history book instead of paying attention. UNTIL the final minute of the show* This is where DH capitalizes on its greatness. Teri Hatcher’s daughter Andrea Bowen, (Character: Julie Ma


METRIC: November 24th, Mr. Small's, Pittsburgh (with Band of Skulls). Tickets are $20 and the show begins at 8 p.m. nothing on this planet is keeping me from that show!!! also of interest Kanye West, Lady Gaga: December 23rd - Cleveland FAME KILLZ Quicken Loans Arena

new good shit

Muse had a new album come out a little while ago. sorry I'm so slow. I'm not sure my feelings on it, because Muse is a band I sort of-kind of like. I feel like Twilight (ha) may have ruined them somewhat for me. But I have to say "Supermassive Black Hole" is still one of my favorite songs by them. That, "Endlessly" and "Unintended." I liked SBM when it first came out....I remember listening to it on my tiptoes when I was working evenings at the bakery after school. I'd always work faster when it was on Energy's countdown. good times aplenty, right there. "Undisclosed Desires": Matt Bellamy's voice is boner-inducing, no? The Golden Filter remind me of some kind of Disco-Garbage hybrid. I didn't like them at first....but now, now..... "Thunderbird": do you remember That 70s House (or whatever that shit was) on MTV a few years ago? um I do. The Xx are a terrific new band who sound very bored, which i

dear celebrity children: SHUT THE FUCK UP

There's been a very prevalent trend among the spawn of Hollywood legends (and not-so-legends...Ryan O'Neill, in my book, will never qualify). I would trace this back to Christina Crawford's tell-all, which because that infamous cult classic, Mommie Dearest . If you have seen it, there's no need for me to wax on it. It doesn't paint the film icon in a positive light, and I think we can all safely assume there was some exaggeration involved. Then you go forward to like, Ryan and Tatum, and so many others that I don't feel like naming. "Oh, blah blah blah, my famous dad/mom/guardian was SUCH a dick, let me tell the world about it and meanwhile collect publicity for myself kthnx ." Well now we can Mackenzie Phillips, daughter of famed PAPA JOHN Phillips of the Mamas and the Papas to that list. apparently, on a recent interview with talk show guru/deity Oprah, (if you haven't heard this by now LISTEN UP) slept with her dad when they were both

Before She Was Bella: The Saga Continues

Yo! So it’s feels like forever since I posted on the Before She Was Bella series, but tonight the drought ends and the Kristen Stewart insight shall monsoon down upon us all. The Kristen Stewart moment of the moment is her film “Speak,” based on the novel of the same name. I read about 50 pages of the novel on a family trip, and already I could guess the mystery of the premise. Even from watching the first 10 minutes of the flick, you can figure out everything. This film was very predictable, but it does have its strong moments. Kristen plays the depressed teenager, Melinda Sordino who calls the police during a summer party, and aggravates her fellow classmates before her first year of high school. And you learn the hidden parts of the story as the film goes onward, but it’s fairly easy to guess. I was surprised that it actually had some good art direction and cinematography, which were things I did not expect to see. So props to those guys and gals. During the film I actual

So guess who is the new guest co-host on the view??

Naturally it's Heidi Montag. No seriously. That little tinker twat I love to hate is making her way into Day Time television taking one of the view's co-hosting spots from Elizzie H on Oct. 1st. Listen, Heidi M was lousy on prime time TV! She was lousy in front of the microphone, so why the hell would anyone let this lousy media flytrap onto daytime television? Is there any spot on TV Heidi M won't invade? I say don't even let this snatch-mouth on youtube. At least all the kiddies will be at school, so they don't have to see her untalented playboy posing ass all over the television screen. PS: I wonder if Heidi will mention me in her memoir. QATFYG: Whose memoir do you want to be mentioned in?

because of the fall (heartbeats)

this song really always makes me feel like fall. or early winter. WHICH VERSION DO YOU PREFER, GENTLE READER The Knife's original version: or Jose Gonzalez' stripped-down cover? I didn't like this at all at first but it has since grown. thoughts! belated happy fall, everybody!

RIP Sugababes (1998 - 2009)

The Sugababes are apparently a well-known pop girl group in the UK. "Apparently" because I've never been to the UK and, thus, must rely on what I've read on the internet. They've had a number of hit singles (" Freak Like Me ," " Push the Button ," " Get Sexy ") and are pure, unadulturated pop goodness. While they might be pop, they're foreign, so it's okay to like them. On September 22 it was announced that singer Keisha Buchanan - the last remaining founding member - has left the group. She's been my favorite since I first heard " Overload " and " Run For Cover " on the internet back in 2001. I remained a fan when they rebranded after Siobhan Donaghy left in 2001, and kept listening until Mutya Buena left in 2005. Siobhan's replacement, Heidi Range (formerly of Atomic Kitten) was an acceptable replacement, but I hated Amelle Berrabah, so I gradually stopped listening. Jade Ewen has been chosen to


In that harbor of a room you'll find your anchor soon in the parting of our ways may it never happen, anyway... ...All of your charms couldn't keep you from...

Spotlight/ Shoutout: Kanye West

So here’s a name that has been tossed around a lot over the past few days/ week. Okay, it is now known that Kanye West has some issues about running his mouth, and you’d think after winning 12 grammys he wouldn’t be the type for public outbursts. Either that or because Kanye has 12 grammys he thinks he owns the world. Option two is more likely. But all mouthing off aside, the honor of this week’s spotlight/ shoutout goes to Kay Dub because I feel like helpin’ a brutha out. Not. In all seriousness, Kanye receives the s/s because I’m giving KW a shoutout for his role as an actor and work outside of the music biz. In 2008 he did an HBO special, which looks kind of blah, but it might be worth watching. And now the real deal I want to see is his film from 2005, “State Property 2.” This film just looks so bad-ass and gangsta I don’t think I can turn down the opportunity. Normally this isn’t my style, but this sort of “ghetto-fab” film might be promising. SP 2 also features the l

On the Shelves TODAY!!!!!!!!!!

So recently I stated I was excited on Dan Brown's latest novel, but that level of joy does not compare to what's on shelves now..... "American on Purpose: The Improbable Adventure of an Unlikely Patriot." by Craig Ferguson. That's right, Craig Flippin' Ferguson aka the Late Late Host, everybody's 2nd favorite Scottish-American. Craig F is hailed by many as the best late night host on TV these days, and yes some people say he's even better than Leno, Conan, Letterman, and even Carson Daly (The last one was a joke.) But all chestnuts aside, Craig is hilarious, and I will definitely read his new book on an afternoon at Books A Million, probably next weekend. Tough times, word up. QATFYG: Are you a Craig Ferguson fan? Who is your favorite Scottish-American? And who is the best late night talk show host?

music news (real quick before i go to work)

THIS is the Twilight follow-up New Moon soundtrack: Death Cab for Cutie – 'Meet Me On the Equinox' Band of Skulls – 'Friends' Thom Yorke – 'Hearing Damage' Lykke Li – 'Possibility' The Killers – 'A White Demon Love Song' Anya Marina – 'Satellite Heart' Muse – 'I Belong To You (New Moon Remix)' Bon Iver and St Vincent – 'Rosyln' Black Rebel Motorcycle Club – 'Done All Wrong' Hurricane Bells – 'Monsters' Sea Wolf - 'The Violet Hour' OK GO – 'Shooting The Moon' Grizzly Bear – 'Slow Life' Editors – 'No Sound But The Wind' Alexandre Desplat – 'New Moon (The Meadow)' WUT?? none of those bands suck! that makes no sense!' I'm a little thrown off by Lykke the most. oh Lykke. check her out here: she's so awesome! also, Zooey and Ben Gibbard wed this past weekend. :( sniff, sniff.

from alice


why i still love jack kerouac

He would go on for hours, often drunk, to friends and strangers about his method. Allen Ginsberg, initially unimpressed, would later be one of its great proponents, and indeed, he was apparently influenced by Kerouac's free flowing prose method of writing in the composition of his masterpiece "Howl." It was at about the time that Kerouac wrote The Subterraneans that he was approached by Ginsberg and others to formally explicate exactly how he wrote it; how he did Spontaneous Prose. Among the writings he set down specifically about his Spontaneous Prose method, the most concise would be Belief and Technique for Modern Prose, a list of thirty "essentials." Scribbled secret notebooks, and wild typewritten pages, for your own joy Submissive to everything, open, listening Try never get drunk outside your own house Be in love with your life Something that you feel will find its own form Be crazy dumbsaint of the mind Blow as deep as you want to blow Write what yo

notes from the emmys

I like to think of myself as a war correspondent on the frontlines in these situations: so here they are, the unabridged stream-of-consciousness - NEIL PATRICK HARRIS - song and dance man - montages - sitcoms from "30 Rock" to "Family Guy" to "Desperate Housewives" - sweeping changes - Jon Hamm & Tina Fey "good evening and thank you for looking at us"- Hamm Mad Men's Don Draper 30 Rock - supporting actress in a comedy Pushing Daisies- short-lived sweetness Jane Krakowski , the crazy self- obsessed shitshow SNL gets propppppps celebrating their quirkiness Ugly Betty's Vanessa Williams looking characteristically bitchy KRISTIN CHENOWITH - bio also known for her work on Broadway as multi-talented as the host teary-eyed and squeaky BREAKTHROUGH PERFORMANCE OF THE YEAR (some random Englishwoman?) decided by voters scenes from Gossip Girl, American Idol and True Blood viewers were invited to keep voting through the performance an

two way monologues/honorary I'D HIT IT

So SONDRE LERCHE . was fantastic. to paraphase the wonderful elfin man himself, (s)he's fantastic! seriously, I had next to mehhhh expectations for this show. I'll be real with you: I went because I am a somewhat knowledgeable fan ( Faces Down ? yes please). this guy was my shit (briefly) in tenth grade, when I was gifted a copy of Two Way Monologue. I've since moved on, and I've gone to appreciate other Scandinavian singers ( coughJENScough ) but in the past few years I've experienced a Sondre -resurgence. the Beachland Ballroom itself is an interesting venue. reminds you of a roller rink, something straight out of a high school dance (if I went to those SNORT). there's a tavern in the back (which is handy) and a vintage store in the basement (which is cool!) Andrew Bird and Sufjan play there. but it's just in a weird area. like, I was imagining something akin to the Grog Shop, in an area where there's actually stuff to do and shops and restaura

They Shoot Horses, Don't They? (1969)

I'll be honest with you: I'm not a movie person. I have trouble sitting still. I'm impatient. I'm constantly looking at the time, or picking up a book, or doing something else while the movie plays. So a movie that actually captures my attention is pretty rare. "They Shoot Horses, Don't They?" is Sydney Pollack's 1969 film adaptation of the 1935 novel written by Horace McCoy. It takes place in the 1930s, during the American depression, when people were desperate and willing to do anything for money, such as marathon dancing. Marathon dancing was one of the seedier money-making schemes in the '30s, and that is vividly shown in the film: people would eat, sleep, and even die while in a state of constant movement. The film depicts all of this, as well as the concept of the "derby" - vicious high-paced races around the dance floor - in a stunning, grotesque manner. The film focuses on a varied group of people desperate to win the dance mara

thank god it's THURSDAY

First things first, last night I swung into Pittsburgh after my classes had finished and saw The Books (with Lymbc System, and there's not much more to be said about them then they seemed kind of interesting and were polite) at my new favorite venue, the Warhol. which makes me sound awful douchey but WHATEV . The Books were pretty good! not like, a band I could ever become fanatical about, but I appreciate them and enjoy them ("Be Good to Them Always," "Enjoy Your Worries You May Never Have Them Again"). Glad I at least got the opportunity to watch them. They put on one hell of a visually-rich live show. They played their guitar and cello in front of a collage of constantly-changing film. Didn't expect that at all so it was cool. Kept things very interesting, otherwise I'm sure I would have gotten bored after a while. But yeah. Good! They played some stuff of their new album, which will be out next year. And I was a little drunk so I started falli

Spotlight/ Shoutout: Matthew Morrison

Hello Wednesday, this week’s spotlight/ shoutout goes to Matthew Morrison, a Broadway performer, who has made his name known in the world of television as well. On the smokin’ stage he’s done musicals such as “Footloose” (His big break.), “South Pacific,” and even “Rocky Horror Picture Show.” But the reason Matthew Morrison earns this week’s golden s/s is because of his new work on the show “Glee.” This show looks like it’s going to be a hit. It has already generated an enormous fan base, and the season has just started. I don’t know if it will make as far as something like the original “90210,” with ten seasons (I didn’t watch any of them), but I hope “Glee” stays around for awhile. Seriously, the show is great. It’s almost like a way to reinvent the musical by having all their cool performance numbers and interesting storylines. Also, Mattie Morrison’s character, is married to Jesalyn Gilsig from “Boston Public” and “Nip/Tuck.” Awesome!! QATFYG: Do you watch Glee? Are you a

helping a brother out

so YOURBORO, the only blog out of Edinboro worth reading (um this is a global blog with Erie/Edinboro leanings kthanx) has a facebook fan page. BECOME A FAN OF IT. the people behind it? good people. and it's a pretty entertaining/informative read. awesome!

patrick swayze

Not a surprise at all, but Patrick Swayze (57) died yesterday. he was sick for sooooo long. RIP. NOBODY PUTS BABY IN A CORNER begs to ask the question, fave P. Swayze movie? is it Dirty Dancing , like my grandma would so choose? Road House ? Mine has to be Donnie Darko , although not his most shining moment. I have an embarrassing soft spot for that movie.

The Final Countdown

So I noticed a couple of commercials out right now are using The Final Countdown from Swedish Glam Metal/Hard rockers…………………Europe!!! I love this song, and it’s being used in ads for “Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs” commercials, but according to Amazon it’s not on their soundtrack. Such a pity. Also, tonight for the first time I heard the dance remix version titled The Final Countdown 2000. (posted below). The Final Countdown 2000 Dance Remix QATFYG: What do you think of the remix? Are you a glam rock/metal fan? And will you see “Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs?”

as a follow-up

I just called my mom because I haven't talked to her since like Thursday and she was all THAT KANYE, POOR TAYLOR SWIFT, WHAT'S WRONG WITH LADY GAGA???? I wish I knew, Mom, I wish I knew.

the world is a sad place this morning

not to climb on a soapbox or anything, but I think it's terrible that the whole Taylor Swift/Kanye West VMAs fiasco (which was gross, Kanye you stupid turd, leave the poor girl alone) will likely overshadow the discovery of a Yale grad student's body in the lab where she worked, the day after she was supposed to get married. source:

The King Has Left The Building

The time has come. After 13 seasons on the air “King of the Hill” closed tonight at 9 PM. This is a show that I’ve been watching since Elementary school, and I will miss it. It’s had some hilarious seasons, and it’s also had rather dull ones. But overall it was watched frequently in my house. I am amazed that it lasted as long as it did considering it never seemed to earn a great reception among the masses. I even once referred to it as “The show nobody ever talks about.” But it’s had its moments. The finale was divided into two episodes, which were not related, and in all honesty they were not the show’s best work. It was not until the last three minutes that I really found the strong effect of what a series finale is supposed to have. So Au Revoir “King of the Hill.” Also, “The Simpsons” is still going strongly on Fox for at least this season and the next. I have predicted that the final episode of “The Simpsons” (Whenever it will be) will break the record for most watch

quite possibly the hottest threesome ever

This is like the best piece of celebrity gossip I have heard in EONS so listen up suckers: In Touch Weekly’s Brangelina story this week is about how they’re fighting over Rachel McAdams. And no, it’s not a story about how both Brad and Angelina both want to sleep with Rachel, although that’s the route I would have gone if I was writing this stuff. It’s basically this: Brad invited Rachel McAdams and a few of his friends to the South of France, to stay at the Chateau Miraval with them. When Angelina found out about Brad extending the invitation to Rachel, she “laid down the law, forbidding him from inviting her”. Brad Pitt insisted he was only trying to be a good host when he invited Rachel McAdams to his chateau. But even though Rachel stars in the Pitt-produced Time Traveler’s Wife, Angelina seemed convinced he was more interested in pleasure than business. “Angelina has been jealous of Rachel ever since she found some photos of her on Brad’s camera, which he had taken at the New Y

gwen stefani at FASHION WEEK

Fashion! something I know little next to nothing about! I won't even front! but when I saw my beloved angellic godlike Gwen NUMBA 1 on internet searches yesterday, I was like, some shit's going on . and I needed to be in the know about it, which happens. so this week's been New York City's famed Fashion Week, which is when all the big designers unveil their new lines. stylish celebrities EVERYWHERE. and of course, this means GWEN. not sure what I think about her line. it looks really clean and 1980s-inspired. but, meh. it works for her, I don't think I'd do it. important things to mull. well, WHAT ABOUT YOU, oh fashion-conscious one? .... I seriously can't get over the fact she will be 40 fucking years old next month. hot damn.


this is for Alice. but, as creepy as it sounds THERE ISN'T A THING THIS WOMAN AND I WOULDN'T DO TOGETHER read the Spectator y'all

The Lost Symbol of Danny B

So Dan Brown's latest novel starring "The DaVinci Code" Protagonist, Robert Langdon drops 9.15.09. It is titled....."The Lost Symbol." (which is a very plain, yet alluring title.) From his previous works it is well-known that Dan Brown can make an impact with his novels. He is a very talented writer, but all I've read from his is "The D C." So I might have to dive in deeper and read "The Lost Symbol." QATFYG: Are you a Dan Brown fan? Did you see "Angels and Demons" the movie? And are you excited for another Robert Langdon novel?

patriot day

and this has no creds for our blog, but here goes it: where were you on 9/11, yo? .... I just like to hear people's answers to it. I'll tell my story first: JANET NOWAK DIDN'T LET ME KNOW UNTIL THE END OF THE DAY WHAT HAPPENED AND FOR THAT I CAN NEVER FORGIVE HER. but it was a terrible day and I remember thinking, as my pubescent self ran home from James S. Wilson Middle School (holla) KATIE COURIC BETTER STILL BE ALIVE. I loved my Katie then. DON'T HATE.

the rundown, friday style

- So American Idol has done the unthinkable and replaced Paula Abdul. EJRELKAJRKELJRKEAJRKREKRE WHYYYYYYY! I still cannot believe this. It CANNOT be real. I refuse to accept this. bullshit! bullshit! anyway. Ellen of all people is stepping into her shoes. Her large, drinky-drink shoes. Ellen, BB, listen up. develop some kind of addiction and fast. otherwise this show will be less enjoyable than it already is. - Nine Inch Nails played their last official FOR REALZ show last night somewhere in California. um, I think it was California. I remember when NIN came to Erie my senior year of high school- people are always shitting themselves over Trent Reznor being some kind of "local boy." bought my tickets at Giant Eagle and never used them. NOW THAT CHANCE IS GONE FOREVER, THANKS TRENT. - that thing about Ellen has inspired me: who is YOUR favorite lesbian? I love Ellen, but I don't think she's my favorite. and it's certainly not RoRo or Tegan and Sara. hmmmm. fo

ANTM premiere: the best of Amber

The new season of America's Next Top Midget premiered last night, and I have to say, it was surprisingly good. The contestants all looked pretty (I know, weird, isn't it?) and the makeovers weren't too disgusting. I'm even okay with the girl they kicked out and how they ranked the photos at judging. It was a surprisingly inoffensive event. Nicole and Laura for the win, bitches! However, as relatively decent this show was, there was one thing that made the casting episode stand out: Amber. Amber was one of the prospective contestants. She likes Jesus, dancing, Jesus, and being insane. Can you see the crazy in her eyes? It's a modern-day tragedy that she left before she got on the show. View the following "best of" video. I'm not even fucking kidding. You WANT to watch this. "I used to be a crazy girl, and that didn't bring me happiness." Oh, Amber. You're still crazy! If only she'd made it to the show... sigh. Maybe next cycle

in our thoughts

Yesterday word came in that the beloved host of A Prairie Home Companion , Garrison Keillor, suffered a minor stroke. Coming from someone who has known a few people that have suffered, pretty devastating strokes, I would like to extend my best wishes to him. Strokes are scary, scary things. It has been said about Keillor's state, however, that he is "moving around, speaking sensibly, working at a laptop, and it's expected he'll be released on Friday." which is AMAZING, so I hope everything else goes okay. A Prairie Home Companion, as an occasional listener of NPR, I can admit I don't hear as much as I should. I used to listen to it a lot when I was a kid, because it would be on when my dad would take us fishing. so I don't have the best associations with it. However, I really admire his humor. His books are delightful. He spoke at Chautauqua over the summer. get better, Garrison! - THE USELESS CRITIC AT LARGE

Spotlight/ Shoutout: Katharine Isabelle and Emily Perkins

Abracadabra, this week’s spotlight/ shoutout is a dual honor, and it goes to Emily Perkins and Katie Isabelle (her friends call her Katie, and I have declared myself a BFF.) Oh and in the pic Katie I is on the left and Emily P is on the right. You might recognize these two as the ugly stepsisters from “Another Cinderella Story.” BUT!!!! Before that they starred together in the “Ginger Snaps” trilogy. And the reason they earn this weeks’ S/S is because “Ginger Snaps” is awesome! No joke. It is a well-done low budget horror film, that isn’t sold on a bunch of dumb slutty girls dying and mindless, senseless gore. I am just glad to know that those still exist out there. It should be in select video stores or even possibly online. “Ginger Snaps” has action, adventure, mysticism, teen angst, comedy, drama, suspense, and possibly other qualities. Now GS 2 and GS: Ginger Snaps Back, are not so hot. But they were worth watching. Katie Isabelle also appeared in “Freddy vs. Jason,” w


wow, in my crazy fervor of the past few days....I nearly FORGOT the importance of this day. 09/09/09 OH MY GOD WHAT IS THIS here's a link that can better illustrate my point than I can: NINNNNNNEEEEESSSS read the part about Japan. LOL. so do you think any Earth-shattering will happen today? the first Spectator of this year was supposed to come out today, but since that's not happening, I'm doubtful. also I saw my comrade-in-arms, Mr. Adam, posted about La Roux in the previous post. I just want to add how much I love Little Boots: "Meddle" bedroom version

La Roux - I'm Not Your Toy (music video)

The music video for La Roux's new single "I'm Not Your Toy" has been released and... I like it. La Roux is a British electropop synth band composed of Elly Jackson and Ben Langmaid, singer and producer respectively. They work in the same milieu as Little Boots, Ladyhawke, and Passion Pit, so if you're into the indie electronic music that has been so popular recently, you'll probably like La Roux. I've been listening to La Roux on and off for a while now and I haven't exactly been blown away. Their songs are all good - catchy and interesting - but they just don't quite hit the spot. I like " Fascination " enough to let it play all the way through when it comes up on my iPod, but not enough to put it on repeat. Same with " Bulletproof " and " In For The Kill ." In contrast, I think that "I'm Not Your Toy," their new single, is better than their previous songs. When I first listened to it I didn't p

emergency morning talk show post!

when I was putting together the page of wire news late last night at the paper, I came upon a most truly horrifying story: DIANE SAWYER IS LEAVING GOOD MORNING AMERICA AND WILL BE THE ANCHOR OF WORLD NEWS TONIGHT IN JANUARY!!! my heart STOPPED. it has taken me YEARS to grow to trust another morning talk show after being left, high and dry, when Katie Couric walked away from Today those dreadful years ago. and then this. it's like dinner at a restaurant that is going reallllllly well until your lover announces that she/he/it is leaving. and gets up and walks away with some attractive European. grr. so now ABC has to step up and put someone as equally charismatic, likeable, good-looking, trustworthy, AMAZING as Diane Sawyer in their morning GMA slot. but they're DESTROYING a family! those callous assholes! I know Charlie (my beloved "I HOPE YOU HAD A GOOD DAY" Charlie) won't stay but couldn't they get SOMEONE ELSE. like, that one guy that looks kind of

Health Care and Troubled Hubble

It seems like all you hear about on the news these days is health care. Is Obama's plan the right way to go about things? Should we stick with what we've got? Is Obama actually propagating the socialist agenda? (Answers: maybe, probably not, and the day Obama supports socialism is the day Republican politicians stop cheating on their wives.) Frankly, I don't think anyone is ever going to agree, and the Democrats and the GOP need to learn to compromise. But until that day comes - you know, when pigs fly and hell freezes over - I think we should all listen to Troubled Hubble's song "Ear, Nose & Throat." (Watch the video above.) Troubled Hubble was a band from Chicago who broke up only weeks after I discovered them in 2005. They released a number of albums in their six-year existence, with their best - and my personal favorite - "Making Beds in a Burning House" coming out in 2005. "Ear, Nose, Throat" is particularly of interest, espe


Last week, when I caught Vivian Girls (! good show) at the Warhol (AMAZING, intimate venue) in Pittsburgh, I was introduced to the noisy rock of a band called the Beets (and no, not these guys , what an oddly detailed article). at first I was pissed off because I didn't feel like sitting through an opening act, much less an opening act I knew nothing about and didn't even realize would be there. changed my mind soon after these three young guys took the stage- and, seriously, they're a cute group, you just want to take them home and make them soup and possibly get them high- and started screaming their bloody heads off about wearing black and the Devil. very shoegazey with hints of bands like No Age and Times New Viking. with a small touch of '50s rock flavor! and, because Vivian Girls were equally as noisy, a perfect precursor. I was saddened to learn, after the show, they have no ALBUMS out that aren't on vinyl. I am not cool enough to own a turntable. The War


AT THE SAME TIME WITH A BOX OF CORNFLAKES (remember folks: these kids' album, inspired by Gainsbourg - Bardot, Break Up will be released SEPTEMBER 15TH)

Fringe is having a Tweet Party Right Now!!

Fringe is a great show. Act fast and get your tweet on Fox's screen live (and recorded on Btw Fringe is a good show, and please watch it. It looks really, really expensive to produce. They'll need a lotttttta viewers to stay afloat. *************************Edit****************************************** So apparently my tweet wasn't shown on Fringe last night. :( Apparently, "Do you think Peter drinks too much? PS Sup!!" didn't make the cut. Oh well there is a tweet party for Glee tonight. (Tweet fleet or something like that is the real name.) I won't be able to participate sadly, but Glee looks great.

what i have been up to

-newspapering, obviously. -meeting Dennis Haskins/Mr. Belding/ SAVED BY THE BELL !!!! -living my life day by day so I do not go insane! (this sounds like an Oprah tip) -injuring Cate Blanchett on the set of all her movies. -anticipating releases by Annie, Kings of Convenience, Nouvelle Vague, among OTHERS! -getting ready to see THE BOOKS on my brother's birthday (like he cares :P) -waiting for books to come in the mail (the real, paper kind). -adjusting to life in Edinboro. :/ I'll have better entries for the weekend. Until then, I leave you in capable hands. p.s. there's this really awesome cover by the Klaxons of "No Diggity" floating around on the blogosophere. locate it if you get the chance! - Brittany

Songs To Do Drag To

I've been to a number of drag shows in my day. Men dressed as women, women dressed as men, inebriated sexually ambiguous audience members dancing up on you, awkward situations in the bathrooms, ridiculously expensive alcoholic beverages... it's always a good time. As a result of my attendance at these festive events, I have a sick habit of hearing a song and thinking, "This would be PERFECT to do drag to." Unfortunately, I've never felt like shaving my legs (and my face), taping up Mr. Happy, pulling on a miniskirt and a pair of high-heels and dancing around on stage while lipsynching to "Girls Just Want To Have Fun." But here are a few songs I'd totally do drag to, if I were willing to shave my legs. Tori Amos - Raspberry Swirl Tori is to the gay community what Eminem is to insecure white boys from the suburbs: she's a god(dess). "Raspberry Swirl" features such lyrics as, "everybody knows I'm her friend / everybody knows I&

Spotlight/ Shoutout: Judd Hirsch

Can you believe Wednesday is here again? The days are flying by, and this week's spotlight/ shoutout goes to none other than Judd Hirsch. Born in 1935, this man has conquered many feats and challenges in the entertainment world, and I could write a book on his achievements. So I’ll only spot three of his many achievements. I first saw him in the 1983 pic, where he played the psychologist to a disturbed Timothy Hutton, in the Oscar-winning film “Ordinary People.” It’s good stuff. I remember being really impressed with his ability to make you believe he was the real deal. It didn't feel like acting. It made me wish, "Damn, I'd like a shrink like that." Nowadays the Judd is the father to Rob Morrow and David Krumholtz on the Friday CBS Drama, NUMB3RS. I used to be a big fan of this show, but really it’s just too lighthearted. It takes a lot of the punch out of crime drama. But on the bright side it stars great actors like the Judd. And Peter MacNicol, who i

Detenion, Potter!

SOMEONE MADE A MUSICAL SATIRE OF HARRY POTTER! It premiered last April at the University of Michigan and has become a popular video on youtube. I hope it amuses all you HP fans out there as much as it amused me. Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you--- A Very Potter Musical .

In the Streets of Boston

Today is a day for nostalgia and memory lane sorta stuff. I happened to reencounter an old episode of Boston Public, and now it’s a different experience because I can recognize the guest stars. Here is Chapter Five guest starring John Francis Daley Zachary Ty Bryan Ashley Tisdale And Courtney B. Vance. (Law and Order CI's ADA Carver) Boston Public used to be the primetime slot, but most good things come to an end. Boston Public Chapter 5 And for the title's namesake. Here is "In the Streets of Boston," from Dropkick Murphys. Dropkick QATFYG: Were you a Boston Public fan?