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"Strawberry Sheets" - Caroline Kingsbury

Earlier this year, a fantastic piece of 1980s-influenced indie pop dropped (and I didn't cover it until now!) Caroline Kingsbury's debut album "Heaven's Just a Flight" came out last year and she will release "Remixes from Heaven," the companion remix album, on June 10th. "Strawberry Sheets" entered the world several months ago, and it's an atmospheric irresistible piece of dream pop. She's earned comparisons to Cocteau Twins previously, and you can definitely hear why on this track.  Her debut album last year drew much acclaim, even being named one of PopMatter's best indie pop albums of 2021. And the entire month of June she will be doing a residency at Berlin in NYC - so if you live in the area, I would recommend stopping by!

The Return of the Uff ("Sunshine Factory")

Just wanted to give some quick love to the new Uffie album that dropped this past Friday, "Sunshine Factory." It's been a minute since we've heard from Uffie, and this album sure lives up to its name - the album is overall a very joyful experience. Some of the highlights include "Anna Jetson," "Dominos" (which I wrote about before), and what I think might be her best song ever, "Sophia." Seriously, this song is so damn catchy, I don't think it's left my head in months. And you can hear the Toro y Moi influence heavily on this track in particular. There are some spoken word interludes scattered throughout the album, and albeit I'm not the hugest fan of those types of things, they're pretty funny in context (featuring Peaches and Teddy Geiger). Peaches especially is very appropo for Peaches. The only part where I feel this album falls kind of short is on the slower tracks - they aren't awful, but Uffie is at her peak whe