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Showing posts from January, 2018

"Alaska" - Maggie Rogers

Have you heard this yet?! This is incredible. Catchy, not annoying, soulful but yet not precious.  Somewhere three generations removed from Regina Spektor... 

"Feel the Love Go" - Franz Ferdinand

I admittedly have stopped following Franz Ferdinand because their recent output has been ... disappointing, to say the least. Their last album I glossed over, and pretty sure the album before that, too.  But damn! Their single off their new album really blew me away. "Always Ascending" comes out February 9th, but I was happy to hear that "Feel the Love Go" sounded like an update on the classic Franz Ferdinand sound, the sound that brought them to mainstream attention in 2004 to begin with. Except this time it feels a little darker and edgier. I dig it, maybe you will too: Fun fact: Our first post ever was also about Franz Ferdinand. How things change and then they don't.