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Showing posts from August, 2022

"Heart-Strings" - Paper Foxes

And before I call it a day, I'm happy to share the latest single from Phoenix-based new wave band Paper Foxes, "Heart-Strings." The band - named by AP as the best unsigned band in Arizona in 2020 - is capable of producing one hell of a catchy track. This atmospheric (but extremely danceable) track only further proves this point. I'm quite a fan of the band as I'm sure my previous posts have made evident. It's definitely one of the best songs I've heard this summer; every summer, no matter how generally bleh it is, deserves a good soundtrack. I'm bummed I missed their show at the Rebel Lounge but I look forward to seeing them soon. 

"Far Rider" - Still Corners

Sorry it's been a minute - I don't really think I have any regular readers at this point, but that's okay. I just like talking about music and the opportunity is often lost on me. Earlier this summer though, I had the great fortune to see one of my favorite bands Still Corners at the Rebel Lounge. As I expected, it was a fantastic show by this dreampop duo. (older show, but still a great song) Still Corners is one of those bands that puts out soooo much music it can be hard to keep track of, quite honestly. One of the tracks they dropped this year, "Far Rider," has quickly become one of my favorites by them. It's dreamy, inviting, and the perfect backdrop for a night drive (if you're not like me and actually drive.) Check it out!