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Showing posts from September, 2018

"Forgive" - Roosevelt featuring Washed Out

If summer wasn't already almost over*, I would say this upcoming album from Roosevelt - "Young Romance," to be released September 28th - would be *the* summer album. It's lush, retro but fresh, and innately joyful. Try to not listen to this jam (featuring noneother than Washed Out, who sounds right at home) and imagine yourself sitting poolside, enjoying a cool breeze on your skin.  Roosevelt do deserve your time and attention. His remix of Rhye's "Summer Days" is my personal favorite. Try to listen to it and not get a little bit pregnant. * If you live in Phoenix it'll be summer until you die; you are welcome!

"My Enemy" - CHVRCHES featuring Matt Berninger

This isn't the first time Matt Berninger and Lauren Mayberry have been involved in some sort of collaboration, although I have to admit synthpop is not where I would necessarily expect to find the legendary gloomy National lead singer.  "Love Is Dead" came out earlier in 2018 to mixed reviews - a lot of positive, but some negative notably as much. I think it was a fine album, although not as memorable IMO as "Every Open Eye," which I adored.  However, there are some truly standout tracks on "Love Is Dead," and this duet happens to be one of them. It's dramatic AF but also so strong, arguably destined to be one of the greatest hits in the Scottish band's catalog. And as for Matt, he pulls off synthpop without losing his trademark sound in the process.  For a throwback, check out Lauren appearing on The National's "I Need My Girl" during a live set.