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synchronicity (the phenomenon of)

My friend mentioned this in his tumblr (which you should follow by the way, especially now that he's in the exotic locale of ESTONIA - which another one of my friends didn't even realize was a real country, shudder: so now you know, like Andorra, Estonia is a real place) about the coincidences he had noticed in his life.

for the past few years, I've noticed the same kind of things in my life, remarkably similar things seem to occur in a pattern. but what happened today was just, err, creepy. and warrants being mentioned here, HAI.

I do believe that synchronicity is a very powerful (and real) phenomenon. Argue about UFOs and Bigfoot as you will but there's no denial in the existence of this. Sometimes weird coincidences can't be ignored. For example, my siblings are all born on the 16th, as am I, as my parents are married on this day as well. And don't bad things just seem to happen in threes? (or good things too, but I, being morbid a la Wednesday Addams, don't pay attention to that.....ha?....)

Well at the book store I found a book on strange shit- murders, disappearances, ghostly disturbances, that kind of stuff - that was dirt cheap so I bought it within seconds. Um, it's an interesting book? I got into one of the chapters at Starbucks (this is like, my one day off this whole summer) while I waited for my mom to finish clothing shopping. and that chapter happened to be on synchronicity. it appealed to me the most, so I read it first. a bunch of stuff about Jung, the death of John Lennon and the prevalance of 9s in important events in his life, the similarities between the Kennedy/Lincoln assasinations, so on. it was a good read, for the five or so dollars I paid for it (we're including tax here).

when I was done, I decided I was going to call Jon, seeing as I've been on a very productive bent all week and haven't talked to him since Sunday. so I called him up and he said "I was just thinking about you, you were in my dream last night."

CREEPY (adding to this was that I was in a hospital in his dream, which I'm hoping is some kind of weird metaphor or just, uh, the result of his nursing classes. I'm living healthy again!)

I've also noticed I tend to have dreams about people I haven't seen in forever and then I run into them within the next week. there was this one day a year or so I was thinking strongly about this girl I used to know and when I got back from school, I ran into her at the mall.

life's so screwy some time. here, a smaller exhibit:


*cue "Twilight Zone" music*

Brittany (I'm going to be flooding this- there's a lot of shit to write about!)

p.s. on a similar note, Lady GaGa and Speedy broke up. :( my condolences to L.G.
p.p.s. I'm so pissed off at Arctic Monkeys and Grizzly Bear. IS IT HARD TO SCHEDULE ONE TOURDATE IN THIS PART OF THE COUNTRY? fuck Columbus man.


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