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erie, sometimes you suck so hard.

Dear Erie:

I commend you for trying to better yourself as a city. you have a lot of potential, you just seem to be sitting (rather stupidly) in the wrong hands. under the right guidance, you could really become something. but considering half the people in this town are backwards idiots, you just kind of fizzle out and all your attempts to better yourself are met with disregard. I feel bad for you, I do, but this is why most of the young people choose to leave you. you are a weirdly Republican-acting Democratic city, a pretty homophobic city with an oddly abundant number of "male seeking male" casual encounter ads on Craigslist. hmm. curious.

this being said, why is it every Celebrate Erie I can recall has featured some terrible musical headliner? last year it was Foreignor, the year before that it was KEVIN FUCKING BACON. Do you put all the subpar musical acts' names you can think of in a hat, close your eyes and draw at random?

Could you just try a LITTLE harder to bring in a band that is a.) relatively talented and b.) not fading into semi-obscurity and c.) has all its remaining members? Even a band that was big ten years ago- I mean, what's Fastball doing these days? (nothing)

The first year of CelebrateErie, I think the biggest ABBA tribute band in the world was brought in. that was acceptable. different and fun. I'm not saying Three Dog Night won't be fun but I feel more of an effort needs to be made to keep this city even somewhat relavent- especially from a cultural angle. yes, we do have a lot in some ways (some art galleries and museums come to mind) but there seems to be some kind of gap where more could be done.

Eight Great Tuesdays is a good concept and I commend whoever puts it together for the acts they bring in. This year we had Arlo Guthrie, which is awesome. I wish I could have gone to that (instead I was stuck in Edinboro).

and this is a bit of a tangent, but even the better points of our music scene are directed at this hideous form of "core" music. like, what happened to singers that actually SING? I'm sorry I can't take tuneless screaming along to guitars, I'm sorry my tastes are a tiny iota more sophisticated than your average seventh grader. that's why I was so blown away when These Are Powers came into town....we never get anybody that interesting or different!

Anyway, back to my focus. I don't know if the brainiacs that plan Celebrate Erie took a poll of public interest before booking the entertainment, and I wouldn't be surprised if they did and this was the results of that (we have two, three, four classic rock-ish stations if you count Classy and Bob). which means I need to move and fast.

I don't mean to be such a dick. there ARE worse places to live and Erie does have a lot to offer, in its own way (cloudscapes, the Peninsula, Marjorie Diehl). but Jesus Christ, next year, I can just see it: KAJAGOOGOO. (


some loser that dropped her phone in downtown Erie and will never see it again.


  1. OMGOMG have you seen this?????
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