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All right, so I already have my "you need to hear this" installment. which is cool and all. but when I was getting my hair done over the weekend (!), I was flipping through the latest copy of Allure (not something I normally if ever read) and came across some pretty sick photos of Amanda Seyfried. sick as in gorgeous. like, insanely gorgeous. so, I present to you, the first installment of my new baby, I'D HIT IT (for the record, that Rahm post a while ago totally counts!)

Known best for Karen in "Mean Girls" and the daughter of Streepie in "Mamma Mia," Amanda is just- God. beautiful! her eyes, her face. seriously. I don't know why more people don't see it. She's also from Allentown. PA HOLLA.

Quite excited to see her opposite the overrated Megan Fox (who is subpar to Amanda, in my humble opinion) in Diablo Cody (screenwriter/stripper goddess of "Juno" fame)'s newest feat, "Jennifer's Body," which opens in September ( and stars the also beautiful Adam Brody of the deceased "OC"). apparently these two girls have a few Sapphic scenes in the film. I can be down for that. except Megan Fox, I've said before, wears way too much make-up.

so yes


next week: the Michelin Man.


  1. Amanda Seyfried's pretty awesome. I can't help but think that something's just slightly... off... with her look. idk. She's not movie star beautiful. More normal, I guess you could say.

    She's also well-known (in certain circles) as Lilly Kane from "Veronica Mars."

  2. we're pre-destined to have a threeway with some celebrity. we love the same, random people (have me show you the entire folder full of pictures that I got from google image of Rahm. an entire folder. even Bryce doesn't have a folder). I have a youtube vid posted (from awhile ago now) of her rendition of 'Thank You For The Music' from Mamma Mia. She's gorgeous and HOMEGIRL CAN SING. Holy shit. I would kill for that vibratto. I like her more than the broadway cast recording.

    Gretchen: If someone was saying bad things about you, you'd want me to tell you, right?



    and of course 'Do you wanna do something fun? Do you wanna go to Taco Bell?'


    /would hit that, too

  3. I'd hit that. Didn't even think twice.

  4. I like the fact she's a little different-looking. all the more appealing. :)

  5. she looks a little alien in the first pic. i like aliens.

  6. totally agree. uh oh i think there has been a little earthquake while i was typing this o_O tori amos could be involved.


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