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i'm back i'm back i'm back

(from earlier- now that my internet connection is baaack. thanks verizon).

I don't think the reviews made this look so fantastic, which is disappointing to me. Nora Ephron isn't as bad as I'd like her to be- "You've Got Mail" was on TV again last night and OH SHIT I WATCHED IT FOR THE 200TH TIME. it's sad, really. I remember being younger- in fifth grade? and going through this odd, odd Meg Ryan movie phase. like, I just had to see her movies and understand romance. and I'd hate to say how deep of an impact that and "City of Angels" made on my psyche. regardless, I've never seen "When Harry Met Sally" (I'LL HAVE WHAT SHE'S HAVING) or "Sleepless In Seattle" (you're moving to Seattle? it rains nine months out of the year there!). okay tangent. I mean, Meryl Streep and Amy Adams, you think this movie has something going for it. plus Julia Child seemed like one hell of a fun lady. well maybe film critics are full of shit.

Nora Ephron is what Leslie Feist will look like in thirty years. I wish I had more appreciation for the culinary arts. maybe I should pick up "The Art of Cooking" and look past my microwave? no I like my microwave. foodie-ism, perhaps. Julia Child was a virgin until her thirties? hot damn, I don't feel so bad anymore. maybe if I can't get a human to, I'll work with a cake....

Amy Adams, to me, is like...the epitome of the perfect female. like, if Galatea came to life again, she'd be Amy Adams. I saw "Enchanted" and I hate to say it, but I spent most of the movie gawking at her (and I'm thinking "you perv this is a kids' movie"). this being said, AMY, WHY? YOUR HAIR IS AMAZING, WHY THE SHORT HAIR? pretty girls getting hair cuts that age them a decade is a no-go for me. please stop this trend, thank you.

well, it's about a blogger following in the footsteps of ro-ho-ho Julia fucking Child, so maybe one day they'll make a film about me. with Phillip Seymour Hoffman, Chad Lowe and Winona Ryder.

MERYL STREEP, SHE'S A BEAST. DO NOT CROSS THE STREEPIE. okay, I'm writing this right now with "The View" on it because I have a love/hate relationship with "The View." When I travel to NYC I'm getting tickets for it so I can throw something at Elizabeth Hasslebeck. God, Meryl is one gorgeous older woman. I want to be her when I'm sixty, and I want to make spaghetti for my daughter's friends when they visit from Vassar. Little Blong-Chen will be a microbiology major fyi.

If you want some live action entertainment, please see "The Wedding Singer" on its final weekend. God, I love that movie, and I dislike Adam Sandler so much. "Funny People?" not seeing it sorry. I am over Judd Apatow- "The Forty Year Old Virgin" is where it ended and began for me. anywayyyyyyy, "The Wedding Singer" is such a good movie and I've heard the musical version is even better, so it'd be worth to check out in Erie. I applaud the Playhouse for taking it on, I was surprised.

You could also go to one of the many ethnic festivals (always) and eat sausage (thanks newspaper) OR you could go to Key West Phest and see former American Idol contestant and country star Josh Gracin. and hang out with middle-aged Jimmy Buffet fans. me? no.

By the way, in case you didn't realize, Paula Adbul left American Idol. my heart is broken into a million scattered pieces.

"The Hurt Locker" is also opening in Erie this weekend. likely depressing but I've heard it's very good, so check it out if you get the chance. I'm still waiting for "500 Days."

How did you survive the TWITTERAPOCALYPSE OF 2009? I need to see George Stephanopolous' thoughts on this before I can continue my evening. I wanted to tweet about not being able to tweet. therein, the problem.

my internet was down for near 24 hours, which was funny as hell because people needed to get a hold of me and my cell phone is gone and my debit is gone and everything is gone. so I watched a British TV show and went to bed early. and had a nightmare about a shaggy, overweight Chevy Chase. it was bad- I woke out of breath and shaking. I've had other bad dreams that involve Chevy Chase. I'm starting to think he's an evil archetype. I wonder what the Mayans would say. seriously- I dreamt that I had a brain tumor in high school and he was my doctor. the like, next week, my dad had a brain tumor-thing. weird.

if you're out and about in Edinboro tomorrow night, SAY HI TO MY INTOXICATED SELF.



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