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Desperate Housewives Season Premiere

Attention contains spoiler info:

So moments ago the season finale of “Desperate Housewives” just ended on ABC. I actually have not followed this show for very long, beginning my tenure as a DH fan last spring. Over the summer I got their back-to-back daily episodes on Lifetime, and now I’m hooked in tightly.

Hi, Kyle MacLachlan!!

This season has started with some new mysteries and wrapped up some old ones.

Eva Longoria Parker has a bratty teenage girl.

Felicity Huffman is pregnant AGAIN with twins.

Marcia Cross is performing infidelity rituals with her divorce lawyer.

And of course Teri Hatcher is getting married.

If you’re reading this and think it sounds rather plain…well it is. Overall I thought the majority of the show was not very interesting, and I actually spent some time reading a history book instead of paying attention.

UNTIL the final minute of the show* This is where DH capitalizes on its greatness. Teri Hatcher’s daughter Andrea Bowen, (Character: Julie Mayer) gets choked liked rotweiller with a bad case of rabies. Then, she fell to the ground unconscious. This made me mad. I have said multiple times in conversation that Julie Mayer is one of the best characters on the show, even though she isn’t the lead.
Rock On Andrea Bowen!!

Her issue is related to a new family on the block, which also appears to have plenty more dark secrets. “Desperate Housewives” has had its share of families with dark secrets, but these new people look really sick and twisted. I am definitely watching next week, if for anything to find out more about poor Julie Mayer. Get well soon.

Review Rating: Good Stuff! (The last minute of the show made all the difference.)

QATFYG: Did Teri Hatcher actually hook up with David Spade a few years ago? I heard this on the radio once, and it sounds so implausible it must be true.


  1. It's another classic "whodunnit" moment for DH.

    I can't help but wonder who put the choke hold on Julie. Was it:

    A) Katherine Mayfair (after all, she is still quite pissed at Susan for stealing Mike back);
    B) Nick Bolen (the manipulative husband of new housewife Angie Bolen);
    C) Danny Bolen (the tightly wound and possibly disturbed son of Angie and Nick Bolen);
    D) Angie Bolen (the newest housewife, who also played Joey Tribbiani's sister in "Joey");
    E) Orson Hodge (pissed at Julie's father, Karl, who is having an affair with Bree);
    F) Dave Williams (he couldn't get little M.J., so now he is after Julie???)
    G) Someone else altogether?

  2. I can see what you were saying about the show up until the end; however, I do not necessarily agree with you. The beginning, while not packed with drama so to speak, was very vital. This was important to reorient the viewers with the past situations as well as allow the viewers to be introduced to the new characters. In addition, if the show gave too much drama in the beginning or in the whole episode, then the viewer might be let down later in the season when episodes were not as drama packed. I will have to say the episode was decent, but I might not be watching full time in the future.

  3. RE: Troy
    I think it would be G) someone else altogether. DH has a long history of not showing the criminals till later in the season. In addition, it mostly likely has to be a male. The shoes and clothing of the attacker were in a typically male style.


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