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the last best of 2009 post

most of these songs I've discussed already, so I'm skipping the ones I have for the most part and a few that I feel are just blah blah blah:

"Boat Behind"- Kings of Convenience
"1901"- Phoenix
"Treat Me Like Your Mother"- The Dead Weather
"Dog Days Are Over"- Florence and the Machine
"I Don't Like Your Band"- Annie
"Relator"- Pete Yorn and Scarlett Johannson
"Laughing With a Mouth of Blood"- St. Vincent
"Crystallized"- The Xx
"You and I"- Wilco featuring Feist
"If Only"- Sondre Lerche

"Daniel"- Bat For Lashes

I think Natasha Khan is one of the coolest girls ever. in my mind, I AM her. She's like a revamped Kate Bush. love it.

"Seven"- Fever Ray

I haven't yet fully sat down and indulged in Fever Ray, but this song has struck a chord with me. eerie and yet ... POIGNANT. it reminds me of on Christmas Eve when my grandma and I watched "White Christmas" together and she kept telling me the cast was dead. nice, Grandma, nice.

"I Can See the Pines Are Dancing"- A.A. Bondy

kind of a sweet twilight song by an up-and-coming folkster. I say up-and-coming because I don't hear as much shit about him as I do others. say, Langhorne Slim, for example.

"Bits and Pieces"- Junior Boys
HOT. the end. "In the Morning" was definitely one of the best songs of the decade, btw. These guys make me want to wear a lot of white. IDK.

"Heartbreaker"- MSTRKRFT
"Undisclosed Desires"- Muse
"My Girls"- Animal Collective
"Stars Come Out"- Calvin Harris

"My Love"- The Bird and the Bee
just feels like that in-love sensation. just sweet and kind of airy, which is what they do, so well. HEY MY FIRST POST EVER WAS ABOUT THEM <3
"When Life Gives Me Lemons, I Make Lemonade"- The Boy Least Likely To

I regret not getting this album. I love these guys. brings out the inner child in me. the inner, morbid child. Jof Owen is a really nice guy, btw. we've emailed a few times.

"Home"- Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros

"I'm a Pilot"- Fanfarlo

I still don't know quite what to make of these guys....kind of riding that weird folk/indie wave, yet doing their own thing? certainly deserve your time, that's what I want to say. plus this (and its slumping drums) gets stuck in my head a lot. I'm a pilot, god fucking dammit.

"Might Like You Better"- Amanda Blank


"I Like You So Much Better When You're Naked"- Ida Maria

riding another wave....

"Candy"- Paolo Nutini
"Sleepyhead"- Passion Pit
"Ghetto Love"- Spinnerette
"Magnificent"- U2

I used to be a really big U2 fan, when I was little. but I grew out of it because of their massive egos (I mean an actual ego, not Beyonce's pet word for penis) and Bono's semi-annoyance, despite the fact he means well. anyway, this song. SHIT. I stopped when I heard it.

"Happy Up Here"- Royksopp
"Last Dance"- The Raveonettes
"Empire State of Mind"- Jay-Z feat Alicia Keys (I'm still bitter my taste of NYC sucked)
"Oh No"- Andrew Bird

"Her Morning Elegance"- Oren Lavie (which will always remind me of wandering around the lobby of my hotel in San Diego, feeling surreal)


"Fireflies"- Owl City
"Sweet Dreams"- Beyonce
"Lovegame"- Lady Gaga


"You Belong With Me"- Taylor Swift

goddammit Cara! why is this so catchy!!!!!!

"Don't Stop the Music"- Jamie Cullum (Rihanna cover)

Jamie Cullum of all people. Jesus Christ. and yet I love it.

and my pick of the year:

"Two Weeks"- Grizzly Bear

frankly, I think is one of the best songs I've ever heard.

I regret not checking out Them Cooked Vultures (I've liked everything I heard SO much) or Novels out much. things for 2010, eh? what would you pick?

have a great New Year's! here's Rufus to send you off:

and new Beach House and Vampire Weekend and Uffie and She & Him in 2010, hey hey hey.

- Brittany


  1. zOMG, not only did I get a Taylor Swift-induced shout out, I got a motherfucking tag, too! <333 oh, life is good today.

  2. oh shit, I didn't even see the birthday thing. aww, thanks girlfriend!

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. yay you posted Paolo!!

    and mentioning Taylor Swift. She has had one hell of a year.

    However, Lady Gaga might go down as the top pop sensation of 2009.

  5. I love Paolo!!!! yea, haha, Taylor should be thanking Kanye West for being such a douche to her. but Lady Gaga- this was her year, no?

    p.s. CARA I LUFF YOU

  6. t u c: Tru dat.
    You know when I first lady gaga sing (without seeing her face), I imagined her as an unattractive scary afro-american lady.

    Kinda like a young oprah on KrAnK!


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