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My Top Ten Television Programs of the Decade!!

By Nader Bouberhan

Tragic times have fallen upon us with the loss of Brittany Murphy, and I will dedicate this to her.

My Top Ten TV Shows of the Decade

Buenas Noches, these are my top ten television shows as we say goodbye to 2009!!

Here it goes

10. Family Guy

Starting at number 10, “Family Guy” revived the world of animated humor, and it took off as a cultural phenomenon. During the years of 2004-2006 everybody was talking about “Family Guy” nonstop, and they still are. Creator Seth MacFarlane also has two other hit shows on FOX and is their powerhouse for animated comedy.

9. X-Men Evolution

This show might surprise some as a top ten, but “X-Men Evolution” became a solid and reliable show for me. During one summer, I stayed up every night to catch the daily episode of XME on Cartoon Network. It brought back so many memories of the 90’s, but it was different. XME gave a new spin on the stories and helped connect them to teenagers. It had ways of joining old feelings of the past with the drive toward the future. It was fun.

8. Bones

This show is so smart, and the performance of Emily Deschanel is killer. Everything about “Bones” is a hit. It’s attractive and funny, but at the same time the character dynamic is amazing, except for Jonathan Adams, but he was booted after season 1. Poor bloke, and not to mention but...Two of the “Bones” cast have made their way into Spotlight/Shoutout history.

7. Desperate Housewives

When I was first introduced to this show, I thought I would hate it. It took me a few episodes, but then, I was hooked into the drama and soap opera magic of DH. This show engulfs the viewer and forces you to want more. I don't normally compliment Teri Hatcher, but Teri here it goes "Your performance in season 1 was good." It might be a while before I compliment Teri Hatcher again, so enjoy that BITCH. Each of the four leads on this show can make you laugh, make you cry and win your heart. Even now, I can’t wait to see what happens with their next cliffhanger.

6. Wizards of Waverly Place

I did not start watching this show until late 2008 and into2009, and I feel I kind of missed out. I’m sure no one is shocked to see this because I mention the star, Selena Gomez, almost every single week. But this show means something more to me. It was the one that got me back into watching the Disney Channel. (I actually have an episode of it on in my Youtube window right now.) By doing that it opened up so many doors to my current lifestyle and television viewing habits. Now I always catch “Sonny With a Chance,” “Hannah Montana,” and sometimes “Suite Life on Deck.” I am not posting this show just because i like it. I am a strong advocate that this is currently the best youth program on the airwaves. Oh and I think we will see much more of the three leads, David Henrie, Selena Gomez, and Jake T. Austin in the future. They're all so talented. Thank you Wizards.

5. Daria

This was a show that meant so much to high school students and the youth generation as well. Daria began in 1997, but she made her way into my home in the new millennium. The series continued to run into 2002 and just barely made it eligible for the countdown. Daria was the teenager that almost everyone secretly wanted to be. She had the attitude and the confidence, but more importantly she was a character that people could relate to. Daria became an icon for people for felt like they didn't fit in. It was one hell of a satire. And to think, this was a spin-off of "Bevis and Butt-Head.!"

4. Dexter

I read the novel by Jeff Lindsey, and I was hooked in so fast. I knew I had to see this show. It is so good. The black humor is addictive, and the mind of a serial killer is explored. Michael C. Hall is such a great performer in this. Just watch his eyes during the pilot episode. He nails it. I spent an entire semester just coming home and watching “Dexter” on DVD. The first brilliant thing I noticed about this series is the connections made between Dexter, a serial killer, and the rest of us. It shows the life of a person who has a deep dark secret and how he covers it up. Have you ever felt or thought something that you had to keep private from the outside world? If you have, then you can relate to Dexter. Totally Boss!

3. Coupling (UK Version)

I have stated many times in my life, that Stephen Moffat’s “Coupling” is the funniest show of all time. I have never laughed harder in my life than from watching this show. The comedy is amazing, and I mean Amazing. If Miley were here, she would say it's. "For real it's like, A-May-Zing!" (Miley is not a Coupling fan.)

2. The Simpsons

Although, I haven’t seen this show in years, I caught the movie. I also spent the first 7 years of the decade glued to the TV every Sunday night for these yellow laughbots. This show has changed two generations of television. It is the longest running primetime sitcom in history, and it’s on its way to break many more records. “The Simpsons” set the bar for the ideals of many modern-day animated comedies. Without "The Simpsons" television would not be the same.

And Finally!!

1. Law and Order: SVU

Law and Order: Special Victims Unit takes my prize as the best show of the decade. I don’t know who would agree with this, but here is why I placed it here. This has been the most reliable/fun to watch/ consistent show that has kept me entertained from 2000-2009. When I was in Junior High I would go to my dad’s house where we had three channels, and one of them would show SVU on weekends, so it became a routine early on. And not to mention their marathons were never boring, even if I’d seen the episode already. I could watch it again. This is by far the best “Law and Order” series, and that is rarely disputed. The characters in this show play it out better than any on TV. I would love to give an award to Christopher Meloni and Mariska for being so awesome. (Her globe doesn't count! Seriously!) Their screen chemistry brought this show to a new level, and even the supporting characters are amazing, such as Richard Belzer, ICE T, and Dann Florek. Oh, and B.D. Wong (Hi Linus). B.D. Wong just sounds so incredibly intelligent playing the psychiatrist on the show. The man is a great actor, and the cast is great together. This show combines more successful elements together than any other show in the last decade. Dick Wolf productions rule!!

QATFYG: What is your top television show?

**Honorable Mentions

Degrassi: The Next Generation
No shame, I loved it. The early episodes from 2001 are a little stiff, but the rest of the show was so captivating. This was the North American answer to teen angst. Degrassi was a soap opera for tweens and teens, and one of the best parts of this show was we got to grow up with the characters. They went to college as I went to college. However, their issues always seemed slightly more spontaneous. “Come on Craig: Cocaine! For REAL!


House M.D….This is a great show, but it didn’t have the same impact for me, that
the others on the list did, such as dying to see it every single week and making it a routine.

SKINS…The British version of Degrassi, possible the most well-written teen drama of
all time. The reason it’s not on the list is because I only watched it for a month. I streamed two seasons of it watching multiple episodes a day. It was just a small phase for me.

Black Books…Another Awesome British Comedy.


  1. Hello Nader Bouberhan,
    While you have compiled a unique list indicative of your personal choosing, I noticed that you seemed to pick many animated features as your topic picks. It is evident that your is not necessarily a list of quality of the decade, but rather your personal emotion connection with the shows. Moreover, your high appraisal of these animated comedies seems to imply that you apply to humor that would seem in some ways u nrealisitic said by an actual person. While not all of the animated shows you have selected display this aspect, many of the animated shows seem more or less to mock others for comedy, which in my opinion lowers their worth, since they cannot come up with edgier and more original comedy.
    On another note, I feel list remains limited. For instance, you have selected quite a few programs that only bared existed in the past decades. These shows are more so indicators of the 90s not this decade. These shows were hits of the 90s that tried to fit in the new changes of the this decade, but alas could not survive amongst the changing world. These shows either failed or went on without a point. For example, consider the simpsons, an extremely popular comedy. However, the recent episodes are either spoofing a common trend or insulting another person. The show has lost its original feel about the comedic side of the unique yet fairly realisitic family.
    Aside, for the negatives, you have chosen some great shows that indicate many of trends of the past decade. Who can forget Desperate Housewives, as a fan myself, I was also drawn into the intrique of the show, the season long mystery, and the drama, even though its a comedy. This is one of the best examples of the... I guess you would call it a "dramedy" of the decade. Another fantastic show is Bones. It clearly picked up on the medical/ forsenic/ crime show genre, but put a fresh spin on the genre creating a truly unique and enjoyable show of the decade. This is a fantastic show of the decade.
    I do feel you left out many great shows, more than I care to enumerate, but you have caught a intersting essence of the decade.

    PS. I am glad you strayed from looking at permium cable shows such as the ones like true blood, weeds, and shows on HBO, because while the have a large impact on the decade, it's not the same impact as the shows on the basic networks. These shows catch a larger audience and can gain a better perspective into the likes of people.

  2. hey Al, good job! this is a really well-thought out post. of course I don't agree with "Family Guy" because it can eat my dick, but nice picks with "Daria," "SVU," "Dexter" and "Coupling."

    but I would've included "30 Rock" and "Frasier" on mine ;)

    - B.K.

  3. BK thank you. I probably would have included Fraiser and 30 Rock if I knew more about them. I've only seen Fraiser a handful of times, and 30 Rock once....with you in the newspaper office.

  4. Anon that is not BK,

    The list is a cross between shows that I've seen (for obvious reasons) and their qualities. Just because a show is animated does not gurantee that it is lower quality than live action. I considered a few things during my selection, quality, personal feeling, cultural impact, and recognition.
    And I do not feel that these shows mainly represent the 90's. The simpsons for example has been a pioneer for the development of comedy and has been changing television during it's whole run (including that of the 00's.) SVU was created in 99, but it is a solid new millennium show. XME, Daria, and Coupling had short runs in this decade, but that doesn't change their quality, cultural impact, and feeling toward them.

    PS: I've never seen True Blood. What's the big deal with taht show?

  5. well she did win a globe for it, and might be on her way to another.

    Come on Rogue, Fly South with Geese alongside a Mute holly hunter, and when you're done make out with Phillip Seymour Hoffman in a nightclub!

    This is the short story of Anna Paquin's life!

  6. Well Nader Bouberhan, in response to what you said about my earlier post, I never meant to imply that the animated shows were lesser quality. I meant to imply that specifically the simpsons and family guy utilize the comedic device of attacking people or fads. This has not always been the case with the simpsons; however, their run in this decade seemed less like original plots and more like attacks. Family Guy imitates shows all the time. I feel that these shows lack as much substance as other shows. In sticking with animated comedies, Daria utilizes humor and satire, but places it among more original plots in my opinion. In my earlier post, I just wanted to indicate that your post was strongly domianted withe animated shows.

    PS. I do respect the fact that Family Guy was brought back on the air based on DVD sales and fan support. I feel this was a very big deal for TV of the decade. This led the way for truly fan supported television (eg. fan support also worked in keeping the show Chuck on the air.( a show which was conviently left off of your list.)

  7. This is Nader Bouberhan

    Anon that is not me

    ~I would not say that my list was dominated with animated shows 6 out of 10 were live action, giving that the majority.
    The reason the Simpsons and Family Guy are on the list is because they both use interesting comic devices and have effected the styles of television presentation.

    Family Guy employs flashback sequences and random-style humor that make it very popular. As you yourself have stated, it was brought back because the fans wanted it. And not to mention the show is super funny! Really, it is. Yes, it makes fun of celebs, but that can be funny too.

    The Simpsons has explored a new realm of comic material in the past decade as opposed to the more family friendly endings of the 90's, the Simpsons has expanded into a wider range of comic material, which few shows have the opportunity for they rarely last close to 20 seasons.

    And I've posted the reasons for Daria and XME for being on the list in the blog. Check it over again "Anon that isn't me" if u dare.

  8. affected not effected* 1st paragraph Eep stravaganza.

    PS: come to think, pokemon should have been an honorable about popularity, impact, me liking it, all it lacks is recognition. I therefore add pokemon as an honorable mention.

  9. Meh, take pokemon out. I was only into it for the year or 2000 and early 2001. I guess it was more of a fad or a short phase for each age group as opposed to something substantial. Anon has got my mind all off track (Anon that is not me or BK!)


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