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WILCO just announced (WILCOOOOOO) that they will be hitting up Pittsburgh in April on the 11th. Now for me that's a pretty big deal. I'd put them up in like, near-Radiohead territory.

I WANT to see that so hard. for reals.

The Antlers will be playing in Akron come January 30th. Tickets are like 11 dollars. Hospice was Amazon's pick for the year! yeahhhhhhh.

In February, Sondre Lerche will be in Pittsburgh on February 26th at the Club Cafe. he's very good live, worth a view if you haven't already! JBM will be opening again.

Another performer that's very worth a trip to see is ST. VINCENT, who will be at Pittsburgh on Feb. 21, a Sunday. God. she's so like- mesmerizing live. she made me a big fan after witnessing her all-too-brief opening bit for Andrew Bird.

Irish group The Guggenheim Grotto will be in Pittsburgh March 3. They're pretty up-and-coming and if you're a fan of Damien Rice or the like, you might appreciate them. WATCH NOW

Then you have veteran singer-songwriter David Gray will be touring the region as well. He'll be in Cleveland March 21, Buffalo March 29 andddd Pittsburgh March 30. If you care that much!

The Big Pink, who were on many year-end lists, will be opening for a A Place To Bury Strangers on March 30 in Cleveland. They will be across the border in Toronto on the 24th as well.


Vampire Weekend- March 30th (listen to their new album here:
Final Fantasy/Owen Pallett- January 12
The Cribs- January 15
Camper Van Beethoven- January 16
Nouvelle Vague- January 27
Editors- February 16
Muse- March 8
Hot Chip- April 20
Yeasayer- May 1
Taylor Swift- May 21
U2- July 3

Other concerts of note:
Little Feat in Rochester on January 8
Kid Cudi on January 15 in Cleveland
Ani DiFranco in Rochester on January 20
Brandi Carlile on January 25 in Pittsburgh
Howie Day in Rochester on March 3
Norah Jones (!!!) in Akron on March 11
Jay-Z in Pittsburgh on March 16
Tegan and Sara in Lakewood, Ohio on March 28
BRMC in Cleveland on March 31
Owl City in Cleveland on April 28

p.s. in the hottest tour of all time Jens Lekman and Joanna Newsom are touring Australia 2gether. DAMN YOU PEOPLE.

I am now exhausted.


  1. BRMC in Cleveland! BRMC in Cleveland!
    OMFG....I bet they throw the best After Parties. That would be the SHIT!!


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