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Spotlight/Shoutout: Stephanie March and Diane Neal

Stephanie March

Diane Neal

Once again on the s/s cyber stage there is a tie!

If you’ve followed the blog, you’ll know that I love Law and Order: SVU.

And recently, a certain anonymous person introduced me to, a place where I can watch every episode of Law and Order: Special Vicitms Unit ever. But of course, I'm still trying to track down the Russian version of the show

No joke, it’s hard to find online because of rights and legalities and all that jazzy pants stuff.

Speaking of Legalities the s/s is shared between Stephanie March and Daine Neal, both famous for playing the lead female ADA’s on the show.

There has been much debate over the past few years as to which ADA is better….Diane Neal with her Laura Prepon changing hair or Stephanie March and her secret identity in the witness protection program (Her name was Emily (If that’s incorrect shoot me.)). Both of these actors added so much to the show, respect.

Anyway, I watched the pilot of SVU from 1999, and it is still just as good as it is today. It really pushed the envelope with a lot of in-your-face action. This was in a day before shows like the “The Shield” on FX, which blew things out of the water. SVU was there first.

Sadly neither Neal or March were in the pilot.

So Stephanie Marche or Diane Neal?, the two sassy ADA’s on the show really made it interesting. When I’m watching SVU, and I see either one of their names in the credits I just can’t decide which one is better. However, it is widely acclaimed that they are both better than Michaela McManus as ADA Kim Greylek, their supposed replacement…haha.
But in all fairness she hasn’t been given a fair chance?

QATFYG: Do you have a favorite lawyer on TV? Also, anyone know where I can find the Law and Order: SVU Russian version?

PS: The picture I posted of Diane Neal (the one on the bottom) looks so dangerous. She looks like a flasher outside of a Clay Aiken performance of Spamalot!


  1. Yo... da show iz off da hook.

  2. i keep thinking over and over that that window in the second pic totally looks like via san francesco in pisa. yeah i'm easily distracted by details :/

  3. @strt001 hellz yeah!

    @mmorbo It easily could be. After reading your comment, I googled it, but I couldn't find where it was.

    in the meantime, here are some great photos of Diane Neal from fanpix.

  4. at first i taught they were the same person because they look so much alike

  5. totally with you on this one. i cant decide either, but i find myself drifting towards Neal, in general. The fact that she has carried on after SVU to do roles on other shows as popular as NCIS only proves the real extent of her talent. Haven't seen that same kind of dedication in Stephanie March, but in all honesty, I don't know much about her career...but sheesh, add Diane's smoky voice to the mix and Im in love.


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