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Full Oscar Recap

For starters Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin were great hosts.
I really liked their chemistry and humor, but I wondered how they would get through without a musical number.....then there is Neil Patrick Harris to save the day.

So like I said, Miley and Taylor were out of line....and I really did not like how when Miley was up on stage with Amanda Seyfried and she says "We're nervous, it's our first time up here."
OH come on, like you've never presented an award before, and you've also been to the Oscars.....Not to mention Amanda S. presented the special last year with R Patz about Romance movies.

More Recap,

Monique won as predicted.

Christoph Waltz won as predicted.

Jeff Bridges won as predicted.

Sandra Bullock won as predicted.

All of which were Great and Followed with Great Speeches.
I love how Sandra said in the Baps interview that if Meryl Streep won, she's gonna "kick her ass."

Also Christoph Waltz was so good. He was unbelievably good in "Inglorious Basterds." But I noticed that whenever a person from a Spanish country wins, they say words home to their native country in the native language. Why didn't Christoph address his home nation of Austria in German? No home pride.

Other note: This is the 3rd year in a row that the Best Supporting Actor has gone to a psychotic killer. 2008 was the shotgun wielding Javier Bardem. 2009 was the JOKER, and 2010 was the Jew Hunter. If you want to win an Oscar, play a crazy guy that kills people.

UP won multiple awards. This must be one hell of a movie. I need to see it.

Oh and Kristin Stewart and Taylor presented, and I swear KS had swallowed like 4 liters of diet coke before she went up there because she choked on her lines, and then spent the rest of the time trying not to burp like her esophagus was filled with carbonation.

And for the first time there was a female to win "Best Director," and she did it beating out her ex husband, James Cameron. Go Kathryn Bigelow, and the "The Hurt Locker." Happy Women's Day KB!

That film was the dominatrix of the awards taking home a bag of Gold!

Your Champion: The Hurt Locker!

QATFYG: Any thoughts?


  1. >>>>>>If you want to win an Oscar, play a crazy guy that kills people.


  2. I think you were a little harsh on the fashion of some individuals.
    On another note, I am slightly disappointed with the selection for best foreign language film. Ok... so I am not a huge of the white ribbon, but I kind of wanted it to win. I thought it had some positive aspects.
    Other than that, I thought the oscars were a bit predictable. I also wish that 10 films weren't nominated for best picture. It was clear that most of them were not going to win... so why bother? I do think for the most part the deserving people won. I've never seen the Blind's not my sort of film... but maybe I will give it a shot. I heard it was good and apparently Sandra Bullock did a good job.

  3. Anon,
    who was I too harsh on? Miley or Taylor?

    Um, I don't know much about the foreign category, but that is a prime example when you speak your native language after winning an award. WHERE'S YOUR GERMAN C WALTZ!

    Yes, I thought it was predictable, and I'm sure Sandra had a good job in the film. From the clips it looked really good.

  4. I think that addressing an audience in German after having played the role of a Nazi would have carried a peculiar and certain weight that couldn't be smartly addressed in an award ceremony. It was an English-language show and did well without a home-town nod to the language of a nation who killed (or another nation who was complicit in killing) millions of people and was ultimately the material upon which which the awarded was able to capitalize.

  5. Ha I thought the same thing! I thought if Mr. Waltz went on stage and started speaking in German after winning an award for playing a Nazi, that the Hollywood gossip rags would be exploding the next day finding reasons to jokingly call him a Nazi.

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. I tend to lean against that Anon and Dancy,
    I mean after all he is Austrian, and German is his native language. And as long as he kept what he said clean, it would be fine.

    For example, if an Hispanic played Fidel Castro in a biopic, and he spoke Spanish during his award speech he wouldn't be labeled as a Cuban Communist. And if anyone called Waltz a Nazi for speaking in German, once the translation of what he said was made known all rumors would have to cease.

    If I were Austrian, I'd speak in German at an Award Ceremony and be proud of it.I'd speak my native language.
    The Argentinians did and the man of Italian decent did as well.

  8. But the simple fact is that Germany, the German language, and the subject of this film carries with it a weight that the other examples you mentioned don't--at least not to a contemporary audience.

  9. In response to your question you were too harsh on both Miley and Taylor.

  10. just admit your Nazi sympathies Al. I SAW YOU WATCHING "TRIUMPH OF THE WILL" THAT ONE DAY.

  11. Anon, don't blame me , blame miley and taylor

    @ Anon again,
    The fact is German is the official language of Austria, and he is every right and pride-bearing power to show his support to his home nation. Esp because it's not every day an Austrian wins an Oscar.

    Also, he could simply do what many winners have done in the past, and say....

    "I need to say some words to my home nation of Austria.....German....German."

    No credible news station could survive calling him a Nazi for speaking in his non-Nazi native language. And any tabloid who did, would be dismissed immediately.

    I mean, it was Christoph's choice not to address Austria in German, but I wouldn't say it was to avoid labels as a Nazi regardless of the content of his film.

  12. @Brittany

    One of my favorite movies, is the "The Believer." Not a pro Nazi I know, but it's a good movie.

    Also, I used to listen to this band called "DUI" and some of their songs were in portuguese, I later learned that their pguese was hate messages....those crafty brazilians.

  13. also, how can people not state the obvious: Amanda Seyfried is hot. when she came on, I was like HEARTSKIPBEATHEARTSKIPBEATHEARTSKIPBEAT.

    and Steve and Alec did a great job.

  14. Amanda Seyfried was hot indeed.
    And Miley tried to make her look bad, by being like "we're nervous!"

    Screw that twang jaw!


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