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"up in the air" and the prospect of marriage

So I finally saw (WOO) "Up in the Air" last Friday with my good friend Kim. And Jason Reitman can really do no wrong, as far as I'm concerned. "Juno," "Thank You For Smoking," and "Little Miss Sunshine" were all amazing and this was no exception. it was even better than I was expecting, which is always nice.

However, Kim brought up the fact that the film pushed the idea that you can only be happy if you're married. completion can be only be found within the confines of marriage. The main character realizes the life he's been living, without a steady significant other and children, is kind of empty.

And I think she had a point: that the film seemed to paint the image of happiness as meaning that you need to settle down. I kind of see this point as valid- I think we all need that someone, you know, at the end of the day. but it can be more abstract than being married. for some it's a good friend, even a pet. and who says you have to be married? maybe it's your life partner or boyfriend or whatever. but it's someone. and family? well, we all know that's important, and we are sadly mistaken when we think it's not. sometimes too late. at the core, I think that's what Jason Reitman was trying to say with his movie and that's a message that resonates with most people, hence the movie's success, to a certain degree.


what do you think? do you think happiness is found within a marriage? family? or can one be happy and a fairly independent human being?

p.s. Anna Kendrick was amazing as always. Zooey Deschanel and Anna Kendrick have been adopted by the Useless Critic. You cannot have them.


  1. March 22nd has been Anna Kendrick day on the Useless Critic!!

    I have never been more proud :D

  2. can we celebrate it every year!


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