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illegal immigration and dora on a sunday morning

I saw this image in the newspaper a few days ago, which left a look like this :/ on my face.

there was this REALLY strong editorial about illegal immigration and how President Obama has managed to deport more illegals than Bush so far (!!!) and how also we seem to be using illegal immigrants as a clutch for our economic problems. the scapegoat, so to speak (goat! I just watched Drag Me To Hell again last night! not a profane goat!). I think that yes getting into this country illegally is wrong, but there's a lot of reasons people have to do this and some people go through absolute hell to get here. what do I think about the fence in Arizona? no good no good no good. I see both sides of this debate clearly- but like, in the case of said editorial, there was a girl who was a top student at a top university who came to this country as a small child, was a member of a sorority and really had a bright future going for her, and yet she's facing deportation to a country she does't really know that well anymore. If ever. and let's face it! DO YOU HEAR ABOUT THE VIOLENCE IN MEXICO? DO YOU WANT TO GO TO MEXICO? I would risk LIFE AND LIMB to get out of there holy shit.

but I'm not naive or idealistic enough to say there's an easy and fast solution to this problem and that people like this extraordinary girl get caught up in a wave of people that- yeah, as my parents would be quick to point out, kind of mooch off the country. my solution would be tribunals- not military tribunals! just an individual review of each case. a lot of people get into this country legally, too, which takes a lot.

becoming a citizen is a huge effort, and these people shouldn't have their efforts thrown to the wayside, having done everything the official way, as opposed to people that had to sneak in here through the metaphorical backdoor. so it's not that fair to grant these people BOOM magic citizenship when they didn't bother to do that. although I do think in some cases (i.e.: this girl) it's definitely neccessary. otherwise- some we should deport, yes. not all of them. a lot should just be given temporary amnesty until they legally go for citizenship (which they should be kind of forced to do). am I making sense? am I talking out of my ass? because there's a lot I don't know about this subject- mostly, I have a big stupid optimistic heart, and I'd like to say that here in Americaland EVERYONE THAT IS NOT A TERRORIST OR DRUG DEALER OR CHILD PREDATOR OR MORRISSEY FAN CAN STAY. but that's not reasonable. d'oh. and hence: :/

so what does that image do for you, anyway? I think it's pretty disturbing. it gets the point across, though, as disturbing things tend to do.

Dora, above everyone else, SHOULD BE ALLOWED TO STAY.
I don't know my feelings about Diego, though.


  1. wow, you know the presentation of the Hispanic image in the media is really unfair.

    As for Dora, don't watch the show, her and I are still cool.

  2. it is! it really is. the editorial had a lot to say on the misconceptions most Hispanics have to deal with. it's just such bullshit, really.

    Dora is my BFF.


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