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The Young Victoria (and other gossip tacked along on the end)

So I just watched "The Young Victoria," with Emily Blunt, and it was quite kickass. Currently available on DVD, and it is worth the time.

If you didn't notice from the spotlight/shoutout of Matthew MacFayden, I like period dramas, especially ones that captivate the heart of the era and close with a happy ending.

This film did all of those things. Emily Blunt is crazy good in this role. She is quite fun to watch. I will be catching more of her movies as time goes by.

To sum up this film in two words: Well Done!

Other Unrelated Gossip:

Bernie Madoff is a jerk, and he is living the sweet life in jail. Crafty Bastard.

and Obama is still ticked at the Oil Spill recovery crew. If you are an international reader (USA had an oil spill!!)

What is your favorite period piece film?



    Brittany, Bryce burned TYV onto a dvd - if you want to borrow it (it might not play on a dvd player, but it will prob work on a computer) IT'S ALL YOURS; I WANT TO SPREAD THE GOOD WORD OF EMILY BLUNT.

    FUCKKCKKKKCKK that movie was amazing.

    I mean, christ, they even got the bit about her sounding German right.

    this is belated, but what does QATFYG mean?

    and my answer: sense and sensibility.

    runners up:

    Marie Antoinette
    The Duchess

  2. QATFYG:
    questions and thoughts for you guys

    PS C raw: I have not seen all of quills,
    that is on my to do / to watch list.

    As for other period p's.
    I know I just mentioned it, but I loved Gemma Arterton in Tess of the D'Urbervilles good stuff. And of course the classic "Great Expectations"


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