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the woman from drag me to hell says world war 3 will begin in november

There is this internet trend going on right now- internet trends! the best thing! think of dancing babies and people doing the "I Will Survive" routine at Auschwitz, which is like, SO APPROPRIATE OMG, even if you were there and did get pardoned from the gas chambers- well anyway, people keep reposting this Bulgarian mystic, Baba Vanga's, claims that World War III will beginning in November of 2010. Baba Vanga died in 1996 and could not see things after being trapped in a sandstorm as a child or something like that. I don't know these kind of things happen everyday, but this left her with the gift of "second sight." Apparently, she was very picky about who she'd help with said second sight. Whatever, I guess I would be too. Also- she looks a LOT like that old gypsy lady from Drag Me To Hell, 2009's preeminent film.

first of all this makes me angry because I have not done shit with my life yet and I resent the fact that the next world war is going to start right after I am telling employers I am available for a full time, real job, as I just posted on Journalism Jobs today. So if this is true, BIG MIDDLE FINGER, Baba, BIG MIDDLE FNGER.

World War III is supposed to last til 2014 and I hate to tell Europe this, although they already know, but evacuate your continent, k. Baba says so!

anyway, I will go out on a limb and say this is probably crap, and you should never take stuff like this too seriously because I could die in a car accident coming home or you could get hit by a satellite when you are out for your nightly walk and die.

I did find some of her predictions kind of interesting, and I mean, she did sort of accurately predict a few things. but really- we all just need to live our lives and play this stuff out.

And how? The pursuit of pleasure is a great portion of life, one of the best parts really. But I don't know. That's also kind of shallow and vapid, too. I personally- while being happy- would rather give my life over to helping others, which I realize more and more when I go without real employment. I'm temping at the end of the month, doing office work, but you know what I mean.

So I'm going to stop waxing borderline grossly philosophical and leave you with a link of her predictions and the idea of whether or not you want to take this stuff seriously.

(part of me, I hate to say it, is like OMFGZ NO WAY. and E-rope! wtf!)

Oh, internet trends. thank you, tumblr.


  1. you know what's funny? the day you wrote that, I was in Auschwitz :-|

  2. :(

    aw man, have you seen that internet video fo the Auschwitz suvivor dancing there?

    I haven't been to Auschwitz but I've been to the holocaust museum. quite a heavy experience, nonetheless.

  3. no I don't know about this video! it was my second time also X_X I swear never to set foot there anymore


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