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overdramatic 90s female-centric pop music

so while AWM and Nader sojourn in the land of ice and snow, I bring you the land of estrogen and when Lilith Fair still really stood for something

so admittedly I haven't been the hugest fan of her since the turn of the century, but in the 90s, she hit her stride. and boo Lance Armstrong! booooo! I'd still see her live- nothing over thirty dollars, though.

one of the music videos I vividly remember from my childhood

I think it was because of the bright colors.


scene: my mom driving me to school while Classy 100 played and it was raining outside. I thought Jewel would only date hot guys with dark hair that drank coffee and read Voltaire.

Jewel, like most women, has poor taste in men. THIS IS WHY YOU MADE PIECES OF ME BITCH


admittedly, all I've wanted to do (on and off) since Monday is sit in bed and cry and listen to said album. Uffie would not do this and then whore herself out to goth girls from Fairview.





  1. as i said before that Sheryl Crow you posted is not bad.

    I was sunbathing the other day, and someone played "Soak up the sun." YEP!


  2. How ya gonna tell me how to rock my swagg?
    I'mma wear my SuperGirl swagg


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