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Just for Fun Camp Rock 2 Review Comments.

So for those of you who do not know,

Camp Rock 2 is the sequel to Camp Rock 1.

Believe it or not that surprised me :P Don't ask why.

So this stars Demi Lovato as the possibly half latina Mitchie Torres, and the Joe of Jonas as a quote unquote Rock star. Although, all the music that was performed did not really feel the slightest bit like Rock music.

It was more like dramatized pop, which don't get me wrong is fun.

And you couldn't really call the movie "Camp Dramatized Pop."
The only people that would go would be myself and the guy that gives me French lessons.

So the movie is a battle between the down to earth folk of Camp Rock and the super heart-throbbing masturbation material of Camp Star (from across the lake.)

So it's no surprise who wins the battle in the "Final Jam."

But as for ratings I give this a 390, and numbers are meaningless so you can figure out on your own if it is good or bad.

Better than "Princess Protection Program," but not as good as "Wizards of Waverly Place the Movie."

In the first Camp Rock movie, Kevin Jonas starred as a character reminiscent of Forest Gump. In this version, he was more like Matthew Morrison on GLEE.

Nick Jonas in the first film was similar to a smooth-faced gargoyle, and in this version he was more like Kat Dennings in "Nick and Norah."

Joe and Demi?
no comment.

Can you list reasons not to host a camp rock party?


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