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So I was slightly drunk, with my best friend, at a haunted house a few weekends ago. You know, one of those fake ones they put together where you go to not be so much scared as harassed? Yes, the Conneaut Lake one in fact. something something levels of fear/hell something. I've never been to one before. They do a really nice job! It was fun. a lot of random people touching me and chainsaws breezing against my body. you know I loved that.

well, because of my intoxicated state, every time some person dressed up a ghoul or serial killer would jump out in front of me and be like BOOLA BOOLA BOOLA, I could think of one of two reactions:

b.) CHRISTINA RICCI IS ON BROADWAY THIS WEEKEND! (I read this headline in the morning and for some reason, it just stayed with me).

Well I have done a lot of pondering on this issue, head-on-knuckles type. And I came to the conclusion: I LOVE CHRISTINA, I ALWAYS HAVE! especially this time of year- give my girl props for her roles as Wednesday Addams in the film revival of the series and her angsty turn in Casper, which is so still my favorite Halloween movie when I think about it. the end when they dance? oh my god oh my god I am still ten in places! swoon

She was such a pivotal child actress of the 90s. I mean, think about it! Mermaids, That Darn Cat. I feel like I grew up alongside of her, sorta.

Oh man, there used to be this show on MTV, I don't know if you remember it? anyway they would always pair these crazy fans up with the celebrities they were in love with. like I would get paired with Gwen, as an example (then there would be a restraining order issued). well they had this INSANE guy that was obsessed with Christina as Wednesday Addams, so MTV set them up and had them go to one of her movies together. Poor Christina! He was like ZOMGZOMGZOMGITSWEDNESDAY and dressed up just like her. and you could see her just staring at him, like :O I don't think she enjoyed it very much.

Since the 1990s, she's been able to transition very well to adult roles. Pumpkin, Monster, Penelope. nicely done, Christina! (coughcoughLilotakeanexamplefromthisgirl) and of course, BLACK SNAKE MOAN.

and now she's on Broadway with noted Useless Critic goddess Laura Linney, starring in Time Stands Still (she's getting awesome reviews!)
and a lot of actors (even if they are the shit in cinema) aspire to be on Broadway. or do live theater of some sort. I guess there is something to be said for the captive audience, an adrenaline rush film just does not offer.

so I'd like to salute Christina Ricci because I will always have a special place in my heart for her.


anyway! she's also come out and said she's had a lot of confidence/body image problems recently. I'd like to dedicate this to her:



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