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I am a fraud.

I pretend to love football, but really I love tight butts in spandex.

let me set up a situation for you:

dad: man, the colts suck.

now, at this point, I would agree with him by nodding my head but not saying anything. because what the hell does someone say to that?

bryce: yeah. they've been having a lot of injury problems.


the difference between a real sports fan and a real fraud (me).


I downloaded wicked, les miserables, ragtime, no doubt and rilo kiley in the past two or less weeks. Can I brag about downloading Inception almost a month before it comes out on DVD and blu-ray? I'm afraid the FBI is going to come to my house.

Also, do you guys watch Law and Order: SVU? Because I started doing this about a month ago and I'm completely addicted and also paranoid now that everyone is a rapist/pervert.

Mariska is hot and so is Christopher Meloni. There are lots of special guests (AMANDA SEYFRIEND, SEASON SIX!) and solid plot every single fucking time.



  1. The first Law and Order and SVU are both really good. I saw a little bit of that Criminal Intent and holy shit does it suck. I'm afraid to see LA.

    I also don't know shit about football.

  2. fuck Amanda? OH MY FUCK. sweet god. I thought you said cocks in here! gahhh.


    also SVU is great because they have really twisted sex crimes. I like that.


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