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My Year of Music

So a long time ago, I wrote a post on musical phases. “Take me back to the year of the Bass.”

Everyone goes through musical phases, and for my music fads change almost every year.

Recap on Nader Bouberhan’s Musical Endeavors/Youtube Diary:

2007: Nothing but Bass Guitarists

2008: World Music and Listening to Chocolate Rain by Tay Zonday and Snow’s Informer on repeat.

2009: Broadway Musicals with numerous tracks from Davis Gaines.

The only constant in all of these years has been my obsession with Irish melodies via Luke Kelly, The Dubliners, and various artists and guitarists on the internet.

But as for the year 2010, it is hard for me to place an exact genre. One of the main reasons is now in Algeria, I have no connection with my youtube favs thanks for faulty internet.

However, in addition to my beloved Emerald Isle reels and jigs (hearts to you Michael King),

This year has been a combination of…..

Comedy Rock
This includes Cars Can Be Blue, the Arrogant Worms, and of course Steven Lynch.

And German Music
After taking a German Language seminar, I got really pulled into Wolf Biermann and Christina Stuermer (from Austria). As a language, German rules for songwriting.

This song by Wolf, I just listen to over and over again. It has some strong folky and almost mythical qualities. I am at the crappy cyber today,so I can not post a vid. Anyway, here are some lyrics.

Da, wo die Friedrichstraae sacht
Den Schritt aber das Wasser macht
da hangt aber der Spree
Die Weidendammerbracke. Schan
Kannst du da Preuaens Adler sehn
wenn ich am Gelander steh

pretty darn German

As for Christina Stuermer, every time I listen to her, I immediately put “Hands Clean,” but Alanis as the next track. She just reminds me of that song.

QATFYG: What is a better songwriting language: German or Hebrew?
Do you prefer Comedy Rock or serious rock (like Semisonic)?
And what has been your musical phase for this year?


  1. Needs more Anthony Rapp, to be an authentic list.

  2. My lists are what they are

    but perhaps i will get more into anthony rapp


    nice job Al bb. even though I don't know who most of these people are. except "Hands Clean"



  4. @ Britt
    that is why i really wanted to post videos,
    but i was at a faulty cyber.

    i will send you some Christina Stuermer

    As for Matt; I always like taking suggestions.

  5. Except don't listen to Anthony Rapp, oh god no!

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