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What's good, Vado?

So I was sitting here, wallowing in the wake of my recent wave of self-induced Piltdown cretinism on this site, in fear that Brittany would finally lower the ax on me if I didn't write something in real, smart-person language, and a thought occurred to me. I haven't talked to ya'll about Vado yet.

See, after Cam'ron had his falling out with The Diplomats (a.k.a. Dipset), most notably with co-founder Jim "We Fly High / No Lie / You Notice" Jones, he teamed up with Vado to start The U.N. Get it? Instead of Diplomats, they're the U.N.

Well, the Diplomats have since mended things, as semantic justice would dictate, and both Cam and Vado are allegedly cool with them. The détente (double word score) has settled my tensions, and I've given Vado's debut mixtape, Slime Flu, a listen.

"Wake Up" in particular stuck out to me as a track that's very honest and devoid of hip-hop posturing, hearkening back to a time when Illmatic mattered, when you really couldn't "name a rapper than [Nas] ain't influenced." At the end, Vado whispers, "Money out of violence... and drugs, of course," but it's a moniker drop (Vado is short for MOVADO, or "money out of violence and drugs only").

Don't get me wrong, he gets grimy on other tracks. Yelling "SLIIMMMMEEE!" seems to be his raison d'être (triple word score) and the tape includes tracks called "Bullets and Gunsmoke" and "Filthy Game."

Also, conversely, "Polo."

Either way, this tape marks a legit Diplomat release in recent history by someone other than Cam'ron. Even Pitchfork gave it a solid rating, 7.7, two points higher than Cam's newest full length, and that's all the proof I need that the future isn't as hopeless as the recent change of Zodiac signs would lead one to believe.

This is dedicated to the one guy in (Arkansas?) who likes my Cam'ron posts.


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