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how the Oscars should be decided.

Mila Kunis


Amy Adams

in a vat of mud.

I saw the Fighter yesterday, which I had no expectations for. like really, I couldn't get the big buzz around this movie. I like boxing, I think it's a noble sport, but really? come on. anyway I saw it and DAMN. Mark Wahlberg puts together a solid film- pretty much everyone who acts in this movie acts their little hearts out. ESPECIALLY THE GANG OF BOSTONIAN SISTER SKANKS. oh American classism movies. Amy Adams does an admirable job of breaking from the mold and Christian Bale!!!! crack is BAD, kids!

RATING: A/9.3 Marion Cotillards out of a Gwen Stefani.

p.s. this must be the year of crazy mom pictures.


  1. sometimes I want to touch your shoulder and say, 'Brittany...where do you come up with this shit?'

    also, Amy Adams, holy crikees! I am in love with that girl. She had me at 'Drop Dead Gorgeous' (she was hilarious/awesome/slutty in that movie) but then Junebug? Sigh!

    (...CRUEL INTENTIONS 2?! That movie touches me in my private places!)

  2. p.s. since when is Amy Adams THIRTY-SIX?



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