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And now, a post from England.

Yesterday (because it totally matters to you, dear reader, to know every tiny little detail here. You're just that good to bloggers. I like that shirt on you, by the way. It's a good colour for you) I heard about a person I work with, someone whom I don't like. Let's call him, for need of a name, Silly Billy. 

It feels more fitting to the story. This Silly Billy has a car. Or at least yesterday he did. He lives accross the road from a petrol station, and drives over to feed his car. Realising that he's forgotten his wallet, he enables the steering lock, climbs out, locks the car, and runs across the street for his bank card. 

Now then, dear readers; a pop quiz! 

What did Billy forget to do? 

There are actually two things he could have done. The first, less obvious one, is he could have left his car in gear. If a car is in gear, but the engine turned off, that car won't move for love nor money. He could also have enabled the handbreak. But he didn't enable the handbreak. And he didn't enable his hand break on a hill. 

Yes, Billy is about to receive a lesson in gravity. 

Billy's car has rolled down a hill, around a corner, into a main road, and been side slammed. By an articulated lorry. No one was hurt, apart from the car. 

Poor car.

- the British Ryan
Guest Writer

David Lynch nonsense up soon!


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